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Food Adventure’s Passport Dinner at the Pearl Asian Kitchen and Lounge:


On Tuesday, January 10, 2017 I attended the Food Adventure’s Passport Dinner at the Pearl Asian Kitchen and Lounge, (formerly the Perl of the Orient).  An estimated 60 guests attended and enjoyed a special menu presented by Chef and owner, Mrs. Rose Wong with her presentation on Chinese food, cooking and culture.  We also heard from Shaker Heights Mayor, Earl M. Leiken, who spoke of the great role that the immigrant population plays and the many contributions they offer through their language, cultures, and other ethnic richness and values, one of which was represented through this wonderful dinner at the Pearl Asian Kitchen.  Mayor Leiken also introduced Mr. Ken Kovach, a former Councilman of Shaker Heights and now a leader and Champion of immigrants, who has been dedicating his efforts and energy assisting immigrants and showcasing their great contributions to our mainstream American society, as well as through his work and involvement as the Chairman and President of the International Community Council-Worldwide Intercultural Networks, ICC-WIN.

Other Asian and Chinese Community leaders also participated in various and creative ways during the event, including representatives from the Chinese Cultural Garden and Confucius Institute at CSU and learned about the Three Kingdoms from Joe Meissner, a prominent attorney and an active Board Member of several international organizations, including ICC-WIN. Further, a representative from the Confucius Institute and Confucius Classroom Director of Shaker Heights High School, Ms. Luling Li taught us some Mandarin and provided us with an interesting insight into the conversation and puzzle that helped us start learning the Chinese language and also understand the cultural elements that are fascinating to know about.  Also, Ms. Deborah Hanson, and Mr. Dan Hanson of Cleveland People.comgot into the act and demonstrated the Abacus and the famous Chinese puzzle called the Tangram.

Among the attendees of this wonderful event were our own, Mrs. Cecilia Wong, who invited my Fiancèe and I to be part of this most enjoyable evening, together with our Marketing Director, Mr. Gordon Landefeld and his wife; all of us mostly enjoyed the diverse immigrant and non-immigrant populations, the wonderful Chinese healthy food, as well the great learning experience that we all need to celebrate and build upon for generations to come.



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