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Holiday Party for Cleveland-Bratislava Sister Cities, Inc

On Monday, December 12th, we attended the holiday party for Cleveland-Bratislava Sister Cities, Inc. which was held this year in the Upstairs Party Room in the Burntwood Tavern on Brecksville Road in Brecksville where we enjoyed good appetizers and good visitation. 

Unfortunately, our good friend Ms. Ann Tilisky couldn't make it to this celebration so we missed hearing her talk about Slovakian holiday traditions. Her sister-in-law Elsie was present, however, and she shared with us her holiday memories of making tasty mushroom soup with dumplings.

Mr. Bill Northrup asked us how things were going at Margaret W. Wong and Associates in lieu of the incoming U.S. Presidential administration. Mr. Northrup loves to study history so he shared with us a few things he had learned about the "Know-Nothing Party" that was prominent in the late 1840's-early 1850's. Basically, the "Know-Nothings" (an appropriate name for them in our opinion) are remembered for their vigorous opposition to immigrants and the Catholic Church.

Speaking of immigration, we had a good conversation with a man who told us about a undocumented husband and wife from Europe who have been living in the U.S. for quite a few years. He tried to help them by contacting an immigration attorney on their behalf but was told that there only option would be for them to return to the tumultuous area in Europe from which they came and apply from there but the two of them were understandably reluctant to do this for fear of their safety and governmental repression. All we could say was that situations like that one demonstrate the need for constructive, comprehensive immigration reform that we are hoping for in the next few years but not sure will happen; at least from a constructive standpoint.

We also said hello to Mr. Tom Ivanec, Director of the Lucina Slovak Folklore Ensemble of Cleveland who told us that 2016's "Evening in the Heart of Europe" in November was super well-attended and we promised to do our best to make it in 2017.

This is the last time that this organization will meet until March, 2017 because they take a break during the winter months as many other organizations do. We look forward to the March meeting because it will be about Slovakian Easter traditions including egg coloring. For the last several years we have partaken in this activity and we get better and better at it.    


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC

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