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7th Annual Joint International Christmas Luncheon

We are proud to say that "Margaret W. Wong and Asssociates" was one of the sponsors of the 7th Annual Joint International Christmas Luncheon involving British-American, Swedish-American, French-American, and Netherlands-American Chambers of Commerce that was held at the 100th Bomb Group restaurant on Brookpark Road in Cleveland on Friday, December 9th. We, ourselves, represented our firm and enjoyed a great luncheon and some great comradeship.

The highlight of the affair was a mock Brexit debate featuring representatives from all the chambers. Mr. David Silk of "SGI Global Advisors" organized it and said that none of it was to be taken seriously and advised all the attendees to just sit back and enjoy it while colorful political cartoons concerning Brexit were projected on a screen behind the debators. So for a half hour, we were treated to such arguments as "if Brexit passes then France will not be able to export its great cuisine to Great Britain so the Brits will be forced to develop their own great food." After it was over, one of the attendees who was in Europe at the time of the Brexit vote said that, frankly, some of the funny arguments that he had heard on this day both for and against Brexit made more sense than some of them that he had heard while he was overseas.

During lunch, we shared a table with Mr. William A. Doyle, a young attorney from Cleveland, who is a good friend of Ms. Margaret W. Wong's son, Mr. Steven Chan. We also talked to a person who told us that he believed that Ms. Wong was the attorney who assisted his wife when she immigrated to the United States from Canada some 20 years ago.

Among the people that we socialized with before lunch was Ms. Lori Ann Crowe from SACS Consulting and Investigative Services who we know from the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce. We also had a good visit with Mr. Ake Hellstrom and his wife, Ms. Ingrid Hellstrom who both immigrated to the United States from Sweden back in 1969. They were both looking forward to attending the Christmas party for the Scandinavian Club of Columbus on Saturday; Ms. Hellstrom has helped to prepare herring for 110-130 people and Mr. Hellstrom has brewed some 15 liters of "glogg" which is a form of spicey red wine that is quite popular in Sweden at this time of year.

Before the debate, representatives from each of the chambers were invited to say a few words. We found those of Mr. Dick Erickson from the French-American Chamber especially interesting because he mentioned that the intellectual conception for the Cleveland Clinic occurred during WWI as a result of the various collaborations of international doctors.

Our attention was also sparked by Ms. Bernardine Van Kressel of the Netherlands-American Chamber who told us that Mr. Martin Van Den Berg, usually the chamber's spokesperson, could not be there with us because his wife was in labor. Before the end of the luncheon it was announced that Mrs. Van Den Berg had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl and the cheering was abundant. 


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC

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