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Circle the Cities with Love

As its website reads, "the mission of 'Circle the Cities with Love' is to stand together holding hands in silent meditation embodying the power of LOVE that brings healing, peace, and justice to our cities, our country, and our world around the inauguration of the president elect and all the demonstrations being held throughout the week."

The very first one of these actions took place in Cleveland last July just before the RNC and involved about 3,000 people people standing on the Hope Memorial Bridge. The idea behind it was originated by Sister Rita Petruziello of the Congregation of St. Joseph who was there for the second of these actions that took place on Sunday, January 15th, at St. Joseph's Academy on Rocky River Drive.

Our friends Mr. Murray Evans and his wife, Ms. Margot De La Rosa had participated in the 2016 event on the bridge and found it to be a very spiritual, uplifting experience and invited us to join them at St. Joseph's. Unfortunately, we didn't get to talk to Sister Rita but we did connect with Ms. Amanda Hoyt, one of the coordinators, who told us that identical happenings were taking place in 25 cities throughout the United by 125 groups of people. What's more, it was also occurring in Guam, Australia, and in Rome.

Thus that afternoon at least 50 people gathered in a circle at the St. Joseph's location and at exactly 3pm, the bells chimed and we took the hand of the person standing beside us and were silent for one half hour. At first, we wished that we had brought our overcoat but we it wasn't so cold that we were truly uncomfortable. At 3:30pm the bells chimed again signifying that the period of silent meditation had come to an end and everyone we talked to seemed to agree that the half hour seemed more like 15 minutes.

Before we left, Ms. Judy Opalach congratulated us and thanked us for being part of the circle. She went on to say that when things get rough, as they will (referring to the Trump administration but not actually saying it) we were welcome to return to the circle because even though it may not be there physically, from a spiritual and emotional standpoint, it still remained.


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