Party with Marty and Chamber of Commerce

On Thursday, June 5th we attended four events and even though we couldn’t stay very long at the last three of them, we were still glad that we went.
We started off the day in Mentor where we attended the June, 2014 “Coffee Contacts” event put on by the Mentor and Painesville Chambers of Commerce. We received a good suggestion by our friend Lauren Jeavons of Baker Cleaning and Restoration who thought it would be a good idea if we put some of our cards in popular Hispanic market in Painesville named “La Mexicana Grocery and El Senor Tacos” on East Washington Street. We drove right over the the market was totally okay with us putting some of our bilingual information cards for Margaret W. Wong and Associates in the information area. We also had a delicious cheese quesadilla at the lunch counter.

In the evening we first stopped off at “Party with Marty” an annual fundraiser/social event put on by Cleveland City Councilman Martin J. Sweeney at Massimo’s on West 25th. I told Councilman Sweeney and his wife Kate that Ms. Wong wanted me to come to this event because she very much admires him. Councilman Sweeney appreciated the compliment and said that that “admire is too strong of a word…”

We could only stay from 5pm until 6pm but we sure got to see and say hello to a lot of elected officials Mary Rose Oakar (State Board of Education), Mike Byrne (Mayor of Parma Heights), Tom Bullock (Lakewood City Council), Judge Ray Pianka (Housing Court), Marty Keane (Cleveland City Council), Tony Brancatelli (Cleveland City Council), Kevin Conwell (Cleveland City Council), and Yvonne Conwell (Cuyahoga Council Council).

We also talked to Colleen Gallagher, a former member of the Brooklyn City Council who introduced us to her daughter Katherine Gallagher who replaced her mother on the Brooklyn City Council and is now Council President.

We had dinner with Councilwoman Lesley De Souza of Parma Heights who is an old friend who we hadn’t seen in a while and had a good time speculating on the outcomes of the various political contests which will take place in November, 2014.

We should mention that this time next year Martin J. Sweeney will probably not be a Cleveland City Councilman because he just won the democratic primary for Ohio House District 14 and most people believe that he will go on to be elected to the Ohio State Legislature in November. The person who finished second behind Councilman Sweeney in the primary was Steve Holecko, a retired teacher, who showed real class by being here tonight out of respect for his opponent.

Still whether he remains in the Cleveland City Council or becomes a State Representative we hope that Martin J. Sweeney will continue to put on “Party with Marty” each year because it is an event that we always like to attend.

From “Party with Marty” we drove over to University Circle because Cleveland Peace Action was holding a potluck and hosting a speaker at the Peace House on Magnolia Avenue. The subject matter was the Russia/Ukraine Crisis and the speaker was Professor Stephen F. Crowley of the Dept. of Politics at Oberlin College who had taken part in a discussion at the Happy Dog, which we attended, concerning this same topic earlier this week.

We wanted to ask Professor Crowley about how the current crisis might affect immigration to the U.S. from Europe. In other words did the professor believe that a great many people might eventually attempt to flee the Ukraine and perhaps take refuge here in the United States? Professor Crowley seemed authentically interested and told us that he would have to give this question some thought; and then gave us his business card and asked us to send him a follow-up email which he will respond to. As soon as we receive his response, we will share it with all of those who follow our travelings on this blog.

Our last stop was another annual event which is the ice cream social put on by County Councilman Dale Miller along with his wife Carol Miller. We were greeted warmly by Councilman Miller, and even though the event had less than an hour to go there were still quite a few people there.

Several of the people that we saw here we also saw at “Party with Marty” earlier in the evening like Yvonne Conwell and Kevin Conwell and Lakewood Councilman Tom Bullock.

We met Cuyahoga County Councilman Anthony Hairston for the first time and told him that we were from the office of Margaret W. Wong and Associates. Councilman Hairston did a doube take and said he saw Margaret Wong’s name all over the newspapers and saw her picture all over buses and believed her to be a “really good person”. We think so also.