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InterReligious Task Force on Central America and Columbia (IRTF) Dinner

On Saturday evening, January 14th, we stopped off at the Storefront on Lorain Avenue where we enjoyed an excellent dinner composed of pasta and plenty of vegetarian options along with staff and supporters of the InterReligious Task Force on Central America and Columbia (IRTF).

The purpose of this gathering was to raise funds to support Ms. Yeamelake Aklilu's, a full-time IRTF volunteer, participation in a delegation to Honduras and Nicaragua being organized by an IRTF partner, the Alliance for Global Justice. According to an informational flyer we were given, "delegation participants will compare rural and women's social movements in the two neighboring countries whose shared history contains many similarities and even greater differences."

Present at the dinner/fundraiser were many people that we know including Mr. Scott Sanders, Executive Director of the Earth Day Coalition; retired 8th District Court of Appeals Judge Diane Karpinski; and Ohio State Representative Nickie Antonio (Democrat-District 13) who was very open to hearing suggestions about what the Ohio legislature could do to curb human trafficking that were made at the conference we attended on Friday.

Immigration became a topic of discussion when a person we were sitting with told us about the problems a relative was having concerning his/her H-1B visa. We referred them to Margaret W. Wong and Associates.

Of course we were very pleased with the excellent turnout for this event and loved meeting Ms. Aklilu who came to us from Germany as part of a program called Action Reconciliation for Peace. We look forward to writing about her some more after we interview her for "I, Foreign Born" within the next week.


Michael Patterson

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