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Ohio Department of Health J-1 Waiver Approved

Our office was retained by a physician who had a job offer to work in an underserved area in mid-Ohio. This foreign born was a foreign medical graduate who did his medical residency in the US on a J-1 visa, and because of this required a waiver of the two year home residency rule. In January of 2014, we obtained the Department of State visa number and prepared the waiver filing with the Ohio Department of Health. On March 31, 2014, we filed the application. We then received approval in June of 2014 and the alien was then able to file for his H-1B. A great story where a physician plans to work for three years in an under-served medical area in order to help the poor and indigent of the middle Ohio population. (Back to Top)

J-1 waiver for Foreign Born from Congo

Our client came to the US on J-1 visa. Client was born in Congo and later became a citizen of Canada. On January 24 we filed with DOS and filed J-1 waiver application on January 30 2006. Waiver was granted on June 26, 2006. Congratulations to our client who can now initiate the next step in working legally in the United States. (Back to Top)

J-1 Waiver for Physician from India

In the US on J-1 from Calcutta, India, client is a physician. In September 2005 we filed case with DOS (Department of State) and in November 2005 we filed J-1 Waiver for client. After responding to RFE in February and March of 2006, we received J-1 Waiver approval in May 2006. (Back to Top)

Approval for Romanian Foreign Born

From Romania on J-1 in 2003 with his wife on J-2. Our law firm was retained to file J-1 waiver for client. After gathering all the necessary documents and filing with Department of State, we sent in the application with the appropriate agency on February 6 2006 and on April 17, 2006 we received an approval notice. We then proceeded with the next step to ensure our client could live and work in the United States. (Back to Top)

DOS and USCIS Approves Romanian Doctor's J-1 Waiver

US as a J-1 physician in November 2002 from Romania. We filed Application for Waiver of Foreign Residence Requirement for client with the Department of State on January 24 2003 and later filed with the relevant department in his state. On April 8 2003 we received an approval notice for the waiver and our client then proceeded with the necessary steps. (Back to Top)