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Man from Nigeria Eligible to File N-400 Naturalization After Obtaining 10-year Green Card

Mr. A, citizen of Nigeria, and his US Citizen wife hired our office on March 2017 to file their Joint Petition to remove conditions on Mr. A’s Green Card. Mr. A has been a legal permanent resident of the USA since September 2017, but he needed to file this petition promptly and efficiently to be able to obtain his 10-year Green Card. Our Atlanta office filed his petition with USCIS on July 2017, with proper and complete supporting documents. Thus, the couple did not have to appear in front of USCIS for an interview and the petition was granted October 9, 2018. Mr. A is eligible to file for his citizenship without any delays.


Mr. M was born in China in 1960 and has been a lawful permanent resident in the United States for over 25 years, living in Brooklyn. He married another Chinese woman here in the United States and she became a citizen a few years later. They have three children together, the youngest of whom was born in the United States.

He came to Margaret W. Wong and Associates looking to follow his wife in becoming a U.S. Citizen. While his English skills are still lacking, since he is over 55 years old and has been here for more than 20 years, that requirement was able to be waived. We helped Mr. M file his N 400 Application for Naturalization. It was approved and he will soon take his Naturalization Oath in New York. Congratulations to Mr. M. on officially becoming a citizen!

Ms. A from Ghana Hires Our Firm to Application for Naturalization and Prepare Herself for Her Naturalization Interview

Ms. A, a legal permanent resident, retained our office in June 2016 to file her Application for Naturalization. Ms. A was born in Ghana. She immigrated to the USA as the mother of a US Citizen in December 2006. Attorney Beryl Farris and our Atlanta office filed her application with USCIS on September 2016.  She successfully passed  her interview with USCIS Atlanta in May 2017 and will be sworn in as a US Citizen on June 14, 2017. 

Woman from Nigeria Obtains Eligibility to File for Citizenship for Herself and Her Son

Mrs. O,  a citizen of Nigeria, and her US Citizen husband retained our office in May 2016 to file a Petition to Remove the Conditions on Mrs O and her minor son's Green Cards. Attorney Beryl Farris and our Atlanta office filed the Joint Petition on June 2016. On April 27, 2017,  Mrs. O's Petition to Remove Conditions on Lawful Permanent Residence was granted without interview. She and her son are a Legal Permanent Residents of the USA, and Mrs. O is eligible to file for her citizenship without any delays.

 Citizen of Liberia Becomes Eligible to File for US Citizenship

Mrs. Z,  a citizen of  Liberia, and her US Citizen husband have filed jointly a Petition to Remove the Conditions on Mrs Z's green card. USCIS issued a request for evidence in their case. The couple retained our office in March 2017 to respond to this Request for Evidence.

Attorney Beryl Farris and our Atlanta office filed the required response with USCIS in April 2017 . On May 11, 2017 Mrs Z Petition to Remove Conditions on Lawful Permanent Residence was granted without interview. She is a Legal Permanent Resident of the USA and is eligible to file for her citizenship without any delays.

EB-4 Special Immigrant Religious Worker from Nigeria Becomes US Citizen after six years

Mrs. J,  legal permanent resident, retained our office in May 2016 to file her Application for Naturalization. Mrs J was born in Nigeria and immigrated to the USA as a Special Immigrant Religious Worker in July 2011. Attorney Beryl Farris and our Atlanta office filed her application with USCIS on June 2016.  She successfully passed  her interview with USCIS Atlanta in February 2017 and was sworn in as a US Citizen in March 2017.

US Citizen born in China Naturalizes Daughter in Eight Months

Mrs. X,  US Citizen born in China, retained our office in July 2016 to file for her young legal permanent resident daughter's Certificate of Naturalization. Attorney Beryl Farris and our Atlanta office filed her application with USCIS on August 2016. Her daughter's Oath Ceremony was scheduled on February 2017 and she is now a happy and proud US Citizen.

Myanmar Asylee Overcomes Minor Crime to Win Naturalization

Mr. L asked us six months ago to help him with naturalization, filing an N-400 application for U.S. citizenship. And today, he was sworn in as a United States citizen at the Oath ceremony in Cleveland. He has been an asylee from Myanmar (formerly Burma) for more than 15 years, and he has worked hard ever since. He had one mark on his record, a petty theft case from 7 years ago. Fortunately he completed a pretrial diversion program that means his case is not considered a conviction for immigration purposes. He worked hard at learning how to start his own business, and also all about the history of the United States, the makeup of our government, and the names of our Presidents. etc. Congratulations on your citizenship!

Marriage-Based Permanent Resident from India, Divorced, Gains Citizenship Due to Five Years' Continuous Residency in the United States

R.C., an Indian citizen became a permanent resident in 2010 based on his marriage to a US Citizen. However, the couple divorced in 2012 due to serious marital problems involving abuse and neglect. In 2015, R.C. hired our office to assist him apply for citizenship based on his 5 years of continuous residency in the US. The application was filed and processed in a timely manner and he is now US Citizen.

Man from India Overstayed Tourist Visa, Arrested, Left 4 Years After Order, Returned on an I-130, Married to a United States Citizen, and Naturalized

Mr. M is a citizen of India, born in 1968. He is a Canadian national. He entered the United States in 1990 on a visitor visa. He overstayed the time allowed on his nonimmigrant visitor visa. While in the United States he purchased an employment authorization document which turned out to be fraudulent. He did not know it was fraudulent and attempted to renew it. It was at that point that he was arrested by INS. He was issued an Order to Show Cause in 1991, thereby placing him in deportation proceedings. He was granted voluntary departure by the Immigration Judge in 1992 but did not leave within the voluntary departure period. He left on his own accord in 1996, but the voluntary departure order automatically converted into a deportation order because he did not leave within the time permitted. Thus, that departure is considered a deportation for admissibility purposes. He eventually obtained permanent residency via his marriage to a U.S. citizen who filed a immigrant visa petition on his behalf which was approved in 2007. He came to us to assist with filing for naturalization.

In reviewing the case and preparing for the upcoming naturalization interview, we noticed that the name on his birth certificate was different than the name on his passport. Client explained that the names are different for religious and cultural reasons. We prepared client for questions regarding the different names. We reminded Mr. M of his arrest by INS so he was able to explain this to the officer when asked about any arrests. We also prepared Mr. M for questions regarding his presentation of a fraudulent work authorization document to INS. Finally, we prepared our client for questions regarding his overstay after being granted voluntary departure. We were able to explain to the officer that INA section 212(a)(9)(A) does not pose an admissibility issue for Mr. M because at least 10 years passed between his deportation in 1996 and his immigrant visa in 2007.

At the end of the interview, the officer thanked Mr. M for being honest and approved the case. Mr. M happily attended the oath ceremony and is now a naturalized citizen of the United States.

Husband from Morocco Naturalized Quickly; His Wife Slowly; We Expedited

Our client S.K., and her husband, are successful immigrants from Morocco. Mrs. S.K. is a Ph.D. professor at a notable University. Her husband is a doctor. They came to us with a reference: one of their family members obtained a Green Card (I-485) in a very difficult case, that attorneys Margaret W. Wong and Scott Bratton won at the Arlington Immigration Court.

Mrs. S.K and her husband filed their Naturalization applications at the same time in 2014. Her interview was conducted in Fairfax, Virginia on January 25, 2015 and she passed all the tests. Mrs. S.K left the USCIS happy as her case was approved and she will get an Oath ceremony notice in the mail after her background checks are clear.

Mrs. S.K. did not know at that time that the "background check" would create much stress, and delay her case. Mrs. S.K.’s husband case was approved and he became a US Citizen, but her case was still pending.

During the 7 months that her case was pending due to "background checks," she did several Infopasses with USCIS, eight Inquiries on the website of the USCIS, many letters, and she also wrote to her congressman inquiring, but all came back negative. USCIS was giving her the same answer: "Our records show that your N400, Application for Naturalization, is currently pending adjudication. We regret that we are unable to provide you with a completion date at this time. We apologize for the delay."

Mrs. S.K. came to Margaret W. Wong and Associates on August 3, 2015 and had a consultation with Attorney Scott Bratton. Mr. Bratton has a great deal of experience and knowledge of USCIS' procedures. He advised Mrs. S.K. of her options, and for a very affordable fee she retained our office to help her obtain her Citizenship.

Mr. Bratton and his Paralegal Albion Manellari started to work immediately on the case. Attorney Bratton sent an entry of appearance with USCIS local office in Fairfax (Form G-28), inquiring about the delay of the case. Mr. Bratton also prepared and filed a Petition for a Hearing on Naturalization Application with the U. S. District Court, Eastern District of Virginia. The case was docketed and Summons were served on the defendants (DHS, USCIS in Fairfax, USCIS). The argument and the Petition written from Mr. Bratton worked, and the USCIS did approve the N-400 Naturalization Application on September 17, 2015, less than six weeks after we were hired.

Our office's legal "push" forced the government to complete its approval. It's unfortunately not unusual for the goverment to approve one case quickly, and take too long processing another case. But people want to move on with their lives. The attorneys at Margaret W. Wong & Associates have the necessary experience to know exactly what to do.

Family of Four Naturalizes

Earlier this year we were approached by Mrs. D, matriarch of a family of four permanent residents. Mrs. D wanted the entire family to naturalize and become U.S. citizens. The only concern was that, being an international family, the four of them were scattered across the U.S. and the globe. Mr. D traveled extensively for work, and the two children were attending college.

We promptly filed all four N-400s, and soon the interview notices began rolling in. Then we got to work reconciling travel schedules and school breaks. Twice we contacted the local CIS office to reschedule the naturalization interviews for the family, and they were nice enough to accommodate. Local offices are sometimes nice enough to do this – but it’s best not to push it and ask too many times.

The D family ended up not being able to attend their naturalization interviews all together. Each went to his or her own interview, and each was recommended for approval. The D Family is now a family of four U.S. citizens.

Never Too Old: 71 Years Old and Still Eligible for Naturalization

A.C., an Indian citizen, was admitted to the U.S. as permanent resident in or about 30 years ago. Our office had previously handled the case of her husband, who unfortunately passed away in a car accident. A.C. had not applied for citizenship previously due to personal issues. Our office handled this case in an expeditious manner, and now the 71-year-old is a U.S. citizen.

Brazilian Native Approved for U.S. Citizenship

A 46 year old Brazilian man came to Margaret Wong and Associates for help in applying for naturalization and with his wife’s case. He had been a lawful permanent resident for five years. His wife did not have any legal status. In order to sponsor his wife, we had to help him become a U.S. citizen first. We filed the N-400 Application for Naturalization in mid-October 2013. Several weeks later, the client received his interview notice which was conducted in November 2013 by USCIS. The client was prepared for the interview by attorney Francis Fungsang. The client’s case was recommended for approval at the interview, and he received his Oath Ceremony notice one month later. The entire process took 2 months from start to finish. The client was so pleased and happy with our diligent work and service that he retained our firm immediately to work on his wife’s permanent residency case.

US Citizenship after Cancellation of Removal

We were hired by our client to apply for citizenship. We previously helped him avoid deportation by getting an immigration judge to grant him cancellation of removal. He had been placed in proceedings as a Green Card holder due to 3 prior drug convictions, including a felony drug trafficking conviction. He had no criminal record since the grant of cancellation of removal so we decided to apply for citizenship. He also had another significant issue in that he registered to vote many years ago although he never actually voted. We presented the evidence of his voter registration, the cancellation of his registration years later, and his voting record to show he did not vote. USCIS ultimately granted our client’s naturalization application. In January 2014 he was sworn in as a United States citizen. Scott Bratton handled the case.

New U.S. citizen Despite Past Criminal Conviction

Our client came to us after she the naturalization application she filed on her own had been denied for giving false testimony at her naturalization interview. This was related to a prior criminal conviction. We re-filed her application. After an interview on the new application, her application was approved by USCIS. Our client was obviously extremely happy with the news that she was approved for United States citizenship. Scott Bratton handled the case.

Brazilian man Gains US Citizenship

Client of Brazilian nationality and his wife have been approved for US citizenship after a long adventure in non immigrant status ranging from J-1 to H-1B. He and his wife later were approved for the Green Card. The alien is a physician in Florida and came to the US for medical training and subsequently received a waiver based on HPSA and his work in an underserved area in Florida. After this he received H-1B status and then received his Green Card in 2007. In February of 2013 our office filed for US citizenship for client and his wife. On September 9, 2013 they received the Naturalization Oath Ceremony notices.

Divorced from U.S. Citizen Wife, Albanian immigrant Gets U.S. Citizenship

Client of Albanian nationality retained us to file for his U.S. citizenship. He received his Green Card through marriage and became an LPR in 2006. He had no criminal record or citations except for a speeding ticket. In 2007 he had divorced from his wife. He was eligible for US citizenship five years after his LPR approval. We filed for N-400 on 11/2/2011 and the applicant, who resides in Tennessee, was interviewed on January 25, 2012. He was approved without any issues and received his Oath ceremony shortly after and became a new U.S. citizen of the great land of America.

Client Naturalized after State Governor Pardons him

A client came to us after his Application for Naturalization (N-400) was denied and he received a Notice to Appear due to some criminal convictions from his past. The court found the client removable because of the criminal issues, and we set out to find a way to keep the client from being deported. We worked with a criminal post-conviction attorney to get the previous criminal convictions pardoned, so that she would no longer be removable. Because it was going to take months to get the criminal conviction pardon, we requested a continuance of the client’s removal case. Later, the client was pardoned by the state of Georgia for his previous criminal convictions, saving his from deportation for conviction of crimes of moral turpitude. We prepared a new N-400 for the client and, after a successful naturalization interview, the client was approved for naturalization. The client went to the naturalization ceremony and stayed happily in the United States with his loved ones.

Client Goes from PERM Resident to Natural Citizen Through Tough Process

A lawful permanent resident came to us to naturalize. After we filed her application, we were met with a significant challenge: the client was eligible except for she was not able to provide USCIS with the requested Police Clearance from her home city of Hong Kong and her application was denied for this reason. Upon trying to get a police clearance from her Hong Kong, she was told that she could not get clearance because there was a criminal investigation pending in which she was involved. The client was not aware of the criminal issue, and enlisted our help to prove her good moral character so that she could become a United States citizen. Working with the client, we were able to discover that the Hong Kong police were investigating a matter regarding the client’s former place of work and that this, by its nature, precluded the Hong Kong police from providing any clearance for her. The client requested an examination of her application by USCIS and was found ineligible. She then had a hearing on the denial of her naturalization application. Unfortunately, she was found ineligible again at the hearing. Strongly believing the client was eligible by law for naturalization, we filed a civil lawsuit for judicial review of the denial of the client’s naturalization application in federal district court. Our client was finally able to naturalize after we showed that, in spite of not being able to get a police clearance from Hong Kong, the client had good moral character and no charge or allegation against her.

Client from Great Britain Gets Naturalized

Joyful, excited, surreal. These are just a few words that describe how a national of Great Britain was feeling when he gave his oath to become a United States Citizen. Margaret W. Wong & Associates were glad to help this individual every step of the way, from filing Form N-400 (Application for Naturalization) to prepping him for his interview in front of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The attorneys and staff members at Margaret W. Wong & Associates were simply thrilled to help this individual realize his dream to become a United States Citizen.

Client Goes from Deportation Threatened to Naturalized Citizen

Client previously came to our office for assistance years ago when he was detained and deported from the U.S. Our firm helped him successfully return to the U.S. and gain permanent residence through the waiver process. Now, we are happy to announce that with our help, his case is again a success. USCIS recently approved his naturalization application and in the next few weeks he will be sworn in as a U.S. citizen!

Unknown Removal Order Taken Care of for Client to Receive Naturalization Approval

Our client retained our firm after her naturalization application was denied. Prior to obtaining lawful permanent resident status, she had an outstanding removal order. It stemmed from an application filed by an immigration consultant almost 10 years ago. She was unaware of the removal order. USCIS was also initially unaware of the order and granted her application for permanent resident status. She subsequently filed for naturalization. However, at that time USCIS learned of the removal order and denied her application claiming that she obtained her Green Card improperly and by fraud. The first thing we did is to file a motion to reopen her case. She was unaware of the removal proceedings and it was our position that the Notice to Appear, which placed her in proceedings, was not properly served on her. The Court agreed and reopened the case. The second thing we did was to file a motion to terminate removal proceedings. We argued that since service of the Notice to Appear was improper, proceedings were never properly commenced. Thus, they must be terminated. Based on our argument, the Court terminated removal proceedings. The third thing we did was to re-file the naturalization application arguing that her permanent resident status was not issued in error (an application for a Green Card cannot be granted by USCIS with an outstanding removal order except for arriving aliens) because her removal proceedings were never properly commenced. Attorney Scott Bratton accompanied her to the interview in New York. We are happy to report that her naturalization application was approved. This was a very difficult case and illustrates the importance of utilizing the services of an experienced immigration attorney. Scott Bratton handled the case.

Client Finally Gets Naturalized After Oath Ceremony Set Up

Our client hired us after his naturalization case had been pending over 2 years. He had previously received an approval notice but his oath ceremony was cancelled in 2009. Nothing happened on his case until he hired our firm. We filed a petition for hearing on his naturalization application with the United States District Court. We were able to work with the United States Attorney’s Office and secure an approval of his naturalization case within 90 days of filing the petition in federal court. Scott Bratton handled the case.

After Drug Trafficking Accusations Dealt With, Client Naturalized

Our client, a Canadian National had been a lawful permanent resident for many years. He was taking medicinal marijuana by his medical doctor’s recommendation and care. A local police’s department in Ohio though our client was a drug trafficker, largely because the client still had a home in Ohio but was in the process of moving out west. The police department had raided his home and later indicted him with drug trafficking, possession and other very damaging criminal charges. We worked very closely with his criminal defense attorney on the criminal matter. Our team filed a naturalization application. The criminal defense attorney was attempting to work out a deal with local prosecutors. However, each of the plea deals would have resulted in our client being subjected to mandatory detention by immigration and ultimate removal from the United States. After carefully reviewing the indictment, the evidence and the law, we stated that the client’s only option was to take the matter to trial. Ultimately, after several months of bickering back and forth, the Trial Court dismissed the case with prejudice.

Since no record of conviction exists, our client was not subject to mandatory detention and removal from the United States. This ensured that our client was able to keep his lawful permanent resident status and become a United States Citizen. After the criminal matter was resolved, we prepared our client for his naturalization interview and had the certified journal entry from the case at the client’s N-400 interview. Our attorney flew out the day before (arriving very early on a Sunday morning) to a western state to specifically spend the entire day preparing our client and reassuring him that everything was going to be just fine. The interview occurred without any problems. Our client passed the civics and English Tests. The Court’s journal entry was submitted at the interview. The officer told us that he would recommend the case for approval once he confirmed that the Ohio Court’s Journal Entry was verified. Our client received his oath swearing in ceremony shortly after the interview. Our client is now a United States Citizen. We are dedicated to ensuring that the correct results are attained for all of our clients. We know the importance of not “taking the plea” even if that plea may result in no jail time. In this case, large part to the efforts of our office working closely with our client’s criminal attorney, the criminal matter was dismissed and our client was eligible to naturalize and become a U.S. citizen.

Special Case of Client's Time in U.S. Clarified; Leads to Naturalization

Our client, a Chinese national, is married to a United States Citizen (USC) and was a lawful permanent resident for the past ten years. Our client approached the USCIS and asked if she could naturalize. USCIS told her “no” because she has been out of the country too long even though she had valid re-entry permit. USCIS never inquired as to why she was out of the country during the last five years. Our client’s USC spouse works for an American company. She has to follow her husband to a foreign country in order for him to keep his job.

This American company is furthering the economic interests of the United States. A person is eligible to naturalize even though they have not been physical present in the United States during the past five years for the requisite time. Underneath this exception to the physical presence requirement of naturalization, our team advised our client that she was in fact eligible to naturalize. Attorney Francis Fungsang completed the filing and the preparation for the client’s interview. Attorney attended the interview and ensured that the case was approved under this exception. Both attorneys ensured that the proper documentation was included to her N-400 application, including taxes, employment letters, passport, entry and exit documentation and proof of marriage. At the interview, the application was approved quickly. We also worked closely with the USCIS Officer and the USCIS Supervisor to get an expedited oath ceremony so that our client could return to her family without undue delay. This case is a great example of how excellent lawyering can lead to favorable results even when the USCIS says no.

Lebanese Client Naturalized After Only one Year of Residency!

Naturalization in 2 ½ months with same-day swearing in. We have a Lebanese client who is living in the UAE with her USC husband. Our client came to see us after she had been a permanent resident for only one year, with very few weeks residence in the US during the previous year. We advised her that she could file for a re-entry permit in order to stay outside the US for up to 2 years without losing her permanent residence, however we suggested that she should file to naturalize if her spouse was working for a US company and was expected to remain outside the US in order to engage in foreign trade or commerce.

Despite the short time of permanent residence, we were able to gather the right documents to prove her husband’s work, file the naturalization petition in July, and have the biometrics later in July while client was still in the US. The client returned to the US for the naturalization interview in early September and since we had received a grant for an expedited oath ceremony to be arranged on the same day, she was able to immediately take the Oath and received her naturalization certificate. Client was very happy to be able to drive to a same-day US passport location, and leave the next day as an American citizen, returning to her USC husband and USC small child abroad. She was even able to make her brother’s wedding in a different country five (5) days later.

Jamaican Client Naturalize After Medical Issues

Our client, a native of Jamaica was a permanent resident for years before he applied for naturalization on his own. Due to a medical issue, he was unable to pass the English and History tests. At first, his family applied for his naturalization on their own before contacting our firm. Several interviews later, they contacted our firm. Our firm went to an interview only to find out that the officer was going to deny the case because the medical waiver form was not filled out correctly and was not detailed enough. Our attorney attended the first interview, and she went to work with one of the medical professionals, a psychologist, who wrote a new medical waiver form. After the psychologist examined our client, another of our attorneys assisted the doctor in the key words that United States Citizenship and Immigration Services were looking for. Our attorney attended the last interview. The N-400 application was granted and our client was scheduled to be sworn in as an American citizen.

Green Card Client Comes Back and Gets Natualized

Iranian national, who received his Green Card through our office many years ago and came back to us for U.S. citizenship application. Because of his court record, we carefully studied his documents and filed the application with great caution and also prepared the client thoroughly for the interview. The application was filed in June 2008, and client was interviewed in Nov. 2008 and the oath has been scheduled for Feb 2009. Because of our good service, client also referred one of his friends to our office for Green Card application and we have successfully obtained the Green Card for his friend last year.

English Student Gets Naturalized

One of our clients, an English national, is a legal permanent resident of the United States. He was attending school in England for the past three years. Our team went to work to ensure that he was statutorily eligible for naturalization by ensuring that he had been present at least 50% of the time during the past five years. We carefully calculated his dates and advised him when to come back into the country. One of our attorneys prepared the client for his interview and made sure he was ready for the tests of English and U.S. History. Our Attorney went to the interview and it was recommended for approval by the officer.

Family Naturalized After Initial Attempts Were Denied

A Green Card holder came to see us after he and his family applied to become U.S. citizens in 2009. They had received a Notice of Intent to Deny their naturalization, and their applications were later denied. Our client initially came to the United States as a visitor and obtained an H-1B temporary visa to work for a small woodworking business. His employer sponsored him for a Green Card, and his permanent residence was approved in 2001. After his naturalization application was denied, we filed an appeal with the local USCIS office. USCIS overturned the denial two months later. The entire family received their Oath Ceremony notices, and were sworn in as U.S. citizens within 3 weeks of the decision. The client and his family were very happy and impressed with our service on the case.

Russian Client Naturalized After Testing Assistance

Our client from Russia retained our firm to help her to file her naturalization application. We helped her prepare for her interview. Our client was extremely hard of hearing because of medical complications. We attended the interview with our client and helped facilitate the interview so that she could understand and hear the adjudicating officer's questions. She passed the English language and civics test with flying colors. We filed the application in November 2009, and her application was approved a little over two months later.

Client Gains Citizenship After Push

Our client applied for naturalization. However, when more than 120 days had passed since his interview, we recommended that he file a petition for hearing on his naturalization application. The petition was filed in the District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. Within 60 days of filing, the naturalization application was granted. Our client is now a United States citizen.

After Interview Preparation, Filipina Naturalizes in Three Months

A client from the Philippines, who received her Green Card through our office, retained us to help her with her citizenship application. We prepared the application, thoroughly prepared her for the interview, and made sure she prepared the appropriate documentation for her interview. The application was filed in June 2009, and her application was granted only three months later in September 2009.

Client Gets Naturalized After 16 Years of Residence

One of our clients, a Jordanian National was a Legal permanent resident and present in the United States during the past 16 years. He had been doing some contractual work oversees due to the poor economic situation. The attorney figured out his dates and confirmed that he meet the requirements of the physical presence (a person applying for naturalization cannot be outside of the United States for more than half of the previous 5 years unless there is an exception) and he could statutorily naturalize and become a United States Citizen. Our team filed an N-400 application last December 2008, our client had his interview in June 2009 which was attended by our attorney. There was no decision on the case after our office made many inquiries with the USCIS starting at the end of August. After 120 days from date of the interview, we advised our client to file a mandamus action which is suing the government to ask them to take action on a case. Our attorneys filed the mandamus action at the beginning of November and the case was resolved and our client received his swearing in notice for the Oath ceremony on December 31, 2009. Our client was sworn in during the first week of January 2010! Congratulations to a new USC!

Hard Work Makes Sure Client is Naturalized on Time

One of our clients, a National of China, was a permanent resident for many years after first receiving her Green Card in the 1990's. Our client was accused of child endangerment and neglect and criminally charged back in 2001. Although the charges were dismissed, this information is still required to be disclosed on the N-400 application and explained to the interviewing officer. Our team filed the application after doing a lot of research of the implications of these criminal charges. Our attorney prepped the client and attended the interview, and our attorney encouraged our client to bring one of her children alleged to have been a victim of this child endangerment. Although the Interviewing Officer did not allow the child into the interview, the Officer was touched by our client's son's expression of concern that his parent would be naturalized without question.

Our client passed the person of good moral character and the American history and English tests. Another issue was this Immigrations office's local rule of requiring 5 years of tax returns for self employed persons rather than the three years that most other offices require. The interviewing officer requested that the adjudication be continued (postponed) until the end of November to allow our client time to bring the 2004, 2005 tax returns. Our attorney asked the officer who repeatedly said no, our client will have to come back in November. Knowing the importance of Naturalization, one of our attorneys begged and pleaded with the officer and then the supervisor granted the request that our client be permitted to return the very next day with the required remaining two years of tax returns. Our client was issued the swearing in oath and took that important oath on October 15, 2009! Our meticulous filing and the advocacy work of our attorney ensured that our client was sworn in in October rather than the beginning of the New Year!

Interview Results in Naturalization

Our client hired us to assist him with filing his naturalization application. He was concerned because he had two prior felony convictions. We filed the application and our attorney attended the interview with our client in Garden City, New York. In September 2009, we received notice that our client's case had been approved.

Pending Application Pushed Through by Firm

Our client hired Margaret Wong & Associates after his naturalization case had been pending more than one year in Los Angeles. We filed a petition for hearing on naturalization application with the United States District Court for the Central District of California. We were able to work the case out and our client's application was approved. He is now a United States citizen. Scott Bratton and Margaret Wong worked on this case.

Naturalization Case Approved in 30 Days!

Our client retained us to file a second naturalization application after his first application had been denied due to his criminal record. We filed the application and attended the interview with him in Cincinnati, Ohio. After waiting four months from the interview date, we still did not have a decision. We then filed a petition for hearing on naturalization application in federal court. Within 30 days of filing, we were able to get an approval of the naturalization case. Our client is now a United States citizen.

Client Gets Naturalized Two Weeks After Interview and Wife is Next

Our client retained us to assist with his naturalization application. Just prior to his interview, he was charged with a felony offense but had it reduced to a misdemeanor and entered a no contest plea. After the interview, USCIS did not adjudicate the naturalization application for a long time so we filed a motion in federal court seeking to expedite the naturalization case. The federal judge issued an order and requested USCIS to expedite the processing of the case. We were able to successfully work through a background check issue and some other issues with USCIS. Our client was then given a second interview. Approximately two weeks after the second interview, he received his oath notice. In September 2009, our client was sworn in as a United States citizen. He will now be able to petition for his wife to become a lawful permanent resident.

African National Naturalized After Persistent Work

N-400: naturalization case: African national, we filed the N-400 in March 2006 and made numerous follow ups with USCIS and finally the client was interviewed in June 2008 and after more follow ups and inquiries, the case was approved in April 2009.

Mexico Native Gets Naturalized After Conduct Assessment Process

Our client, a native of Mexico, came to our office after his N-400 application was denied in 2008 due to a lack of good moral character based on a nine year outstanding warrant related to a 1996 charge for forgery (client later pled guilty in 2005 to attempted forgery). Our office filed an appeal of this denial as our office, through researching the court records, was able to determine that our client's failure to appear in court was not of his own wrongdoing, but rather due to improper service of the warrant, thereby, never having properly placed our client on notice of the pending criminal matter. Our office argued further that, although the conviction was in 2005, the actual criminal conduct underlying the conviction preceded the five year statutory provision related to examination of good moral character. Our client's N-400 application was subsequently approved based on the appeal and our client will be scheduled for an Oath Ceremony for citizenship in the next few weeks. Troy Murphy handled this matter for our office.

PERM Client Gains Citizenship

A client from the United Kingdom came to our office to help him to file for citizenship. The client received his permanent resident card more than twenty years ago through marriage to a U.S. citizen spouse. We filed the application in August 2008 and received an approval in November 2008.

Naturalization Approved for Immigrant

Our client was denied naturalization because he allegedly assisted someone to illegally enter the United States. We filed an N-336 that was also denied. Subsequently, we filed a Petition for Hearing on Naturalization Application in federal court and another N-400. Our client appeared with Scott Bratton at the naturalization interview. In October 2008, the naturalization application was approved.

Naturalization Approved for Mother and Daughter Under Who Were Under Conviction

A mother and daughter, each with a related theft conviction, retained our office to assist them with their Applications for Naturalization. Our firm was successful in vacating each client's theft conviction and each client later plead only to a charge of disorderly conduct. Subsequent to that, both mother and daughter filed their Applications for Naturalization and both have had their applications approved. Our attorney handled the criminal and immigration matters for both of these cases.

Long Time Client and Wife Get Naturalized

We helped a Nigerian architect and his wife become US citizens. We have known them for a long time, since we helped him with his previous immigration matters through the years. After a divorce he left USA and went back to his country. Some time later he returned to work under an H1B visa, and met another woman. They fell deeply in love and got married in 1996. We helped him obtain an Immigrant Work Visa in 2000, since the employer was willing to sponsor him. After the approval, we helped both him and his wife get their Green Cards, and they became legal permanent residents in May 2002. By the end of 2007 they retained us to file for their Naturalization. However USCIS lost the petition for a while and we had to keep doing follow-ups and complaining. Soon after we scheduled an Infopass appointment, we got the receipt notices for the case. Later they had their fingerprints taken and were scheduled for their interview, which took place in August 2008. We prepared them for the interview, and were happy to hear they had been approved right there. Their Oath will be taken very soon, and they will become proud American Citizens.

PERM Resident Gets Naturalized Even After Past Charges

This is about a Mexican man who was already a legal permanent resident (Green Card holder) of U.S since 1997. He decided to hire our services for N-400 (Naturalization to become a citizen). The application for N-400 and I-90 (Application to replace permanent resident card) were filed in September 2007. He was scheduled for his biometrics in October 2007. Since the client had some charges against him, we had to prepare him well for the interview, which was scheduled in April 2008. In April the interview went well but the officer took a little longer to give the final decision on N-400 because of our client's past arrest at one point. They wanted to make sure that he was not a bad element, and in the end they saw there was no reason to reject him as a prospective citizen. We were happy when we got the favorable decision and our client was really excited. He attended the oath ceremony in May 2008, and today he is a citizen of U.S.

Firm Takes Care of Criminal History and Ges Client Naturalized

In October 2007 we filed an N-400 (Naturalization Petition) for an Indian physician. He had been charged with a crime years ago and was afraid that it would make USCIS deny his petition. Before filing we gathered all evidence that showed how he had been declared Not Guilty and the case was closed. He was scheduled for fingerprints one month later and his interview took place in January 2008. We prepared him for the interview and his Naturalization was approved. His Oath Ceremony took place one month after the interview and he became a U.S. citizen.

Son of Venezuelan Client Receives Justice in Naturalization

Our client, a sixteen year old boy, was born in Venezuela to an American basketball player, playing in Venezuela at that time, and a Peruvian citizen. In 1992, the young child and his mother arrived in the United States through a visitor's visa, which expired later. They lived out of status for many years. The mother, who was raising the child by herself, wanted to give the best to her son. Being a U.S. Citizen would help the young child, as his mom would obtain the benefits of putting her son through college at a much lower tuition. When we were retained, it was hard to communicate with the citizen father, who had been in San Francisco for quite a while. Through research and consistent communication with the father, we finally had enough documents to file an N-600 (Application to U.S. citizenship by birth to a U.S. citizen parent outside the United States, and out of wedlock). We were able to obtain documents from the US citizen father as far back as the seventies to show the appropriate residential requirements for alien's eligibility for citizenship. Our attorneys then prepared the young child, and encouraged his father to come from San Francisco to attend the interview, convincing him that this is for his child's future. The interview lasted less than 10 minutes and the young child was immediately issued his naturalization certificate. He is now a US Citizen on his senior year in high school, and on his way to a very good U.S. College.

Peruvian Client Given Naturalization Rights

A Peruvian engineer came to see us in mid April 2007. He had been a resident since 1995, and in 2003 he had filed for Naturalization with another lawyer. He had been denied citizenship for "poor moral character". Turns out he had had minor offenses (mostly related to traffic) in the five-year period before his petition. Because these represented minor offenses, he had almost forgotten them and had filed his papers stating that he had not committed any offense. Apparently his lawyer had not checked or asked about his criminal offense record. We started his case gathering background checks, certified copies of his cases in County Clerks and making sure that for every offense we demonstrated how they had ended with just a fine. We filed his papers at the end of April 2007. He got his Fingerprint appointment on May, and his initial interview scheduled for November. We were required to present more copies and information about the cases and finally our client received a notice that he was approved and was asked to go to his Naturalization Oath Ceremony on February 2008.

Client, After 60 Years of Life, Gets Naturalized

N-600 Certificate of citizenship: German national who immigrated to the U.S. with parents when he was a baby. Almost 60 years later, when he had a need to travel out of U.S., he realized that he has neither a German Passport nor a U.S. passport and has lost his Green Card, copy of his parents' original passport which also carried his name and info, and his A #. He did not even know what was the name his parents used for him on his Green Card. He tried to apply for a U.S. passport, and tried to get help from senators but the Passport office could not find any information about either his original name nor his Alien Number. Based on his story and our research, our office decided to file N-600 Certificate of Citizenship because we believed he became an U.S. citizen when his parents became naturalized. We worked with the client and put together a package with all the clues we could get and presented our case to the CIS. Our work helped the CIS to trace client's old family files and finally in Nov, 2007, issued our client the certificate of citizenship.

Past Offense Overridden for Naturalization

Client retained our firm to file N-400 (Application for Naturalization). In relation to the major issue of "good moral character", our client was charged and found guilty in 2000 of DUI. His driver's license was suspended for 6 months. He was also charged with speeding and possession of drugs in 2004, but, both charges were dismissed. He also failed to register for Selective Service System, the registration being mandatory for permanent residents between the ages of 18-26. With our legal representation to deal with these 2 major issues, the case however was obviously approved expeditiously within 8 months from filing. He is now a naturalized citizen.

Pakistani Green Card Holder Becomes a Citizen

Pakistan physician had held his Green Card gained through employment for 5 years as of 2006. We therefore were hired to assist him in applying for US citizenship. Our attorney was present at interview which was scheduled to take place in June 2007. Approval for naturalization application was recommended and today we have just received client's oath ceremony notification. Congratulations to our client who has finally realized his dream of becoming a proud US citizen.

I-90 and Green Card Approve Allowing Residence with Husband and Name Change

Egyptian wife received her Green Card through marriage to her US citizen husband. Later she wished to change her single name to her married name, so we filed I-90 on her behalf. Before I-90 was approved, however, it was time for her to apply for US citizenship. We therefore also filed N-400. Three months after N-400 application was filed, she was notified to appeal for initial interview and later was called in for oath ceremony to become a proud citizen of the United States.

Client Goes From Deportation Proceedings to Citizenship

Brazilian client was issued a Notice to Appear and placed in deportation proceedings after the Service discovered he was convicted of multiple criminal convictions amounting to the classification of aggravated felonies. Client then filed for naturalization form N-400. The Service denied the application. An appeal was filed but denied. Our attorneys filed Motion to Reopen and Reconsider the district director’s decision denying the applicant’s request for a Hearing. After careful considerations of all factors, the Service determined the Request for a Hearing was denied in error and reopened and approved client’s N-400 application. An oath ceremony notice promptly followed and our attorney will accompany the client in his swearing-in ceremony in May.

After Criminal Charges, Jamaican Client Receives US Citizenship

After our Jamaican client obtained her lawful permanent resident status, she was arrested for violation of law and was ordered removed. We filed BIA Brief and caused the removal proceedings to be terminated. Although she did file I-751, it had been pending for a long time and she lost track of her case status. We advised our client to file for naturalization although I-751 was pending. We have by now received her N-400 interview notice which has been scheduled for April 2007. Congratulations to our client who is not only out of deportation proceedings but also becoming a United States citizen.

Client Naturalized After DUI

When our client retained our office, he had convictions for trespassing and driving under the influence of alcohol. Our office prepared our client’s Application for Naturalization and attended our client’s Naturalization interview. Upon completion of the interview, our client’s Application for Naturalization was approved. Our client has subsequently attended his Oath Ceremony and is now a United States citizen.

Long-Time Portuguese Client Gets Naturalized Less Than 5 Months After Filing

A Portuguese national who has lived in the United States and been a legal permanent resident since 1980 had our firm file for naturalization in September 2006. This client retained our firm since a family member filed for citizenship and it took well over 12 months from filing to approval. This is very common experience among legal permanent residents who filed in the 1980’s. Our client was approved for citizenship in December 2006 and will be sworn in as a USC in January 2007! Less than 5 months from filing to United States Citizen!

Complaint to District Court Results in Naturalization for Client

Our client retained our firm to file a federal lawsuit against CIS since her naturalization application had been pending over two years. We filed a Complaint in US District Court in Cleveland demanding that the Court compel CIS to grant the naturalization application. Our Complaint was successful in expediting the case. In January 2007, our client naturalized. Scott Bratton handled the case for Margaret Wong & Associates.


An Australian foreign-born, married to a United States citizen, was seeking naturalization to become a United States citizen. Our firm filed her naturalization request form (N-400) in April 2017, and she was granted a naturalization interview in June 2017. Applicant retained our office to help because she was concerned with her days outside the United States. She had many entries and returns to and from the United States as an LPR (Green Card holder). Our office reviewed and analyzed her records and prepared a detailed explanation to the USCIS. After successfully passing the naturalization interview, this woman was given a notice to attend her Naturalization Oath Ceremony to become a United States citizen after less than two weeks after the interview. 


In 2005, we had a client from Bulgaria who immigrated to the United States with the ultimate goal of citizenship. We filed her green card application (I-485) as well as her work authorization documents (I-765). During her journey to citizenship, she repeatedly traveled to and from the United States to visit her father who was very ill in Bulgaria. We filed her travel documents over the years (I-131 form), and our firm advised her on the best way to maintain visas and allow her father to travel to the United States. Our client received her 10-year Permanent Green Card through the employment-based process from USCIS, and after five years in the United States, our firm followed up with this woman to complete her N-400, the naturalization form that would lead her to citizenship. After applying in May of 2017, she was approved two months later and attended her naturalization ceremony in July 2017. 


A Chinese woman came to our firm in January of 2011, seeking assistance with her Green Card, which she had obtained through a failed marriage to a U.S. citizen. Now divorced, we filed an I-751 (petition to remove conditions on residence) as well as an I-130 (petition for alien relative). We filed our client’s relative petition with her mother as the sponsor. To successfully obtain the Green Card, we had to reopen the client’s case, so we filed a motion to reopen, explaining that our client was eligible for a 237-waiver. The waiver challenges accusations of fraud made against our client. After meeting with an immigration judge, we followed his recommendation to file an I-601 waiver and include the 237-waiver information. Therefore, our firm had to prove that our client entered her marriage in good faith and was facing extreme hardship to make the fraud an invalid reason for removing our client. The waivers were successfully granted, so we filed an I-90 (application to replace permanent residency card) for our client to regain her Green Card. The I-90 was initially denied because there was a duplication error. However, we challenged this denial, and eventually our client obtained her GC (Green Card) by using a stamp on her passport. Once we confirmed her residency, we filed a N-400 (application for naturalization). To avoid any issues with her application, we amended answers regarding fraud, showing that the waivers cured any fraud issues. Thus, our client successfully passed the interview and became a citizen!

After her long four-year journey to citizenship, our client remarried an immigrant. We helped our client file as a sponsor for her husband, so he could become a permanent resident. We filed an I-130 (petition for alien relative or spouse) and an I-485 (application for permanent residency) for him. In addition, we filed an I-765 (application for work authorization) and an I-131 (permission to travel). The work authorization and travel documentation were approved first, and shortly afterwards, her husband’s I-130 and I-485 were approved, earning him permanent residency in a little over a year. Thanks to the continuous effort and push by our firm, the couple is now happily living in the United States without worry of their statuses!


A Jordanian man came to our firm in November of 2006 to petition for his wife to become a legal permanent resident. Not only did we earn his wife's Green Card, but she became a U.S. citizen as well, through our firm. We filed a Mandamus Complaint with the District court to ask the court about our client’s I-130 (petition for alien relative or spouse) and I-485 (application for permanent residency). We then filed the I-130 with the husband as the petitioner and his wife as the alien beneficiary. The I-130, and consequently the I-485, were denied, but our firm immediately followed with an appeal and refiled the I-130 and I-485. The case was remanded, allowing the I-130 to be reopened. Finally, we received an I-130 approval notice based on the husband’s sponsorship. We then filed an I-485 to obtain the wife’s Green Card, and we also provided a I-601 (waiver of grounds of inadmissibility) which claimed our client’s wife suffered extreme hardship, thus justifying the fraud our client’s wife used to live in the United States. Until our client received a Green Card for his wife, we filed for her work authorization (I-765 form) which was shortly thereafter approved. While our client’s wife was working, we addressed the fraud issues with the case and renewed our clients work permit. Finally, after years of pushing and fighting, our client’s wife earned her Green Card. We immediately filed a N-400 (application for naturalization), and after much preparation and a long journey, the wife of our client earned her citizenship!