Fundraiser for Francine Goldberg

On Thursday evening, June 26th, we had to hurry across Cleveland to attend two events but we were glad that we did.
The first event took us to the observation deck on the 42nd floor of Terminal Tower where we attended a fundraiser for our good friend Ms. Francine Goldberg who is who is a judicial candidate for Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court.

On April 10, 2014 the “Plain Dealer” ran an editorial which endorsed Ms. Goldberg for this office saying that she was:

“smart, tough and energetic, attributes that helped her succeed for more than two decades as an assistant prosecutor in Cuyahoga County. Before resigning from the prosecutor’s office earlier this year, she was a member of its major trial unit and had at one time been the director of the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force…Goldberg, 49, acknowledges that a seat on the Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court will require a different temperament than that of a hard-nosed prosecutor, but we believe that the mother of four and former member of the University Heights City Council can effectively make that transition.”

And not only do we agree wholeheartedly with the above editorial, Ms. Margaret W. Wong was very proud to serve on the host committee for this fundraiser and Ms. Goldberg was honored that Ms. Wong chose to do so.

We were glad to see many people turn out for this event including Mr. Thomas J. Scanlon of Collins and Scanlon, LLP.; Mr. Marty Gelfand of Gelfand and Associates, LLC; Judge Leslie Ann Celebrezze, Domestic Relations; Shannon M. Gallagher, judicial candidate for Court of Common Pleas; North Royalton City Councilman Paul F. Marnecheck; and Kevin Tolley, Business Representative for Local Union Number 33.

In addition, we had a nice visit with Mr. and Mrs. John Griffin of Cleveland Truck Electric, Inc. who are neighbors of Ms. Goldberg and her family and Ms. Janet Century of Janet Century Photography who was taking photographs for this event and said to be sure and say hello to Ms. Wong.

What was really terrific was meeting Mr. Louis J. Finucane because Mr. Finucane is a genuine American success story. He first immigrated to the United States from Ireland in 1981 on an F1 student visa to attend the University of Missouri to study engineering. After college, he got a job in Minneapolis on an H1B work visa but soon moved to Cleveland in 1986 because he had found an employer who would sponsor for a green card. In 1990 he became a permanent resident and in 1994 he became a United States Citizen and in 1996 he founded Cailin Development, LLC, which is a local manufacturing firm which employs 10 people.

What an odyssey!

In addition to his work at Cailin Developement, Mr. Finucane deals with real estate and has assisted in the restoration of several apartment buildings which is he says is part of the “Cleveland Renaissance”. He believes that immigration is one of the things that makes this country great and, along these lines, says that in order to leave his/her country of origin and immigrate to the United States a person needs great courage and initiative so America is “cherry picking the best people from around the world.” We believe that Mr. Finucane is an outstanding example of a person who not only has made the most of the opportunities that the United States has to offer but he gives back to his community too and we were so glad to have met him.

After we left Ms. Goldberg’s fundraiser we drove to Lyndhurst where we attended a mixer for the Heights-Hillcrest Chamber of Commerce which was held at Granite City Food and Brewery in Legacy Village where we made about 15 new contacts and won a $10 gift certificate which means that we must return to Granite City Food and Brewery for another meal before July 31, 2014 when the gift certificate expires.

We introduced ourselves to Mr. William Grossman, a licensed life insurance agent for Health Markets who lit up immediately when we told him that we were part of Margaret W. Wong and Associates because he believes that Ms. Wong is “a wonderful lady!”

We discussed immigration for a moment and Mr. Grossman told us that at least 1/3 of his clients are foreign-born and he recently helped two people who have immigrated to the United States from the Philippines and now have green cards obtain health insurance under the affordable care act.