MLK Day, Solon Chamber of Commerce, Cleveland Council on World Affairs

On January 21, our Michael Patterson attended the 23rd Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration at the Wolstein Center.
It was a good program with a discussion between Dr. Julian Earls of CSU and youth activist Joe Johnson moderated by Shakyra Diaz of the ACLU. Among the people that we said “hello” to were:

  • Ronald Berkman, President of CSU.
  • Dr. Byron White of CSU, who says “thank you” for our support.
  • Congresswoman Marcia Fudge says that we are among “her favorite people.”
  • Dr. Julian Earls of CSU told Michael how we helped his son and his son’s wife who is from Milan, Italy.
  • Dr. Michael Williams of the CSU Black Studies Dept. would like it if we could send a speaker to one of his classes where they will be studying immigration issues probably in March, 2014. (We will of course be happy to oblige).
  • Claire Rosacco Vice President, Government Relations & Community Outreach of Cuyahoga Community College says, “Hello.”

Michael also met a chief warrant officer of the Army National Guard who may be dealing with some immigration issues in his new assignment. He took our info and will get back to us.

Next, Michael attended the Solon Chamber of Commerce Luncheon at the Mustard Seed in Solon, later that day.

He made several new contacts including a person who does a lot of community events where she encounters immigrants. She will talk to a person from Russia who plays on the community hockey team.

The following morning, on January 22nd, Michael attended the Northeast Ohio Business Connection Networking in Independence, Ohio.

Michael had never been to this networking group before, and definitely plans to return because he made about 15 new contacts and met several people there who know of us:

  • Mary Herrick of Armor Background Screeners worked with usabout 8 years ago to assist a boy from Yugoslavia who was living with her family at the time.
  • Keith A. Harris met us 7-8 years ago when he started his company, Kero International.
  • Dana Korosi was associated with Mark Hicks from Advantage Financial Group when Mark was working with you.
  • I also met a person who is involved with several dance troups (salsa dancing) who might know some immigrants who could use our services.

Later that day, Mchael attended the Cleveland Council on World Affairs at the Union Club, where many  people attended to hear Michael C. Hudson, Director of the Middle East Institute at the National University of Singapore, speak about “Arab Politics: Still Searching for Legitimacy.” Of course he met people who knew us including:


  • Charles Bolton who says “hi”
  •  Zack Reed says “Hi”
  • Steve Petras says that Michael’s been attending so many events at the Union Club so much lately that he should join it himself.
  • Robert Cutler says, “Hi.”
  • Dr. Arthur Weinstein certainly knows of us and used to live near one of our relatives.
  • Rebecca Slifer of RPS Comms says hello.

Michael spoke with several people associated with the Cleveland Council on World Affairs such as Wael Khoury, M.D. (Chairman), Heather M. Hodges (President and Ambassador in Residence), Maura O’Donnell-McCarthy (Executive Director) and board members Terry Nauck and Michael Meissner.