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computer science expert self-petition for an EB1-1 Immigrant Visa approved in 20 days

Our client, Dr. X, is a highly accomplished, internationally acclaimed Modeling and Simulation Engineer.  She was born in China but is currently employed as a Senior Systems Consultant at a super computer center in the United States.  She has a solid background in mathematics and physics, focusing on mechanical engineering, computer science and material science.  She obtained her Ph.D. and Master of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering in the United States.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Science and Technology of China, located in Hefei, Anhui Province in East China, established and run by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

Dr. X demonstrated excellence in her field from the start.  She won numerous Outstanding Student Scholarships while in China, and continued to amass accolades for her scholarship and research contributions in the United States.  Her research has focused on the thermal hydraulics and computational fluid dynamics of air-water two-phase flows, which are of great importance to heat removal of reactor vessel in nuclear power plants for safety, as well as to other general industrial applications like boiling water in a teapot.  To capture the bubble behaviors with numerical simulations, Dr. X established a creative and integrated workflow of implementing the one-group and two-group interfacial area transport equations into a software package, in order to improve the capability of the software of predicting of air-water two-phase flows.

Her work has been presented at numerous international conferences and published in conference proceedings and academic journals.  Dr. X received many travel grants to attend international and national conferences.  She also received an Outstanding Award from Women in Engineering. 

Over the course of her research career, Dr. X utilized supercomputers in her research pursuits because of the rising computational demands due to the inherent complexity of the two-phase flows.  She began applying high performance computing (HPC) to her research and soon discovered how powerful HPC would be.  Dr. X was able to boost her scientific discoveries with the help of HPC and saw the potential benefit applicable to almost all fields of computational science.  Over the last 10 years, she has continued to advance her skills and has risen to the top of the HPC field with a focus on modeling and simulation. 

More recently, Dr. X joined a specific project aimed at bringing advanced digital manufacturing to small U.S. manufacturers, supported by the National Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Consortium  (NDEMC). NDEMC sought the best candidate with a background in both computational fluid dynamics and supercomputers; the perfect marriage of Dr. X’s skill set.  The project provided an opportunity for Dr. X to focus her knowledge and skills on practical industrial applications.  In collaboration with numerous supercomputer centers, universities, and original equipment manufacturers, the team has achieved great success.

Besides the NDEMC project, Dr. X played an important role in other engagements to enhance innovation and strengthen economic competitiveness. This work was featured at application and super computing conferences and won awards.   

Dr. X’s work over the years has resulted in the 8 scholarly articles published in leading academic journals, 21 conference publications and 9 conference presentations.  Her research has been cited 82 times by fellow academics.  She has been invited by journals to conduct peer review of 22 scholarly articles considered for publication and given her recommendations for revisions based on her expertise. 

With our assistance, Dr. X self-petitioned for an immigrant visa in category EB1-1, as an alien with extraordinary ability in the field of Modeling and Simulation Engineering using High Performance Computing.  We were able to establish that she met at least 3 of the 10 criteria pursuant to 8 U.S.C. §204.5(h)(3), and that she is at the top of her field having achieved sustained national and international acclaim.  Dr. X’s petition was approved within 20 days.  She and her husband are now able to apply for permanent residency.

O-1A for Chinese Data Scientist who Missed out in the H-1B Visa Lottery

Our client, Dr. X, is an amazing statistician from China. He works in Big Data science. This is where scientists take huge amounts of data – more than what a normal person with normal tools could possibly work with – and draw usable information from it.

Dr. X was stressed when he came to us. He’d been working under a cap-exempt H-1B for a U.S. university, but now had a job offer from a private company. In order to transfer his H-1B to his new employer, he would need to apply for a new H-1B, but he would need to apply in the H-1B cap lottery! Since his public employer had been exempt from numerical limitations but his new, private-sector employer wasn’t, Dr. X would be stuck taking his chances along with all the other H-1B cap cases and hoping he’d be selected in the lottery.

Fortunately Margaret Wong and Associates recognized that Dr. X was an individual with extraordinary abilities in his field of science. One of our Attorneys in our Los Angeles, California office filed an H-1B petition for Dr. X, but also prepared and filed an O-1A Extraordinary Ability petition. The O-1A was approved in around a week using the USCIS Premium Processing service. Dr. X is very relieved to have work authorization with his new employer, as it now appears that his H-1B petition wasn’t selected in this year’s lottery.

Remember, each year a limited number of H-1B visas are issued to foreign workers, but certain employers are exempt from these numerical limitations. It can be tricky to transition an employee from a cap-exempt to a cap-subject employer, especially in years when an H-1B lottery is held. When doing so, it’s important to keep other visa options in mind. For our Big Data scientist, it made the difference between going big or going home! 

O-1 for Racquetball Player

Our client is a professional racquetball player. Many years ago he hired a big law firm to do his O-1 visa so he could come to work in the US. But the petition was denied after RFE response. The big law firm decided to consult with our office and then realized that we were the real experts so they hired us to complete the process. We re-filed the O-1 based on our knowledge and experience and got it approved without RFE. At the end of the first three years of his O-1, we successfully renewed his O for another three years. In March 2011, we filed the I-130/485 based on his marriage to an USC and the green card was approved in less than 3 months without RFE. 

Pianist with High Acclaim

Our Attorney was successful in attaining an O-visa for an internationally acclaimed concert pianist from Canada. An attorney along with senior paralegal Brian Marek compiled the appropriate visa forms and supporting documentation along with a letter from the American Federation of Musician supporting this artist’s visa. This visa was approved in less than 10 days without any request for further evidence! Our client is able to come to the United States and perform in the many different concert venues! 

O-1 approved for Concert Artist in 3 Days

One of our clients, a major international concert artist at one of the top conservatories in the United States required an O Visa so he can teach as one of the faculty members. Our client is also a principal member of one of the top Orchestra’s in the United States. Attorney Margaret Wong and Paralegal Brian Marek carefully and skillfully put the application together, acquired the required “opinion letter” from a professional musician's union and filed the O visa under premium processing which was approved with no Requests for Further Evidence within 3 days! 

South American Doctor Receives O-1

We helped a South American Medical Doctor who has been client of our firm for many years get his O visa extended. We filed his O-1 extension to California Service Center under regular processing in June 2009 and the petition was approved in early August 2009, without a request for evidence. 

Recruited Squash Coach Gets O-1

A local sports facility asked us to file an urgent O-1 visa petition ( work visa for alien of extraordinary ability) to get their newly recruited squash coach to come to the United States from the United Kingdom to fill out a vacancy and start coaching new students and managing the training program right away. Because of our office’s many years of experience and reputation in working with international squash athletes with several sports groups in and out of Cleveland areas, the petitioning employer and our office quickly reviewed the alien’s background based on his C.V. and worked out a detailed list of what kind of supporting evidence would be needed to establish a case for coach and to win the petition. While the employer and the alien were gathering supporting letters and other evidence for the alien, our office did a thorough study and research of alien’s achievements, the importance of his work to the U.S. and how he would qualify for the specific requirement of the O-1 visa. As soon as our office received the supporting documents from the employer and the alien, we were ready to wrap up the petition. We filed the O-1 at the end of September 2008 and the case was approved in less than a week through premium processing. The alien has already made appointment to apply for his visa to come to the U.S. to coach. 

Climate Change Scientist Receives O-1 After H-1B Expires

O-1, non immigrant work visa under alien of extraordinary ability: Our client is a Chinese scientist who studies the climate of earth with a major University in Ohio. He had worked in the U.S. for 6 years on an H-1B but could not decide if he should go back to China or continue to work in the U.S. He made his decision to stay at the last minute, a few weeks before the end of 6th year of H-1B. The alien does not have an immigrant visa I-140 approved or pending so there is no way to file for an H-1B extension. The alien contacted his own employer, asking if the University could sponsor him for O-1 visa which would allow him to stay and to work, but he was told the school would sponsor but not to file the O-1 for him because it’s too much work, and there was not enough time left to do such a big case. He had to find an attorney to help the employer do the filing. The alien finally contacted us and asked if we could take the case, and what were the chances to have the case filed and approved on time without having him go out of the country to get a visa to come back later. We told him that we are very experienced in O-1 and we have no problem to file his case and get it approved but we need him to sign up with as soon as he can so we could get the working started and have enough time to go through all the details. We received the last piece of major supporting evidence on September 29, 2008 and filed the O-1 petition the same day, one day before his status expired, and the case was approved in October 1, 2008. Our client is very happy because his work has not been interrupted and he can renew his driver’s license again. 

Chinese Chemical Scientist Awarded O-1, Non Immigrant Work Visa Under Alien of Extraordinary Ability

A major Ohio corporate client of our office urgently needed to hire a Chinese chemical scientist who was working as a post-doctorate fellow at a university of another state. He had an H-1b that would expire on 9/30/2008, to conduct cutting edge research in rechargeable battery. We started working on the case on August 18, 2008. Although we have assured the alien that we would have no problem to get the O-1 approved, the alien was nonetheless very worried and concerned. His thoughts were, if anything went wrong with the O-1, he needed to know it as soon as possible because his H-1B was expiring and he needed to make a decision either to stay with current employer extending his H-1B or to find another nonprofit/higher learning employer to avoid H-1B quota issue. He also needed time to relocate for his family if the O-1 got approved. Based on his special situation, we quickly put a petition package together and filed the O-1 petition in early September 2008 and the petition was approved in 10 days, which has given the alien enough time to make arrangements for relocation and to get ready for his new job. The employer is so pleased with our work that has already asked us to work on another O-1 visa petition. 

Italian Medical Doctor is O-1 Alien of Extraordinary Ability

Our client, an Italian medical doctor, was working for an employer under an H1B visa, valid for only one year. His employer was very satisfied with his services, so were retained to file an extension for three years with the same employer. We filed the petition to California Service Center in June 2008 with a request for premium processing. The petition was approved in just one week after the filing, without request for any further evidence. 

Peruvian Doctor Wins O-1 Extension, Alien of Extraordinary Ability

Another medical doctor came to see us. He is a Peruvian national working at a healthcare facility. As expected, his job was very much appreciated so the employer wanted to make sure we could file an extension for his work visa. We filed the petition to California Service Center, in May 2008, under regular processing and his case was approved in July, 2008, with no request for further evidence. Our office has been really blessed with all of our O-1 cases, both for new visas and renewals, whether the applicant is residing in US and needs a change of status or extension, or if the applicant is outside the U.S and in consular processing. 

O-1 Extension (Visa Petition for Alien with Extraordinary Ability) for Professional Athlete

: This is the case of an old client, a professional athlete. Three years ago we won him the first O-1 visa after a nationally prominent law firm failed to do so. During the renewing process, we carefully studied his career activities in the past three years and worked out a petition that fully expressed the games he has participated and his outstanding performance, and the case was approved in less a month without premium processing. 

I-94 of O-1 Replacement for Client

Replacement of I-94 for an O-1. Client is a professional athlete with a valid O-1 visa (for Alien with Extraordinary Ability), filed by our office 2 years ago. Unfortunately, our client ruined his I-94, visa and entire passport by mistake. Our office timely filed an I-102 for a new I-94 of his O-1 status and the filing was approved in less than 2 months. 

M.D Researcher Gets O-1 Visa Extension

Our office filed an O-1 visa extension for a Medical Doctor/researcher in June 2007 and was approved in September 2007, with regular processing time. 

Music Virtuoso Gets O-Visa in 12 Days Without RFE

One of our clients, a major musician at one of the top conservatories in the United States required an O Visa so he can teach as one of the faculty members. Our team of attorneys and paralegals carefully and skillfully put the application together, got the required "opinion letter" from a professional musician's union and filed the O visa under premium processing which was approved with no Requests for Further Evidence with 12 days! 

O1 Extension for Medical Doctor Approved

We sent an O-1 Extension with premium processing for a Guatemalan medical doctor to the Vermont Service Center on July 12, 2007 and was approved on July 15, 2007. 

Guatemalan Professor Gets O-1 Extension Approval

The fourth O-1 extension approval has just been granted by USCIS to our Guatemala client who works as a professor for a university. We have extended his O-1 status annually since 2004 and each time it has been granted without difficulty. We are currently working on getting his J-1 waiver and his permanent residence as well. 

Cardiologist/Researcher Gets I-129 Approved

I-129 O-1 with request for premium processing for our client who is an Italian citizen, working as both clinical cardiologist & researcher. Case filed with California service center on May 7, 2007 and was approved on May 16, 2007. 

Quick Approval Attained for Gifted Musician College Grad

Our client was a recent college graduate who just happened to be a classical musician. He was facing an expiring OPT and time-critical job offer. An H-1B was out of the question, since the quota has been closed for the year. After a thorough review of the client’s C.V., our office moved to file an O-1 visa petition classifying the client as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability based on his music background. We filed with premium processing on October 3, 2005, and the Service responded with a faxed Request for Evidence (RFE) on October 13, 2005. Knowing that the client did not have much time, we quickly but carefully compiled a response. Though the client was only a recent graduate from a music conservatory, our office was able to focus on his talent, the competitiveness of the field of classical music and his potential in contributing to the future of classical music. We won a quick approval of the O-1 visa petition on November 14, 2005. 

O-1 Visa Approved for Researcher for The First Time

The client retained our office for filing an O-1 visa petition for working in the United States. Although the client was an experienced researcher with multiple degrees, attaining an O-1 visa for the first time is usually a somewhat difficult process. Furthermore, the client’s case was under the jurisdiction of the Texas Service Center, which we knew from experience was something of a tossup. We filed the application on December 17, 2004, and as expected received a Request for Evidence on March 9, 2005. We then took our time to carefully deal with each of the Service’s points, emphasizing that the client’s years of experience and accomplishments clearly pointed to eligibility for the O-1. We filed our reply to the RFE on April 18, 2005 with our own request to expedite processing. The Texas Service Center soon granted approval on April 26, 2005. 

Professional Squash Player Gets O-1 Passage

The client retained our office after failing to secure an O-1 Visa Petition through another law firm. As an excellent professional squash player and coach from Canada, our client sought to bring his sports expertise to the United States. Our office submitted a brief to the Nebraska Service Center of the INS, arguing that our client was clearly an O-1 alien of extraordinary ability in athletics. Since gaining O-1 approval requires in part that the petitioner meet at least three criteria, we asserted that our client met six criteria. We pointed out that our client was among the top 10 squash players in Canada and was a world ranked squash player. We also noted that our client had received sponsorship from popular sports brands such as Wilson, and that our client was actively engaged in training up and coming squash players. The client’s application consisting of an I-129 (Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker), I-129 O-1, and I-907 (Request for Premium Processing) was submitted to INS on February 17, 2005. Thanks to the premium processing, the INS swiftly replied with a letter of approval for our client’s O-1 application on March 22, 2005.  

Japanese Physician/Researcher Gets O-1 Visa Approved in a Month

Our client, a Japanese national, is a physician who applied for an O-1 visa. He had two papers published in the U.S. and three in Japan, along with four conference presentations. Despite the relatively low number of publications and presentations, along with the fact that he does not hold a critical position within his company, our office was able to get his visa approved in one month.