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An Evening with Carmelina

On Sunday night, October 22nd, we attended "Una Serata Con Carmelina" aka "An Evening with Carmelina" held at the LaVera Party Center on Chardon Road in Willoughby Hills. Even though Ms. Carmelina Antonelli has been on the air with her radio show "Touch of Italy with Carmelina" for nearly 30 years now at WELW 1330 AM and 101.5 FM "Integrity Radio" every Sunday from Noon to 1pm and has been doing this fundraising event to pay for her airtime for many years now, this was only the second time that we attended but we had such a good time meeting new people, dancing to songs, and consuming some great Italian food that we plan to keep coming back. 

Ms. Antonelli is a very kind, talented person who is loved by all who know her and just loves being able to conduct her radio show each week to introduce young people to the Italian culture and to offer nostalgic memories to older people who have immigrated to the United States from Italy who are devoted fans.

On this day, we were seated with Ms. Camilla D'Andrea who works at "Integrity Radio" and we know from the chamber of commerce and her good friend, Ms. Fran Churney both of whom have known Ms. Antonelli for years and are her good friends. Also at our table was Mr. Thomas E. Todt who used to be a radio DJ and remains an avid sports enthusiast so he had lots of good stories to share with us.


Even though she was quite busy saying greeting all of her supporters, well-wishers, and friends, Ms. Antonelli still found time visit with us and to thank Ms. Margaret W. Wong for her assistance. Later, she and Mr. Bobby Leach sang some beautiful songs which were very fun to dance to so we got our exercise in for the day without any problem.

Earlier in the evening, it seemed at first like no religious leader was present to lead us in opening prayers but then Ms. Antonelli recalled that a priest who worked as a missionary for 50 years of his life in New Guinea named "Father Sam" was in attendance so she asked him to come forward which he gladly did.

It was an endearing moment for all of us when Ms. Antonelli's small grandson, Grayton Joseph, asked if he say prayers too which, of course, he was allowed to do. For a little boy, Grayton Joseph was quite articulate as he said, "Thank you for this day and all the food and all who came here tonight" in support of his grandma.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

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