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Blessing of The Restored Pipe Organ


On Sunday, November 19th, our only event for the day involved the blessing of the restored pipe organ at the Shrine Church of St. Stanislaus in Slavic Village.

According to what we read in the program guide, this organ has been part of St. Stanislaus Church since 1909 and has, of course, undergone several refurbishments but nothing like the all-encompassing overhaul that was done by the "Leek Organ Company" between the Winter of 2016 and the Fall of 2017 at a cost of approximately $270,000.00 which was raised by the parishioners via various endeavors like cookbook and candy sales. To be sure there were also generous outside contributions by such entities as the Geis Family Foundation and the Cleveland Foundation; Kulas Foundation; Dodero Foundation; Kurtz Foundation; and Third Federal Foundation.


Mr. James Leek, President of the "Leek Organ Company", presented a power point demonstration that capsulized the extensive work that had to be done and Mr. David Krakowski, Organist and Music Director of St. Stanislaus, then played two pieces written by Bach and Mahler that sounded absolutely exquisite.

The ceremonies ended with Mr. Krakowski (who always warmly greets us when we table at the St. Stanislaus Festival each Fall, playing a piece by Mr. Wojciech Kilar as the "Syrena Dancers" performed. There were also some lovely numbers in song performed by the cantors Mr. Damian Henri and Ms. Jill Zeszut.

In the course of the blessing, Father Eric Orzech, the Pastor at St. Stanislaus, asked that God's grace be bestowed upon the magnificent instrument so that "its music might enhance our prayers and praise."


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC

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