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Ms. C was born in Kyrgyzstan and came to the United States at the age of 29. She began with an F-1 Student Visa and worked to gain her Master’s Degree in English Language Education at Edgewood College. She wanted to stay in the United States after finishing her studies and received a job offer as an ESL teacher at a charter school in Illinois.

She needed to change her status to an H1-B Visa. She came to Margaret W. Wong & Associates to help her file her application. We were sent a request for additional evidence for her case but were undeterred. We had to show that she had maintained legal status the whole time she was here. After we sent in this additional evidence, her application promptly approved. Ms. C can now work here legally as she teaches others the joys and eccentricities of the English language.


Mr. L came to the U.S. from China to receive higher education and seek job opportunities. After graduating from college, he sought a Mandarin Chinese teaching position at a local high school. Considering his qualifications, Mr. L surpassed several other applicants and began working for the high school. He originally used an H-1B visa (Petition for Non-Immigrant Worker) to begin his job as a teacher but ran into some issues with a soon-to-expire visa.

Mr. L sought the counsel of Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC to resolve the problems surrounding his current visa. The firm filed an extension for his H-1B visa using an I-539 (Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status) form. It was approved. Then several other filings were required on behalf of both his employer and the firm, among them an I-140 (Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker) and I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status). These were completed and filed and soon after, Mr. L received an approval notice. Not only could he continue to work as an educator without the impending complications of an expired visa, but he also could proudly claim his permanent status as a U.S. citizen.

H-1B Extension Approval For Teacher From Turkey

In November 2016, a charter school in Illinois hired us to file an H-1B extension for a teacher from Turkey. The client’s academic credential was evaluated as at least the U.S. academic equivalent of a Master of Science in Electronics-Computer Education. We filed for the H-1B extension for the client and three H-4 petitions for his family right after we received all the documents from the client. He and his family were all approved in March 2017. 

Belgian Business Worker Needed a Non-Immigrant H-1B Renewed; Achieved with Premium Processing

Our client was a married nonimmigrant worker employed with a reputable firm in the U.S. His nonimmigrant working status was almost expired and as such he sought our services to help him extend this status as well as that of his derivative wife to avoid the risk of losing their statuses. Our team in the Employment Visa department, led by Attorney Francis Fungsang, quickly and efficiently put together an I-129 application for nonimmigrant worker under the H-1B category for our client and an I-539 application to extend the nonimmigrant status for his wife. The filings were submitted under premium processing. Our client’s status was less than a month from expiration and as such did not have the luxury of time. Within 14 days of filing, we received receipt notices for the applications and 5 days later, we received approvals for the applications. The applications had been approved with no issues in less than a month. Our client could now focus on his work without worrying about losing his status or that of his wife. Our client was very happy and so were we. 

High School Teacher from Taiwan Changes from F-1 OPT to H-1B

Mr. D of Taiwan had graduated with honors and was working for a secondary public school in Ohio, under F-1 status during the optional practical training (OPT). His employer was happy with his performance and was willing to continue his employment.

For this reason, Mr. D’s employer hired us on March 1, 2016, to prepare and apply for a non-immigrant specialty occupation visa H-1B petition. Each year there is a limited number of H-1B visas available, and there are more applicants than there are visas available to go around. Our experienced employment group carefully prepared the H1B petition and we sent it out as required, on April 1. It is very important to submit the application within the first five business days of April because normally USCIS receives more than enough petitions to meet the regular cap during the first five business days.

Because there are a limited number of H-1B visas available, and there are more applicants than there are available visas, USCIS uses a computer-generated random selection process (commonly known as a “lottery”) to select a sufficient number of petitions needed to meet the cap. As has happened for many years, and this year as well, USCIS held a lottery to determine which petitions would be selected for processing. Fortunately Mr. D's petition was selected in the lottery. We received a Receipt Notice on May 9, 2016. Shortly after, on June 3, 2016 we received the Approval Notice.

Mr. D is happy to be working in the United States. His H-1B visa status started on October 1, 2016 and is good through September, 2019.

Last Minute H-1B Wins the Lottery!

Here at Margaret W. Wong and Associates, LLC, we periodically check in on old files for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we learn good lessons from old files. Recently we pulled up the file of Mr. J.P., an Indian individual who applied for an H-1B non-immigrant specialty occupation visa, in 2013.

Mr. J.P.’s employer hired us on March 29, 2013, to see if we could possibly apply for an H-1B visa on J.P.’s behalf. It was a mad scramble, but we put together an H-1B petition in a few days and submitted it to USCIS. A receipt notice was issued by USCIS on April 17, 2013, and J.P. received his H-1B approval in July of 2013. He was able to start work on October 1, 2013.

So what’s the lesson here? It is that Mr. J.P. and his employer got very, very lucky. Each year there is a limited number of H-1B visas available, and there are more applicants than there are visas available to go around. Employers may begin submitting their applications for H-1B visas each year on April 1st. In 2013, the year J.P. and his employer applied, USCIS ran out of visas almost immediately. As happens in many years, USCIS held a lottery to determine which applications would be selected for processing.

Fortunately J.P.’s petition was selected in the lottery, and his application for H-1B was processed. He was additionally fortunate that our office was able to process and submit his application so quickly. If we had filed one day later, he would have missed the cut-off date.

Hiring a law firm to process your H-1B cap case at the last second doesn't often succeed. We honestly appreciate being given a bit more notice. If you are considering applying for an H-1B visa for yourself or for your employees, it’s best to start looking for an attorney in January or February, months before the April 1st deadline. But whenever possible, our office is happy to work with employers and individuals in emergency situations.

Hard-Fought EB-2 Perm Approval After Audit for PLM Process Engineer

Mr. SM of India was in his fifth year of H-1B status when his employer approached us to begin his PERM labor certification. He was a PLM Process Engineer with a degree and many years of work experience. We quickly processed and filed Mr. SM’s PERM in the EB-2 category (bachelor’s degree plus five years of experience) in July of 2013.

Since we filed the PERM at least one year before Mr. SM hit his six-year limit of H-1B status, we were able to continue extending his H-1B in one-year increments. This is known as AC-21 (or the “American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act”). If you have been working in H-1B status for some time, it’s very important to be aware that the law limits H-1B status to six years. Under AC-21, however, you may be able to extend your H-1B status for additional time if you 1) have a PERM labor certification or I-140 Immigrant Petition that was filed at least one year before your H-1B expiration and has not been denied, or 2) have an approved I-140 Immigrant Petition.

In March of 2014, the US Department of Labor (DOL) issued an audit of Mr. SM’s PERM. This does happen – filing a PERM is very much like filing taxes. The PERM is filed online, with the understanding that the employer keeps and maintains documentation to back up the contents of the PERM application. Just as the IRS might conduct an audit of a tax filing, the DOL is within its rights to conduct an audit of a PERM. Our office submitted the response to the PERM audit, and processing was resumed.

Mr. SM’s PERM was approved and certified in March of 2015. We are now processing his I-140 Immigrant Petition.

Premium Processing of H-1B Extension Gets Fast Approval for Indian Engineer

Mr. B of India, an engineer, entered the U.S. in H-1B status in 2009. In July of 2013 his company contacted us to file his H-1B extension – his current H-1B would expire in February of 2014. It’s generally a good idea to file extensions of status several months ahead of time. In Mr. B’s case, we filed a good six months ahead of time. But by the middle of November we still hadn’t received any response, and Mr. B was anxious for his approval. That’s when our office filed an I-907 Request for Premium Processing on his behalf. For an additional $1,000 filing fee, the USCIS offers “Premium Processing” on certain types of petitions (note that it’s not available on I-485 Adjustment of Status – wouldn’t that be nice?). Within 15 calendar days, USCIS will issue an approval notice, a denial notice, a notice of intent to deny, a request for evidence or open an investigation for fraud or misrepresentation. Otherwise, they will refund the $1,000 filing fee. Premium Processing is an additional expense, but for some clients it’s worth it. Some are up against legal deadlines and need an approval fast. Others want to travel and need the approval notice. For still others, it’s simply worth $1,000 to know the outcome of their case sooner rather than later. Mr. B’s H-1B extension was, indeed, approved 15 days after the filing of his request for Premium Processing. Our office recently filed his PERM Labor Certification – the first step in his employment-based green card process. When he gets to that point, Mr. B can choose to file his I-140 Immigrant Visa Petition with Premium Processing, too.

Community College Needs H-1B & Labor Cert — Our Hard Work Makes it Look Easy

A community college hired us to file an H-1B visa for an Indian citizen with a master’s degree. The H-1B was approved and we were able to extend the H-1B. During this time, the college went to another attorney to file a labor certification on behalf of their employee. Unfortunately, the labor certification was denied. The college returned to our firm and we filed a new labor certification. We responded to an audit from the Department of Labor and the labor certificate was approved. We then filed an I-140 petition in the EB-2 category using premium processing and the petition was approved in ten days. While the individual waits for her priority date to become current, we ensure she has H-1B status to continue her college administrative work.

H-1B Approval for Korean Marketing Director

Mr. Y, of Korea, was petitioned by his company to receive an H-1B visa as their Marketing Director. Although the original petition was carefully prepared, USCIS issued a tedious “Request for Evidence” (RFE) questioning whether the job on offer qualified as a “specialty occupation.” USCIS is in its rights to request more information about a petition; when they do it’s best to comply.

One of our Attorneys in California, handled the RFE. She prepared further evidence that highlighted the nature, scope and activity of the prospective employer’s business. She also submitted further evidence that the job of Marketing Director is a specialty occupation normally requiring a bachelor’s degree.

USCIS agreed with our Attorney, and found that the position of Marketing Director was, indeed, a specialty occupation requiring a four-year degree. Mr. Y’s H-1B petition was approved last week!

University Professor Graduates to Permanent Residency

We represented a family of 4 Indian citizens in their process of obtaining US Citizenship. Initially, the principal applicant, Mr. R.E., entered the U.S on an F-1 student visa in or about 2001. He completed his Master’s degree and was offered a job position as an assistant professor for a prominent University that filed an H-1B on his behalf and H-2 visas for his wife and children. He later was offered a permanent job position by a different University which also filed a Labor Certification and an I-140 petition in 2005 under the EB2 category. The I-140 was approved in 2006. Our office pursued their I-485, Application for Adjustment of Status in 2007 and they were all granted permanent residency in 2009. Our clients successfully became US Citizens in 2014.

Successful H-1B Renewal for Biotech Engineering Coordinator

Every day, employees in H-1B status perform valuable services that improve the lives and health of people here in the U.S. and across the globe. Our firm recently processed the successful renewal of an H-1B for Ms. K R, a native of India. Ms. K R is an Engineering Coordinator for a biotech firm that develops and manufactures advanced medical equipment electronics. Specifically, Ms. K R is a project leader on a state-funded effort to commercialize a state-of-the-art kidney imaging MRI system. We have no doubt that Ms. K R’s work will be a valuable asset to her company and to the people in need of the technology she is handling. We’re very please to have been of service in obtaining and H-1B for this talented individual!

High Tech H-1B Approval for Engineer from India

Client from India was offered a job to work in Plano, TX as an LTE RF Engineer. He has a bachelor’s degree in an engineering field and the employer is a network/telcom business that does highly specialized jobs for clients who hire them. We filed the H-1B on April 1, 2014 and received an H-1B number. There was only 1 employee at the company and USCIS asked for more information to ensure there was enough specialty work. We responded to the RFE and then received approval on August 18, 2014. The alien is now (after 10/1/14) permitted to go to the US Consulate in India to get the H-1B visa.

Recent Graduate from India Approved for H-1B

It’s October – Happy New Fiscal Year, USCIS! Each year October means cooler weather, pumpkins, and the start of the holiday season with Halloween. It also means the start of 85,000 new H-1B visas.

That’s right, the USCIS fiscal year starts on October 1st, not January 1st like the calendar year. This means that the 65,000 H-1B visas allotted each year for individuals with at least bachelor’s degrees and the 20,000 for advanced degrees tend to have start dates on October 1st. Why? Because in many recent years there has been more demand for H-1B visas than there are visas available. This results in the H-1B “cap” being reached long before October. Winners of the resulting “lottery” aren’t eligible to start working in H-1B status until October 1st. Confusing? Let’s have a look at a typical case:

Mr. P, a client from India, earned his master’s degree from a U.S. university. Upon graduation he started working as a Jr. .Net Developer for a well-known company using the OPT (optional practical training) card he was granted as part of his study program. His employer wanted to keep him long-term, and decided to sponsor him for an H-1B.

We started preparing Mr. P’s H-1B petition in March of 2013. This is because the USCIS starts accepting petitions for new H-1B’s on April 1st of each year. This leaves plenty of time for the USCIS to process and approve the petitions for an October 1st start date. If you would like an H-1B visa, it is crucial to be aware of this! In many recent years (including USCIS fiscal years 2014 and 2015) USCIS has received so many requests for visas in just the first couple of days of April that the application window has been closed and a random lottery held to determine which applications would be selected and which rejected. So, best practice is to assume the H-1B cap will be reached and arrange to have all new H-1B petitions completed and ready for filing on April 1st of each year.

Mr. P’s petition was filed on April 1st of 2013. Keep in mind that this petition was for an H-1B visa that would take effect in USCIS fiscal year 2014, or October 1st of 2013. Then news was received that the H-1B cap had been reached and a random lottery would take place. We kept our fingers crossed, and Mr. P was selected for H-1B processing. His petition was approved, and on October 1, 2013 he began working for his employer in H-1B status.

Since his has made it “in,” Mr. P will continue to be eligible to renew his status for up to six years (no need to go through the lottery again). If he gets far enough in the green card process, he may be eligible to renew for longer than six years. But that’s another story.

Texas Company’s Employee Needs F-1 to H-1B Transition

Premium Processing Results in 18-Day Turnaround Our office was retained by a consulting company in Texas to do an H-1B for one of their alien workers who was on OPT and needed to continue working. The alien, from Costa Rica, was here and finished his education in the US and then got a work permit for one year under F-1 optional practical training. Since his work permit was going to expire in the middle of 2013, we needed to get an H-1B filed for him right on April 1, 2013 in order to attempt to get an H-1B cap number and to get him cap gap so his work will not be interrupted before his future H-1B would kick in as of October 1, 2015. The H-1B was filed for his work as a PLM Engineer and he did get an H-1B number and was subsequently approved on April 18, 2013 as we utilized the premium processing service USCIS offers for an additional $1225. The alien and employer were happy for this H-1B approval.

H-1B extended for newly married Indian couple

Employment-based immigration cases can sometimes be a long road. We see many of our clients through from the very beginning to the happy end, from their first nonimmigrant visas, to the PERM Labor Certification and I-140 process, through the long backlogs (sometimes years in length!) to the final Adjustment of Status and green card approval. To many, the filing of the Adjustment of Status is a huge relief. Clients and their spouses receive EAD cards (employment authorization documents), Advance Parole travel documents, and a certain measure of protection under the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act (“AC-21”). But we often advise our clients to maintain their underlying H-1B visa status, even though it may seem that the end is in sight.

Take the case of Mr. D, a young man from India. Mr. D had been in the U.S. in H-1B status when he and his employer began his green card process through PERM Labor Certification in March of 2009. Even though Mr. D had the equivalent of a U.S. Master’s degree, he was not eligible to file his Adjustment of Status until February of 2012 due to visa bulletin backlogs in his category. In the meanwhile, we continued to extend Mr. D’s H-1B, even beyond the filing of his adjustment of status. Why? There are a few reasons to do this. Our office can review your case and determine the best course for you. In Mr. D’s case, there was one very salient reason: he wanted to marry!

In 2013 Mr. D made a trip to India and returned home a proud married man. He returned using his H-1B visa, and his wife entered as H-4. If Mr. D had let his H-1B lapse, relying only on his EAD card and Advance Parole, he would have had a much more difficult time bringing his new wife home with him.

Since Mrs. D entered as H-4, our office was able to quickly file her Adjustment of Status application and connect it to Mr. D’s pending application. Both were approved for their green cards in September of 2014. After six years of working with Mr. D we have gotten to know him well. We congratulate both him and his new wife on the approval of their lawful permanent residence in the U.S.!

H-1B approved for Assistant Controller of Chinese Nationality

A company hired our firm to file an H-1B cap case on April 1 for a start date of October 1 for the alien worker. We filed on March 31, 2014 and received approval on May 12, 2014. The worker and company were very pleased with our work on this H-1B cap case.

Lebanese Man Obtains H-1B Work Permit to Support His Family

Client’s wife is working in the United States as an H-1B, and together they have a four month old child who was born in the United States, and so is a United States Citizen (USC). While applying for our client’s H-1B work permit, we ran into a few issues with USCIS and the Department of State (DOS). DOS claimed they were waiting for USCIS to submit the I-612 and I-613 forms. However, USCIS said they were waiting on DOS. About a month later, the DOS website showed that the case was recommended, but still had not received the I-612 form from USCIS. After 3 months of pushing the USCIS, the form was finally submitted. The only thing left was for the work permit application to be approved. While waiting for his application, the Lebanese man had to wait overseas. As a precaution, Margaret Wong recommended his wife file an EB-11 waiver so he could re-enter the US on advance parole in case something goes wrong. Finally, on June 10, 2014, the Lebanese man obtained his H-1B work permit, and was able to re-enter the United States.

Successful H-1B approval for nonimmigrant worker

An employer was seeking to hire an individual for a position in their company. However, this individual was not a U.S. citizen nor was he a lawful permanent resident. The company did not know how to lawfully employ this person in their company and so they came to Margaret W. Wong & Associates for a consultation. After explaining the H-1B process to the company, the law firm was retained. The H-1B petition was filed in April and was approved only two months later in June. The employer was happy and so was the employee. The law firm of Margaret W. Wong & Associates was glad to assist another employer in successfully completing the H-1B process.

Specialty occupation H-1B approval for Indian

Our office was retained again by a company in Texas looking to hire a worker from India. The alien had a computer engineering/programming background and his job offer was for a similar position. The alien was already employed on H-1B so we needed to prepare an H-1B transfer. On December 10, 2013 we filed the transfer via premium processing. On December 20, 2013 we received an approval of the H-1B without being RFE’d. The alien started work at the Texas company and was happy with our services.

H-1B extension premium processing

Margaret Wong & Assoc was retained to work on an H-1B extension for a Japanese employee located at a mid Ohio company. Our office prepared the LCA, got it certified, completed the I-129 forms and support letter and filed the H-1B for this specialty occupation on September 12, 2013. The case was then upgraded to premium processing and then RFE’d for more information for which we responded to promptly. On December 13, 2013 we received approval.

Vietnamese alien working at a university

We were retained by a college to work on an H-1B for their foreign employee. The alien, a citizen of Vietnam, was transferring his employment to the college. On April 12, 2013 we filed the H-1B extension premium processing. The approval came quickly as expected on April 29, 2013.

An Indian National Receives H-1B, Achieves Dream

An Indian national was in the United States on an H-1B nonimmigrant work visa. He received a request for evidence from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services which questioned certain parts of his application for more evidence. He didn’t know what to do so he set up a consultation with Margaret W. Wong & Associates. He retained the firm after the consultation. Soon after the lawyers and staff at the firm worked hard and quickly to file the response. A very short time after the request for evidence was submitted, USCIS approved his H-1B work visa and now he is lawfully working in the United States. The firm was happy to assist another client in achieving one of their dreams.

H-1B Approved for Chicago Employer on Premium Route

Our office was retained by an employer in Chicago to work on an H-1B extension for their foreign employee who is employed as a law clerk. We had already helped the employer get the alien the initial H-1B and also the I-140 approved earlier. We filed the H-1B on April 16, 2013 and utilized premium processing to get a fast approval on April 29, 2013.

H-1B Attained for Electrical Engineer; Saved from Over Stay

Our client, an electrical engineer from India, arrived in the United States six years ago on an H-1B visa. As he was nearing the end of the six year stay permitted by an H-1B visa, we needed to file for an extension quickly. Meanwhile, the client and his employer began the process of applying for a Green Card. Since the client had traveled to India for several months over the past six years we were able to gain more time on his visa. In November 2013 he was approved for an H-1B extension and we are moving forward with the Green Card process.

H-1B Retained in Time for Quantitative Research Analyst

We were retained by an investment management firm seeking to hire a Quantitative Research Analyst from China. We filed the LCA and H-1B cap subject visa in April 2013 prior to the visa cap deadline. USCIS sent a request for evidence which was responded to. The H-1B visa was approved for October 2013 start date and the employee processed his H-1B visa at the US consulate in Shanghai, China.

Client Attains H-1B Among Certification Rush

We were retained to work on an H-1B cap case for a beneficiary working in PLM technologies as a petitioner in Texas. Because of the urgency of the H-1B’s this year we filed on March 29 so USCIS can receive it on Monday April 1. The alien is from China. We filed premium processing and received approval on April 18. The company and employee were very delighted to know that the H-1B was received and approved and that the alien can work beyond October 1, 2013. The H-1B is valid for 3 years.

H-1B's Attained for Employees of PLM Company

We were retained by a company that focuses on PLM technology and consultancy. The company and their employees are highly skilled computer software engineers and programmers. The company wanted to hire two PLM employees for the business. Both employees were from India. The first individual was here on F-1 OPT and we managed to file for his H-1B before the cap hit. We filed on January 13, 2012 and received approval on January 26, 2012 since we utilized premium processing service. The other H-1B was for an Indian national and we filed on August 20, 2011. This H-1B was approved on September 23, 2011. The company was very pleased with our quick work and USCIS’s premium processing service which comes in importance when time is of the essence.

I-129 Transfer Filed and Approved for New H-1B

An Indian National was transferring from one company to another. The problem was his H-1B status only covered the company he was currently working at. He had to be petitioned by the new company he was transferring to in order for his H-1B status to remain valid. The Indian National contacted Margaret W. Wong & Associates for help. The I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker, was filed for the new company. Sometimes a request for evidence is issued by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services no matter how much preparation is given to the initial application. The attorneys and staff members at the firm responded with a comprehensive response that was approved by USCIS in two days. The Indian National was ecstatic that his H-1B was approved and he could now work for his new company. The company was happy as well to gain a great employee.

Two Week Approval for H-1B Client

An American company contacted our firm to file an H-1B petition for a non-immigrant worker in August 2011. We filed the petition in the middle of the same month and our client received the approval notice on November 21, 2011. Our company client sent us a grateful letter and already hired us for new immigration cases.

From H-1B to H-1B Extension to Green Card for Family from India

Our firm was retained in March 2007 by a Fortune 500 company in the United States. We filed an H-1B which was approved within the next month. The H1-B was valid until September 2010. A few months prior to the expiration date, we were re-hired to file an H-1B extension. The beneficiary of the H-1B visa was an Indian National and he applied for his green card in July 2011. Mr. S and his family received their Green Cards on November 2011.

Client Wih H-1B Working on Green Card for Family

We originally retained a client from India in August 2010 for an H-1B visa sponsored by his employer. After filing the H-1B and I-129 applications our client was approved in November 2010 on an H-1B visa that was valid until September 2013. In May 2011 the client expressed interest in a Labor Certification/Green Card and in 2012 he and his wife had a child. In August 2013 we filed for an H-1B extension and the client was approved in November.

Engineering Firm Employee Granted H-1B, H-1B Extension and Green Card

An engineering service company retained our firm to file for an H-1B extension after we obtained the H-1B approved in 2008. Our office filed the extension in May 2011 and we received the approval notice within a month from the submission date. On August 2011, we filed for Mr. K and his family the application for permanent residence. USCIS approved their Green Cards at the beginning of January 2012.

Family from Syria Approved for Green Card

An important company in the United States hired our office for an I-129, petition for a non-immigrant worker. We filed the H-1B petition for a Syrian National and this one got approved within one month. At the time we filed for the I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, we submitted the I-485, application to register permanent residency. Our client and his family received their Green Card in less than nine months from the time of the I-485 submission.

H-1B Recipient from China Now Filing for his Green Card

On September of 2011, we filed an I-129, petition for a nonimmigrant worker. Our client is a Chinese National who was sponsored by an American Company. His H-1B was approved on the second week of January 2012 and now our client is ready to file for his Green Card application.

Building and Design Firm Wins H-1B/H-4 for Employee and Spouse

We were originally retained in August 2008 by a Building and Design company that wished to petition for one of its employees. We filed the H-1B petition in early September, which was approved in mid October. The H-1B visa was valid until August 2011. A few months prior to the expiration date, we were again retained to file an H-1B extension. The H-1B extension as well as an H-4 extension for the client’s wife were filed in August 2011. They were approved in December 2011. We will now begin the Green Card process with the client and his employer.

Marketing Communications Specialist Gets H1B Approval in Under Two Weeks

Our firm was retained in late March 2011 by a roofing and flooring manufacturer that wished to petition for a prospective employee. The United Kingdom native received his MBA in the U.S. the previous year and was offered a position as a Marketing Communication Specialist. We filed the I-129 Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker under the H-1B classification in May. A RFE was received in August, which was filed in the beginning of October. When we still had not received word from USCIS by mid-November, an I-907 Request for Premium Processing was filed in order to speed up the processing time of the application. The approval notice was received less than two weeks later. Attorney Francis Fungsang and paralegal Brian Marek handled the case.

Manufacturing Company Receives H1B for Employee

Our office was retained in September 2011 by a manufacturing company based in Cleveland, OH. They wished to file an I-129 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker on behalf of one of their employee, a native of India. The H-1B petition was filed on September 19, 2011 and approved on December 27, 2011. Attorney Francis Fungsang handled the case.

Operations Analyst Receives H-1B and I-907

A newly hired employee from Taiwan wished to change his F-1 visa to H-1B visa. A company offered a position him as an Operation Analyst. We filed I-129 for H1-B visa and I-907 for Premium Processing Request on 11/18/2011, and 3 year approval was received on 12/05/2011, without RFE.

Electronic Company Employee Receives H-1B in Three Months

We were retained in July 2011 by a Chinese national with a job offer from an electronic test and measurement instrument manufacturing company based in Cleveland, OH. The I-129 H-1B petition was filed August 25, 2011, which was approved 3 months later, without a RFE. Attorney Francis Fungsang handled the case.

PERM and H1B Approved for Doctor in Two Weeks

We were retained by a doctor from Lebanon who wished to extend the non-immigrant visas for herself and her husband as well as eventually receive their green cards. In October 2011, we filed PERM, I-129 H-1B and H-4 extension, which were approved 2 weeks after they were filed. Now, we will continue working with these clients on their I-140 immigrant worker and green card applications. Attorney Francis Fungsang is handling the case. In July 2011, our firm was retained by a South Korean college professor to transfer his H-1B non-visa as well as file H-4 visa application for our client's family members. The applications were filed in August 2011 and were approved two months later, without a RFE. Our client is happy that he can continue teaching mathematics for 3 more years.

Canadian Doctor Gets H-1B Petition Approval in Two Weeks

In August 2011, our firm was retained by a doctor from Canada in order to assist transfer his H-1B work visa. Our client, an urologist specialist, had an offer to work for an oncology firm in underserved parts of Florida. The petition, filed by his employer, was filed in early October 2011. Two weeks later, the petition was approved, without a RFE. Our client was given a 3 year work visa with an official start date of November 1, 2011.

Permanent Residency Attained for Client

Our Indian client came to us on a H1-B visa that was set to expire. We worked with his employer in order to extend his current status. Then, we utilized the fact that his wife had already obtained permanent residency, in order to apply for his green card. After compiling all of the documents required and completing all the necessary paperwork, we were successfully able to petition for his permanent residency and allow him to live in the U.S. without fear that one day his ‘American Dream' would come to an end because of his visa status.

MBA Grad Gets H-1B After Persistent Work

In 2008, our client came to the US from India to study for an MBA at Cleveland State University. Following graduation she was offered the opportunity of a career with a local real estate consultancy firm. On mid May, 2011, after working diligently with our client and her prospective employer, our firm processed her application for her H1-B status. On July 21, we were delighted to inform our client of her approved status.

Industrial Recruit Obtains H-1B Status

Our client was a Canadian national who was recruited by an industrial technology firm based in the United States. After several years of successfully filing renewed work permits, he decided to adjust his status and pursue permanent residence in the United States. USCIS rejected his application on the grounds that our client failed to attend his interview. The only reason this occurred, however, was because both our client and our firm never received prior notification of the interview time and place. Our firm vigorously pursued an appeal of our client's rejection on the ground that the Board of Immigration Appeals has found that a number of factors may determine whether the presumption of delivery has been overcome. While awaiting the outcome of this decision, the firm successfully secured for our client renewed H1-B status, allowing him to continue in his current position until a more permanent outcome can be secured.

Income Auditor Gets Permanent H-1B

One of our Bulgarian clients came to the U.S. on a J-1 visa through a program whose goal was to bring qualified foreign trainees for short periods of time in order to promote cultural exchange. Our client had received a dual degree in Economics and Business Administration, and was offered an internship at a company, which subsequently turned into a full-time position as an Income Auditor. However, his visa inevitably expired, and as such, he sought permanent residency. We were able to secure authorization for his employment. Thereafter, we utilized our resources and connections in order to successfully petition for our client's H1-B visa, which would allow our client to continue to stay in the country, so long as he continued to work for the company in his specialty occupation. After receiving confirmation of his H1-B visa going through, we applied for his green card. After pressuring the USCIS to address the application, we obtained notice that his green card had been approved. Finally, we informed our client that he would receive his card in the mail and we are now able to count him as yet another success story.

Non-Immigrant H-1B Obtained for Employee from India

We were retained by an alien in nonimmigrant status from the country of India to process his H-1B extension for a 3 year period. We worked diligently with him and his employer to get the documentation filed. The alien's H-1B was filed on August 23, 2010 and approved on January 13, 2011. He was happy to get the great news that his visa status has been extended and that he can continue to work hard in the US.

H1B Approved in a Week for Doctor

Beneficiary is a J-1 doctor seeking transfer of his H1B after the 3 –yr HPSA service. The H1B Data Collection Form requires to state if the beneficiary “is” a J1 who received the sec. 212e waiver. We correctly answered yes. But the Service issued an RFE that the beneficiary was seeking a transfer of HPSA location. In response, we stated that the beneficiary “is” a J1 doctor who received the section 212e waiver, and provided evidence from the sponsor that he completed the requirement and is seeking a transfer upon fulfillment of HPSA. The h1B was approved in a week.

Business Operations Analyst Receives H-1B

A national of India was recruited by a law firm to work as a Business Operations Analyst. The alien was on OPT when the H-1B was filed in April of 2010. We are pleased to write that on July 20, 2010 that the individuals H-1B was approved for an official start date of October 1, 2010. The H-1B was not rfe'd.

Scientist Gets H-1B Status

A tech company in Ohio needed our help for a change of status to H-1B for one of their scientists. The H-1B was filed under fiscal year 2011 on March 31, 2010 so it could be received on April 1, 2010. We received approval without RFE on June 14, 2010. The alien is of Russian nationality and has a graduate degree in the sciences.

Case for H1B Accepted for Client Switching Employers

We were retained by an Indian national who was very close to the end of his fellowship training and the end of his valid non cap H-1B visa. We worked with new employer closely and rapidly so to secure an earliest approval of the new cap H-1B so the client may stay in the U.S and start working for the new employer while waiting for his new status to be activated on October 1, 2009. The case was filed in late May 2009 and was approved in early June 2009.

Intensified Investigation Leads to Case Approval

Noting that the recent increase of H1B denials, we carefully identify with documentary evidence the job location, duties and requirements to demonstrate that the sponsored position is a complex and requirement of a minimum of bachelor's degree in a specialty occupation as prescribed by USCIS, the case has been approved without RFE.

Forensics Employee Gets Approval for Another H-1B

We were retained by an organization to process an H-1B extension for their employee from India who works in Forensics. The alien had a prior I-140 approved and was already past his 6th year of H-1B time. We filed for a 3 year extension on February 25, 2010 to USCIS and the H-1B was granted on April 15, 2010.

H-1B for College Coach Location Switch, Now Working on Green Card

A Canadian citizen hired us to transfer her H-1B from one University to another University. She was employed as an Assistant Golf Coach and was transferring to a school in the South for a job as a Head Coach. This was an opportunity that she couldn't pass up. We filed for an H-1B change of employer on July 6, 2009 and we received approval on November 30, 2009. Because it was a change of employer and the alien already had an H-1B, she was able to start work upon filing the H-1B. The alien was happy and enjoys her new job. She looks forward to our office helping her with the her green card application through her new employment.)

University Professor Receives H-1B for Location Switch

We were retained by a small liberal arts college in the northeast Ohio region to work on an H-1B for an alien to be employed as a professor. The alien was transferring from another institute of higher education and we filed the H-1B transfer to USCIS on July 17, 2009 and received approval on November 10, 2009. Under the regulations of AC21 the alien was permitted to start work upon USCIS receipting the H-1B application since it was an H-1B transfer.

Financial Analyst Receives H-1B

We were retained by a corporation that franchises restaurants in the Columbus, Ohio area to work on an H-1B for one of their employees who was on F-1 OPT status. The alien is a citizen of Hong Kong with an advanced degree in the physical sciences. His work in statistics was useful for the corporation and we filed an H-1B for him on March 31, 2009 for his work as a financial analyst. The H-1B was approved and we also are working on his labor certification so he can stay here permanently and live the American Dream.

H1B Case Expedited with Congressional Assistance

H-1B MTR was filed for an alien from Hong Kong on May 29, 2009. The alien is a PhD holder who has specialized job offer for a company in Columbus, Ohio. The Motion to reopen was pending for several months then we asked for congressional assistance and on October 27, 2009 the H-1B was reopened and a decision will be made within 2 weeks.

USCIS Error Corrected Through Investigation

USCIS erroneously denied the H-1B filed under AC21. We did diligent investigation to uncover evidence proving Service error by contacting the Administrative Appeal Office in Washington DC and the Service, who had mistakenly attributed the filing fee of the petitioning party with the filing fee of an unrelated party. Our attorneys investigated the bizarre set of circumstances, found the mistaken petitioning party's attorney of record, and was able to obtain evidence that the other filing fee check was unrelated to our filing fee check. Attorney Pinjuh filed an appeal with irrefutable documentary evidence to demonstrate Service mix-up. Our clearly written brief convinced the Service to reopen and approve the H-1B, and not forward it to the AAO in Washington DC which could be a long drawn process. The alien was able to resume authorized employment and maintained status.

Compliance Specialist Receives H1B, LC Next

A Korean family retained us to work on their H-1B and H-4 visas. The husband was the H-1B applicant and we filed on March 31, 2009. We received approval of the H-1B and the H-4's on May 8, 2009. The applicant is a compliance specialist and looks forward to his October 1, 2009 H-1B start date. The family was very happy to have received the good news of this approval. We are also in the process of working on the labor certification for the applicant.

H-1B approved in Less than a Month for Attorney

We were retained by an alien from S. Korea to work on his H-1B. He was an attorney and had a prior H-1B. We filed to transfer his H-1B to his new employer on June 23, 2009 and received approval on July 17, 2009. The alien is now eligible to work and is happy to be able to work in the US.

HPSA Doctor Gets I-129 Processed, Getting Green Card Next

Client was a HPSA doctor seeking adjustment. Not advised by former attorney the necessity of 3-yr H-1B coverage to discharge J waiver. He accepted our advice to premium processing the I-129 to ensure waiver compliance before porting his H to a different employer. He is now on his way to green card.

Long Time Client Gets Another H1B Extension

This particular Indian national has been client of our firm for the last 4 years. We have successfully handled all his H-1B extensions under various situations and have also got his I-140 approved through national interest waiver self petition. While his I-485 is still pending due to the quota backlog, we filed another H-1B extension petition in May 2009 to California Center and got it approved in early August, 2009.

Network Systems Analyst Gets Case Approved for H1B

An Indian national wished to extend his stay in H-1B status. He was a network systems analyst, and had the equivalent of a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. We filed the H-1B petition in June, more than three months before expiration of the alien's current H-1B. His petition was still pending as we neared the expiration date of his current H-1B, and he began to get worried. His driver's license would also expire on the same date. However, we reassured him that federal regulations allow him to have valid work authorization for an additional 240 days beyond expiration, or until a decision is made on his pending petition, if a petition for extension of stay was timely filed. Furthermore, he could bring the Form I-797C receipt notice for his pending H-1B petition to a State Bureau of Motor Vehicles facility to renew his driver's license for an additional 240 days. We made several inquiries with the USCIS Service Center processing his petition to find out what was causing the delay. The Service responded that the case was undergoing background checks, which had to be completed before a decision could be made. In December, we found out that the petition was being reviewed, and the case was approved one month later.

H1B Approved in A Week for Web Designer

Our client from Indonesia has a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. An advertising company wanted to Petition her for an H-1B, premium processing, as a Web Designer. We filed the H-1B. We got a 5-page Request for Evidence asking us to prove that a Web Designer was a specialty occupation which warrants H-1B, among others. After working with the petitioner, and obtaining documents such as floor plans, company photos, job postings, similar job postings by competitors requiring a Bachelor's Degree for Web Designers, and preparing a detailed employment letter, among others, we filed our Response to the Request for Evidence. A week later the H-1B was approved.

College Graduate and Wife Obtain H1B/H4 and I-485

Our Chinese client and his wife first time came to US back in 1998. He was attending University of Michigan. After Graduation they decided to hire us for obtaining work visas (H-1B/H4). Our office filed H-1B/H4 petitions right away and they were approved in few months. In 2005 we started Green card process for our clients. We filed PERM which got approved not even in a month. Few weeks later we prepared I-140 Petition and filed with CIS. Our office received I-140 Approval Notice the same month but unfortunately the visa wasn't available at that time to file green card applications. We were able to file I-485 only after a year when the quota was opened. At the end of 2006 we have filed for H-1B/H4 extensions and I-485 applications. Beginning of 2009 we got approval notices for them.

Mechanical Engineer/Researcher Ges H-1B in CompanY Switch

A mechanical engineer from India had been employed by a U.S. medical device manufacturing company in H-1B status for several years. He had a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. An upstart company involved in the design and development of cutting-edge medical devices offered him a position, and he accepted. In the new position he would have the opportunity to research, design, and analyze revolutionary medical devices. The engineer wanted to begin work for the new company as soon as possible, so we filed an H-1B petition by regular processing to transfer him. He was permitted to work for the new employer once the new petition was received by USCIS. The H-1B petition was approved in 15 days.

Software Engineer Gets H-1B

A national of China, working as a software engineer for an electronics manufacturer, contacts us since his H-1B status would expire in two months. He is currently in his fourth year of H-1B status in the United States. His labor certification application was approved two years ago, and he is the beneficiary of an I-140 petition for EB-2 classification that was approved last year. At this time, EB-2 immigrant visa numbers are not yet available for an alien from China with his priority date. Aliens are usually allowed to have a maximum of six years of H-1B status in the U.S., after which they must leave the U.S. for a one-year period. However, under the American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act ("AC21"), an alien may qualify for an extension past the H-1B six-year limit, for an extension of up to three years. To qualify for the three-year extension, the alien must be the beneficiary of an approved I-140 petition and is not eligible to adjust status to that of a permanent resident because of per country visa limitations. Since the Chinese national is the beneficiary of an approved I-140 petition, and an EB-2 immigrant visa is not currently available to him according to the monthly Visa Bulletin issued by the U.S. Dept. of State, he is eligible for a three-year extension of stay. Our firm filed for the extension before expiration of the alien's current H-1B status, and two months later received approval for the three-year extension of stay. The alien was permitted to continue working for the H-1B petitioner while the extension of stay was pending with USCIS.

Firm Gets H-1B Pushed Through for Family that Sought Help

Our client hired us again to file for his H-1B extension after we got his perm certified and I-140 approved. Although client has been in H-1 for 6 years, we were able to get another three year H-1B visa for the client and H-4 for the wife. This is a special client who used to work in CA and used to have another attorney representing all his immigration cases. But after two years with the previous attorney, client's green card application did not get anywhere so client contacted us to see if we could help. We not only helped client sort out his cases with the previous attorney but also provided effective consultation for his job transfer to a new employment and new H-1B filing with the new employer within a very limited time, and most importantly we got his Perm case started immediately so he would be protected when his H-1B reached to the end of 6 year. We worked directly with the employer on all major issues to save the client the trouble to go through layers of authorizations and to explain things that is normally hard to communicate. Client and family are very happy with our service and his H-1b extension has been approved for another three years.

Physician H-1B Approved in Three Weeks

We filed for an H-1B for a physician who was granted a J-1 waiver. His H-1B was filed on October 1, 2008 via premium processing as the alien needed to start work 90 days from DOS J-1 waiver approval. The H-1B was approved on October 20, 2008.

Client Gets I-129 Extension After USCIS Error

An Indian client and his company contacted us to help the alien file an extension for his I-129 (H-1B). After getting all of the forms and support documentation put together, we realized that the client's company had recently been sold and re-named. We figured out the best way to file the extension based on this information, and sent the application to USCIS on 6/25/08. We received an approval within two weeks, but due to a USCIS error, the H-1B was approved for the wrong amount of time. We called and filed an amendment and the correct approval was received on 7/28/08.

Premium Processing Helped Hong Kong Couple Obtain H-1B/H-4 Visas

We helped a couple from Hong Kong extend their H-1B/H-4 visas. We filed on October 13, 2008 to USCIS. We filed via premium processing and we received approval on October 23, 2008.

H-1B Approved for Israeli Client

An H-1B for an alien from Israel was filed on May 28, 2008. It was approved on June 9, 2008. The alien was happy with our work.

H-1B Accepted After Extensive RFE in Nine Days

An MBA candidate contacted our firm to apply for an H-1B status. The issue in this case is that H-1B numbers were no longer available and this individual's OPT had expired prior to requested start date of an H-1B Petition. We filed an H-1B within a day. An extensive Request for Additional Evidence was issued requesting that we prove that the work to be performed by the beneficiary qualifies as a specialty occupation and requires a bachelor's degree and that the beneficiary provides the evidence to establish that the beneficiary was in valid status at the time of filing the present petition. After a thorough research, our office replied to this RFE and an approval was issued in nine days. Congratulations to our Employment based Department for successful job.

Electrical Engineer Gets H-1B for Employer Transfer

A company based in Cleveland hired us to apply for an H1B (Non-Immigrant Work Visa) for an Indian Electrical Engineer with a Master degree. The client had been working under an H1B visa for another employer in Florida, but now wanted to relocate to Cleveland and so they needed a change of employer approval petition for him. They retained us in August 2008 and we filed the H1B in the same month. His H1B visa was approved two months later, with no request for evidence.

Assistant Professor Gets H-1B Approved in One Week

A PhD candidate contacted our firm to apply for H-1B status. A public university wished to employ him as an Assistant Professor, beginning in August of 2008. The PhD candidate was a national of Luxembourg who had entered the U.S. to study on an F-1 visa. After he graduated and received his PhD diploma in May of 2008, we filed his H-1B petition. He had never been previously granted H-1B status, but the petition was exempt from the annual H-1B cap because his petitioner was an institution of higher education. To maintain legal status while the petition was pending, the graduate applied for Optional Practical Training (OPT), which allowed him to work in F-1 status for up to one year in his field of study. In July of 2008 we contacted the university to recommend premium processing of the H-1B petition to ensure that a decision was received by the August start date. USCIS offers Premium Processing Service for certain employment-based petitions and applications to issue a decision within 15 calendar days for an additional filing fee. The university agreed, and the H-1B petition was approved one week later.

Engineer from Bolivia in Line for H-1B Visa

In April of 2007, a manufacturing company filed an H-1B petition on behalf of an engineer from Bolivia for new employment. However, their petition was returned because it was subject to the annual H-1B cap, and was not selected in the computer-generated random selection process for Fiscal Year 2008. The company wished to try again the following year, so we filed the cap-subject H-1B petition to ensure that USCIS received it by April 1, 2008. We received an H-1B receipt notice several weeks later, indicating that the petition had been selected for Fiscal Year 2009. The H-1B petition was approved in July, valid for employment beginning October 1, 2008. Since the engineer was living in Bolivia at the time, he was required to apply for an H-1B visa stamp in his passport to travel to the U.S. We prepared a visa application packet for him to bring to the U.S. Embassy in Bolivia, and he has scheduled an appointment at the Embassy for later this month.

Biology Teacher from Turkey Cap-Exempt, Wins H-1B

A public charter high school sought to sponsor a teacher from Turkey in Biology for new employment in H-1B status. Though the H-1B annual cap had already been reached for Fiscal Year 2009, we were able to file the H-1B petition because it was in a cap-exempt category. The petition was exempt from the cap because the petitioning charter school was a non-profit entity affiliated with an institution of higher education. We received a Request For Evidence (RFE), asking for evidence establishing that the teacher qualified for the exemption. We answered the RFE on July 23, 2008, and the case was approved two weeks later.

H1B Issued to Science Teacher

Our Turkish client worked five years in Nigeria as a Science teacher before relocating in USA with his wife in 2002. As a Bachelor of Science, he was hired by an education institute under an H-1B valid for three years. His wife remained with him with an H-4 visa as a spouse of H-1B holder. He changed employer and was approved a three year H-1B, which would expire in December 2008. Later, however he wanted to go back to his previous employer, since he now had a Master's degree and a good job offer. After preparing the case, in May 2008 we filed his Labor Condition Application (LCA) and one week after it was approved we filed a new H-1B for him and H4 for the wife. We requested to change employer and to add 248 days to the remaining time, recapturing days he spent outside USA during the last six years of his H-1B classification. Three months later we received the approval of both petitions. We were pleased to see that they had accounted for the recaptured time and therefore the H1B was issued valid through September 2009.

Impressive Masters Student Has Green Card in Sights

Many times we are impressed by our clients' constant efforts to succeed and improve their lives. Many of them are young professional immigrants who are constantly learning and are not afraid to grab any good opportunity that life has to offer. This is the case of one of our clients, a young French professional. She came to USA in 2005 to study a Master program in Indiana. Upon completion, she was hired by a company in New Jersey and she started to work with them under an H1B (Non Immigrant) work visa. Her visa would expire in 2009 and she felt comfortable working for that employer. However, she did not hesitate when she saw the opportunity to work for a large bank in Chicago. She applied, got selected and this bank retained us to file an I-129 to change the employer in her H1B. We filed the I-129 petition on June 13 under premium processing and it was approved in just a week. Given her efforts and merits, we would not be surprised to hear more from her in the coming years, either for an H1B renewal or any other petition that could lead to a green card.

Ambitious Student Gets H-1B Visa

Our client from China was absolutely determined to give back to the community from which he obtained his much appreciated education. He originally entered the United States on an F-1 student visa: a non-immigrant, full-time student visa that allows foreigners to pursue an education in the United States. Our client attended a reputable university where he studied various sciences, earning high grades, making the Dean's List, and securing coveted internships in the field of medicine. After receiving an impressive job offer from a leading medical institution, our client retained our services in filing an H-1B visa: a non-immigrant visa that allows U.S. employers to employ foreign guest workers in specialty occupations. After working closely and diligently with our determined client, our attorneys and various staff secured his H-1B visa and he obtained an impressive position as a cytogenetic technologist. Our client now makes influential and constructive contributions for a Cleveland-area hospital, exercising the same industry, focus, and determination that helped him obtain his H-1B visa.

H-1B Secured Through Hard Work for Influential Teacher

Sharing knowledge with others and expressing her love for science were only two reasons we were contacted by our Turkish client. Our client, an intelligent young woman, had a passion for science that challenged her to begin a new life-one of great opportunity-in the United States. Our client earned a Bachelor of Science from a reputable institution in Turkey. However, the opportunity to share her scientific knowledge awaited her in the United States, a country able to provide her with the resources necessary for her success and the eventual success of her students. Shortly after arriving, our client obtained her Ohio State Teaching license, further qualifying her to instruct American students. In light of an impressive job offer from a reputable, Cleveland-area academic institution, our client retained the services of our attorneys who worked extremely hard towards securing an H1-B: a non-immigrant visa that allows United States employers to employ foreign guest workers in specialty occupations. Upon employment as a Science Teacher, our client assumed the responsibilities of instructing and preparing students, along with integrating and developing unique learning methods. She also lectured in numerous seminars while serving as an Education Advisor. Now, our client makes influential contributions towards the American education system, preparing future scientists for the possibilities of new discovery.

H-1B Secured in One Week for Software Engineer

Our client is an outstanding software developer from Nepal, who also has a Master's Degree in Engineering. He had been working for a company under an H1B visa, but later he was offered an excellent job opportunity with another employer. The new employer retained us to get a new H1B visa for him, and they wanted to have the approval fast, because they needed him to start working very soon. We filed his I-129 (Non Immigrant Work Visa) under Premium Processing on July 28, 2008. We made sure we attached all supporting documents that were needed, and therefore we were really pleased to receive the approval of the H1B visa. It was approved in record time, just one week.

Great Scientist from China Secures H-1B

A brilliant scientist from China came to USA to pursue his Master's and then later his Doctorate in the stream of Medical Image Processing. During his doctorate he had invented models to do with human brain data, image registration for radiotherapy system, reconstruct diffusion tensors from MRI data etc. His contribution on important topics and publications makes him an ideal candidate for U.S and also it would be a great career move if he works here creating a revolution in the field of Medical Image Processing. A Medical device manufacturing company found the talent in him and sponsored his H-1B (petition for an alien to work in the U.S) petition. We were retained by the client and his employer and our case worker Brian Marek filed the application in March 2008. In May 2008 we got a request from the USCIS for some additional documents. Satisfied with the documentation, the H-1B was approved in June 2008. Our client has immense potential and knowledge and we are sure that he would prove to be an asset to any organization.

H-1B Certified After Initial Wait for Company Sponsor

An electrochemical products based company sponsored our Ukrainian client in March 2007 for H-1B. Each year the H-1B category opens in April in which applications are selected randomly. Unfortunately, our client's application was not selected for processing. We never get disheartened and always provide ray of optimism to our clients. Our case worker Brian Marek filed the petition again in March 2008. This time it was selected and approved in June 2008, and he started his work as a Research Associate. Our client has a great career ahead and we are always delighted to help people who want to grow.

German Client in Metal Industry Receives L-1A and L-2 for Wife

A German client employed by a metal manufacturing company, with a subsidiary in USA, hired our services to file the extension of his I-129 (L-1A) and L-2 Petition for his wife. L-1A petition is filed for foreign nationals/executives/managers or supervisors to manage some functions in USA of their parent company or a subsidiary. Our client was working in Germany and was transferred temporarily to manage operations as a Vice President in 2003. Since then, he has been on L-1A Visa. We now filed his extension for I-129 (L-1A) and L-2 (petition for spouse and dependents accompanying on L-1A Visa) in June 2008. Before that, in May 2008, our attorneys had filed I-485, I-765 and I-131 (green card, work authorization and traveling documents) based on applicant's previous L-1A Visa. Also I-140, a petition to sponsor the employee permanently, by the employer was filed in May 2008. All the petitions were filed one after another to facilitate the client's smooth working and travelling. In June 2008 the client and his wife attended the fingerprint process and in July 2008 we received approvals for their L-1A and L-2 extensions along with the work authorization and permission to travel.

Research Analyst Gets H1B

A Canadian research analyst, decided to file his H-1B, employment based application through our law firm. The employer was a non-profit organization who wanted to sponsor our client as a beneficiary. Every year the quota for H-1B applications opens in April. We filed the I-129 (Petition for H-1B) with USCIS, California in March 2008. In June 2008 our client's H-1B was approved, valid for 3 years. Our client is satisfied with our services and we are happy to make his dreams come true.

Computer Engineer Gets I-140 and H-1B Extension

A Computer engineer from India came in 2000 on an H-1B Visa. He worked for 6 years in California and then he was transferred to Ohio for the subsidiary company. The employer is a business solution provider who in June 2006 filed a petition for I-140(employment based residency), which was approved in August 2006. In June 2007 they filed the application for green card but it is still pending. In the mean time when he moved to Ohio his employer contacted us to extend the H-1B visa which was expiring soon. We filed I-129 (Petition for a Nonimmigrant worker) in March 2008 and received the approval in June 2008 bringing the much needed respite to the client.

Doctor Gets H-1B in One Week in Expedited Process

We were challenged by a new Indian client. He, a medical doctor, came to see us on a Friday to retain us to file an H1B extension on Monday. He had a new job offer so he brought all the contact information about the prospective employer with him. His goal was to start working immediately for the new employer. We took the challenge and expedited his case by filing it that Monday with a request for Premium Processing. The case was approved in only one week and both our client and his new employer were very impressed on the way we had handled their case so quickly and efficiently. We were not even asked for an RFE (request for Evidence).

Marketing Professional in Canada Gets Non-Immigrant H-1B

Our client, a Canadian marketing professional, was offered a job with a religious establishment. We filed the new H-1B (Non Immigrant Visa) based on the equivalent of a foreign bachelor degree. The petition was filed during the April rush, when USCIS has a quota of H1B petitions to approve every year and they are randomly selected for processing. Luckily, our client' s petition was processed and his H-1B was approved in June 2008. No additional evidence was required.

Green Card Finally Approved for Filipino Medical Doctor

We handled a case for a Filipino medical doctor. With his qualifications, job offers, and background he had everything to make a great living in USA. However he had a serious concern regarding his immigration case. He came to USA under a J-1 visa as a student exchange visitor in a hospital, where he started working later under an H1B, which would expire in December 2002. Before that, however, the hospital closed. He overstayed, because he was young and not aware of the consequences of overstaying. He was shocked when the removal case against him started, and he felt even worse because he had good job offers to consider, and he could lose all his good opportunities. We took his case and filed an RIR (Reduction in Recruitment) and Labor Certification in May 2003. More importantly, we advised him to ask for voluntary departure, instead of being deported. He followed our advice and went back to Philippines in December 2003, with a prospective employer retaining us to file his H1B visa (Non-Immigrant Visa for Alien Worker). His H1B visa was issued in Manila, Philippines, in May 2004 and he came back to USA and started working for the employer. Shortly after that, in July 2004, his labor Certification was approved. Within a month we filed his I-140 (Immigrant Work Visa), which was approved in December same year. In March 2005 we filed his I-485 application for Green Card. We knew it would take a while to have the green card approved but we took care helping him maintain status. We lost contact with him after a while, but in January 2008 we gave him the good news: his green card had been finally approved, now he could enjoy the career and life he worked so hard for.

L1A Approved for English Subsidiary Distributor After Struggle

In October 2006 we filed a Non Immigrant Worker Visa petition for an English client. The category requested was L-1A, for a worker in an executive or managerial position. His current employer, a company in UK, wanted him to work for the subsidiary distributor in Ohio. In December 2007 we received a Request for Evidence (RFE) from USCIS, since they wanted more evidence showing that our client would work in an executive or managerial position. Together with the employer we prepared all the documents and in February 2007 we responded the RFE attaching detailed and abundant evidence that proved he would work in that kind of position. Surprisingly though, USCIS denied the petition. Their decision stated that the company had failed to establish that our client would work in an executive or managerial position. The decision went further, it speculated that the company didn't really need a manager because it was small and the salary offered was not a usual salary for a manager. They failed to really understand the compensation offered, since that amount was only the portion that the subsidiary American company would pay, and there was a full package of benefits plus salary he would receive directly from the UK company. We were outraged by the decision, and made it our duty to appeal of it, which we did on April 2007. Unfortunately the UK company made our client return to UK and offered him another position. Finally, in March 2008 the AAO (Administrative Appeals Office) granted the appeal and approved the L-1A visa. We gave our client the news, and now they know they can bring him as a manager to USA in case it suits the company's best interests. 

Chinese Electrical Engineer Gets H-1B PasseD and Is Ready for a Green Card

We were retained by an employer to file a non-immigrant petition (I-129) for a Chinese Electrical Engineer. He had come in June 2004 with his little daughter to study a Masters and PhD in USA. He had an F-1 OPT visa and the daughter an F-2 visa (as immediate relative of F-1 holder). After his graduation he received a job offer and decided to stay. It was a good opportunity not only for himself, but also for his daughter, who would be able to finish school in USA. On March 17, 2008 we filed the I-129 (for an H-1B visa) for the father, and an I-539 (visa extension as H4 or relative of H1) for the daughter. The case went on without any complication or delay and we got both petitions approved just in two months, on May 2008. They have been approved to stay for three years, and most probably they will file for a renewal or an employment-based green card in the future.

Green Cards Obtained for Family from Bangladesh

Our client from Bangladesh came to USA in 1996 as a student under an F-1 Visa. His wife came with an F-2 (as a spouse of F-1 visa holder). While he was attending the school he was allowed to work on OPT (Optional Practical Training). After the graduation he started working on H-1B with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation who agreed to sponsor his Green Card Application based on his employment. We filed Labor Certification in March 2005; and after it was approved, in December 2006, we filed his I-140 (Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker). While it was pending we needed to renew his H1B visa and H4 for his wife, so he would not lose status. The problem was it would be the 7th year extension, but usually H-1B/H-4 are for 6 years only. Based on the "American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act" our clients were eligible to apply for H-1B/H4 extensions. This Act allows H-1B visa holders who have pending Labor Certification or I-140 for longer than one year, to obtain annual extensions of their H-1B/H4 status until the final approval of Permanent Residency. Later, in June 2007, once the quota for client and his wife was opened, we immediately filed I-485 Application (Green Card) for them. Just a couple of months after that, in October 2007, we received his I-140 approval, followed by their H-1B/H-4 extension approvals. And finally, on April 22, 2008 their I-485 was approved, and the family received their welcome notices and Green Cards.

Client Saved from Unlawful Presence Charges and Gets Green Card

A man from South Korea was already out of F-1 status (student visa) when we were retained to do his H-1B (Non Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker). He visited us literally 2 days before the H-1B filing deadline of March 30, 2007. We realized he should not incur more than 180 days of unlawful presence and can still obtain his H-1B abroad. Though most firms usually turn down store managers as H-1B beneficiary clients, our firm successfully represented the H-1B petition from a clothing store for this alien. We obtained a tough eight-page Request for Evidence (RFE) but through research and communication with the employer, we successfully responded to the RFE and got the H-1B approved. He then had to go back to South Korea to obtain his visa. We prepared a detailed brief arguing alien's eligibility for the H-1B non-immigrant visa, as he had not incurred more than 180 days of unlawful presence. He obtained his visa at the US Embassy in Korea, and has been working in USA ever since. Later, he went back to South Korea and got married, bringing back his wife on an H-4 (Visa for spouse of H-1B holder). He recently retained our firm once again, this time for an employment based immigrant petition, in order for him and his wife to obtain their green cards.

Intent to on Case Subverted, Resulting in Green Cards for Clients

On March, 2007, our firm filed H-1B and H-4 for our clients from Lebanon. We received a letter of request for evidence from CIS on the H-1B case. While our attorney and client were working on gaining evidence, we got an Intent to Deny notice on October. We filed for the Intent to Deny at the end of October. Our client and his wife got the approval notices on January.

Quick Work Results in Quick Acceptance of I-129

We filed I-129 (Petition for a Non-Immigrant Worker) with premium processing for a client from Hong Kong, China on 12/06/2007. Our firm got a receipt notice and Request for Evidence (RFE) letter 11 days later. We responded to RFE next day. We got the approval notice on 1/14/2008. Also, the Service Center will refund our client the money for premium processing since they didn't process within 15 days.

Lebanese Psychiatrist Gets H-1B Accepted

We were retained by a Lebanese psychiatrist who was in need of a J-1 waiver and subsequently an H-1B non immigrant work visa. We successfully processed and received waiver approval from the Ohio Department of Health for the physician's work for which he will work in an underserved area for a three year period. The case was then sent to DOS and was recommended shortly thereafter. After the H-1B was filed and approved the alien was able to enter the US after getting the visa stamp from the US Consulate in Beirut.

H-1B Approved in 11 Days

Filed premium processing change of employer H-1B visa petition for Indian foreign national. Received H-1B Approval Notice from CIS in 11 days.

H-1B Processed in Two Days!

Chinese national, non subject H-1B petition without premium processing filed on June 11, 2007 to California Center and was approved on July 13, 2007.

Firm Files H-1B for South African Client and It’s Accepted

While client from South Africa was not able to receive an H-1B visa last year because by the time he filed all the H-1B numbers had been allocated, we filed a new H-1B petition for him on March 30th 2007 to get him a number. His H-1B petition had been selected and approved for three years starting October 1, 2007 and he will maintain his F-1 status until he is able to start employment.

Student Changes from F-1 Status to H-1B

Korean student on F-1 successfully changed his current F-1 status to H-1B through the work of our firm. While working on OPT, he retained us in March 2007 to apply for H-1B new employment as accountant for an industrial group. We prepared everything in two weeks and were able to submit his application to reach immigration in the beginning of April to be allocated a number. California service center approved his petition in July enabling him to commence employment with the group in October.

Turkish Student Changes from F1 to H-1B

Another student from Turkey also successfully changed his status to that of H-1B. His potential employer, a charter school in Ohio wishes to employ him in the position of science teacher and was willing to sponsor him. This new employment petition was filed in March 2007 and was approved for 3 years, until 2010.

H-1B Transfer Successful for Engineer

After having been working on H-1B with one company for three years, Indian engineer was offered a position by another major corporation. Therefore, the new employer hired us to do H-1B transfer for the engineer. H-1B and H-4 transfer petitions were submitted with California service center and have been approved for three years, until 2010.

H-1B Transfer Successful for Engineer

Indian information engineer was considering changing employer while he was on H-1B status. Our office was retained to assist him in H-1B transfer to a major financial institution. After receiving the appropriate paperwork from the new prospective employer, we submitted the application immediately. Premium processing request was later filed to ensure that he can start employment expeditiously. Client already received his H-1B approval notice valid for one year. 

H1B and H-4 Extended for Canadian Client

3-year H-1B extension for Canadian citizen and H-4 extension for his wife and child have been approved by California Service Center in one month under regular processing. Client is employed as specialist for a major medical equipment manufacturer. This is one of dozens of H-1B petitions and extensions we handle for this employer each year.

F-1 Changed to H-1B for College Student

An F-1 student studying at a community college in Ohio and his employer retained our firm in March 2007 to change his status to H-1B specialty occupation worker as manager for the retail store. H-1B petition was approved for three years until 2010. We have advised our client to obtain his H-1B visa from US consulate in Seoul due to his college attendance issue and he will be able to start employment from October 1st, 2007.(Back to Top)

Government Agency Asks for H-1B Help for Project Supervisor

We were retained by a government agency in Cuyahoga County to file H-1B new concurrent employment for an Indian national. The alien works as supervisor of the DNA department. Through premium processing, the petition was filed in June and approved in June.

Premium Processing Helps Doctor from Syria Obtain H-1B

Our office was retained to work on an H-1B extension for a physician from Syria. His H-1B was filed May 29, 2007 and we received approval on June 1st using the premium processing service.

Hotel Auditor Receives H-1B

We have received another H-1B approval notice for new employment starting October 1, 2007. Client is an Indian national sponsored for position as auditor for several hotels who have reached an agreement in collectively utilizing his service. As client is in India, consular processing will be initiated to ensure his authorized arrival in the United States.

6 Day H-1B/H-4 with Premium Processing for Chinese PhD

Chinese biological technician with PhD degree wished to change employer and work for a not-for-profit organization. He had previously been on H-1B status. Our law office filed cap exempt H-1B and H-4 petitions for client under premium processing and 3-year approval was received in 6 days.

Market Analyst and Family Get H-1B and H-4 Extensions

H-1B and H-4 extension for Indonesian client and spouse have just been approved. Client works as market analyst for an enterprise in Texas. As they are EB3 category and quota is closed for them, they now have their H-1B and H-4 status extended until 2010.

UK Client Receives H1B and Works Under Master Cap

Congratulations to our UK client; we have just received his H-1B approval notice for new employment under the 2008 master cap. Client currently holds OPT and F-1 status and he will be able to start work as director of global operations for his petitioner in Arizona from October 1st, 2007.

Mechanical Engineer Gets H1B Approval

Another approval for new H-1B for master’s degree has been received in our office; it was submitted on March 30 to reach USCIS on the first possible day. Client is an Indian national who obtained his MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cleveland State University and was employed by a robot manufacturing company in Ohio after graduation. Congratulations to our client who has just begun his journey to US permanent residency.

Canadian Medical Technologist Gets H-1B Extension When Close to Expiration

Canadian medical technologist’s H-1B visa was going to expire in February 2007. Based on §104(c) of the “American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act” signed by former President Clinton, we requested 3-year extension as client has I-140 immigrant petition filed on his behalf and quota is closed for his EB3 category. Extension with validity until February 2010 was granted in two months under regular processing.

Successful Extensions for H-1B’s of Two Clients

Two Bulgarian clients’ three-year H-1B visas, which we obtained for them in 2004, needed to be renewed. Their employer, a 20 million-dollar hotel business in New Jersey wished to continue to hire them as Auditor. Our law firm prepared and submitted two H-1B extension applications through regular processing. The petitions have been approved and clients’ H-1B validity extended until 2010.

Client Gets I-140 and Second H-1B Extension Approved in Less Than Two Months

Chinese client has I-140 approved for EB2 accountant manager and second H-1B will expire in May 2007. Our firm started working on her second H-1B extension in January to ensure timely renewal. This second extension, which is her third H-1B, has been approved in two months under regular processing.

Company Analyst Gets H-1B Extension

Russian client is employed in H-1B status as analyst by a billion-dollar corporation in Ohio. As his H-1B was going to expire in February 2007, we filed I-140 premium processing in January to enable him to request a three-year extension. Three-year extension was granted in two months through regular processing.

H-1B Extension Received in One Day

Our office today received 5 H-1B and H-1B extension approvals. An Ohio health center with a gross annual income of over $10 million has been hiring an Indian physician on H-1B visa. In December 2006 it was time to file the 3-year extension. Under regular processing, extension approval, valid until 2010, was received in March 2007. Three derivative H-4 extension approvals were received along with the principal applicant’s H-1B approval.

H-1B and Other Immigration Matter Taken Care of for COmputer Analyst

Mr. H from China has approved I-140, immigrant petition for alien worker, and is currently waiting for EB-2 quota to open. His initial computer specialist H-1B expired in March 2007, so his employer-his I-140 and first H-1B sponsor-filed second H-B to extend his H-1B status for another three years. Approval was obtained in two months under regular processing. Our law firm worked on all of client’s immigration matters.

Technician Receives H1B Approval in Under a Month

A foreign technician came to our office to file for H-1B in the beginning of March, 2007. As his employer is a non-profit organization thus cap-exempt, he is eligible to file before April 1st. We obtained his credentials evaluation because he holds a degree from his home country India and submitted the application one week after. Employer was willing to pay $1,000 for premium processing. Therefore, our office obtained a three-year H-1B approval for our client within a month after he contacted us.

Client Gets H-1B Transfer Approved

Indian client retained our office to file H-1B new employment because he was going to change employer. We filed it through regular processing and one month later, client decided to do premium processing to get an expeditious approval. And approval notice was received two weeks after the premium processing request was submitted. We are currently working on client’s PERM application.

Two Year H-1B Extension Approved in 10 Days

Another Indian client who works as analyst for a financial institution filed for H-1B extension through our law firm, and we filed it the same day client contacted us. I-907 premium processing request was included and two-year approval was received after 10 days of filing. Our client highly commended our work efficiency.

1 Year Extension Approved for H1B of Client

UK client has I-140 filed but pending, and his 3-year H-1B as manager of an IT company was expiring in January 2007. We therefore filed and requested one-year H-1B extension for him and it was approved in two months through regular processing.

Psychiatrist Receives Two Year Extension

Medical center in Ohio sponsored a Canadian citizen for a position as psychiatrist. Two-year extension approval was received in less than two weeks from Vermont service center. For new employment H-1B filings, our office is all ready to file as soon as April 1st arrives so that our clients will not miss it.

Medical Physician Gets a H1B and H-4 Approved in Three Days!

Indian internal medicine physician’s H-1B extension was prepared and filed by our office through premium processing. H-1B approval was granted in 3 days and his wife’s H-4 extension was therefore also approved in 3 days. Their extension is valid for one year as doctor’s I-140 was only recently filed (also through our office).

University Grad and Analyst Gets Three Year H1B Extension

After Ms. Wang from China obtained her Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, she was offered a position as research analyst by a university in Ohio. In order for her to work for the university, the university retained our law office to file H-1B on her behalf. As the petitioner is a higher education institution, we filed her H-1B in February 2007. We received the 3-year H-1B approval in the beginning of March, along with her dependent’s 3-year H-4 approval.

R-1 Visa Approved in Under a Month for Client Who was Initially Denied US Entrance

Client is a Canadian Citizen but was stopped at the border and refused the entry into the U.S. in early December 2006. Our office carefully studied the case, and based on the nature of his travel and the desire of the U.S. sponsor, we prepared a detailed and convincing package for the client. And in the same month, client received a 3 year R -1 visa at the border.

H4 Approved for Deported Client After Much Work

Client is married to an H-1B status wife and was deported a few months ago pursuant to a voluntary departure, that has been stayed. This was the issue. He has gone through the Asylum, to the BIA, to the 6th Circuit until his case got denied. We were asked to get him back on an H4 despite all the immigration issues that he has encountered. When he went back to Indonesia, we prepared an H-4 packet for him explaining why he is eligible i.e. that he left pursuant to a voluntary departure and he did not overstay. Due to the complicity of the case, the packet was prepared with several documents over the past 5 years, citations of laws, judge’s decisions, airline tickets, and other forms. The US Embassy in Indonesia communicated with our office several times to ask for more evidence and each time we were able to provide documents and appropriate arguments to prove that the client is eligible for an H-4, right down to the BIA and 6th Circuit’s language regarding the stay of the voluntary departure and its application upon the issuance of the mandate. A month before Christmas, with the client’s wife hoping that she’ll see his husband for the holidays, his H-4 got approved.

US Residence Extension Approved for Whole Family in Less Than a Week

On October 12, 2006 our office filed H-1B extension without change for our client from India. At the same time we filed I-539 to extend his wife and two children’s status. Our client is a senior accountant with a major corporation in WA. We filed premium processing request to ensure a fast approval. Like we expected, on October 23, we received approval notices for our client’s H-1B and for his family’s I-539, all of which are approved for 3 years, until November 2009. The whole process took less than one week.

Medical Doctor from New Zealand Gets H-1B Extension Easily

In August 2006 our law firm filed I-129 petition for a medical doctor from New Zealand for concurrent employment. Prior to that time we had filed H-1B petition for our client who was sponsored by a different employer and it was approved for two years, until December 2007. The new H-1B petition for concurrent employment was approved without any difficulty in October and it is valid until the same time as in the prior petition (December 2007).

Research Institution Employee Gets H1B Approval

CL got a job offer from a research institution and asked our office to file a concurrent H-1B as soon as possible since he had to start working immediately. Our office filed H-1B on his behalf on August 18, 2006 and had his case approved on October 3, 2006.

Zimbabwean Client Receives H1B Extension

In August 2006 our law firm filed H-1B for our client from Zimbabwe while we undertook the I-140 process. Client is a network and date analyst working for a transportation authority in Cleveland, Ohio. In order to get a fast approval, we filed premium processing request. The application was received on August 31 and was approved on October 4, in just a little over a month. Our client’s H-1B status is extended until September 2009.

Price Purchase Specialist Receives H-1B in Less Than a Month

In April 2006 we filed H-1B petition for our client who was in South Korea and requested consular processing. After it was approved, on August 21st 2006 our office filed an H-1B Amendment petition for a client from South Korea . He is a purchase price specialist and he works for a sports products corporation in Ohio. One month later it was already approved and the approval is good until 10/2009.

H-1B and H-4 Approved for Family of Researcher

On August 22, 2006 our law firm filed I-539 to extend our client’s H-4 status. Client is from Beijing, China and her husband, a research scientist for whom we have secured I-140 approval, is currently in H-1B status. On October 10 we received an approval for the I-539 application, which extended our client’s H-4 status until February 2007.

I-129 Approved Seamlessly for Automation Engineer

Our client is an automation engineer from Latvia and was petitioned by a tool company for the automotive industry in Ohio. We filed I-129 Petition for Non-immigrant Worker for our client by cable request on May 24, 2006. On September 15 our office already received an approval notice for our client who can now work legally for his petitioner until September 2009.

H-1B Transfer Approved for Electrical Engineer in a Month

Our client came from India and he worked as engineer CAD for an employer in VA. This employer petitioned H-1B for him, which was approved from October, 2004 to September, 2007. However, he later decided to work for a different employer in Ohio as electrical engineer. Therefore, he retained our office to file H-1B for him so that he could work for the new employer. H-1B petition with change of employer was received by California Service Center on August 2, 2006, along with the I-539 application to extend his wife’s H-4 status. On September 14, both applications were already approved and we FedEx’d the approval to our client as soon as we received the approval notices. Our client can now work for his new employer until August, 2009.

Academy Music Instructor Receives H-1B and I-539 Approval for Him and Family

On June 14 2006 our office filed H-1B extension with change for a client from Poland. Client has a MA in music and is an instructor petitioned by an academy in Ohio. At the same time, we filed I-539 to extend his dependents’ status. On August 22 2006 our office received approval notices for all three applications. Congratulations-our client and his family can now work and live in the United States legally until June 2007.

H-1B and I-39 Approved for South African Client in Under a Month

On August 9 2006 we filed H-1B extension for a client from South Africa and I-539 extension for his wife and two children. Client works for the finance industry and was petitioned by an accounting firm in Ohio. On August 21 we received together both the receipt notice and approval notice. Congratulations! Our client can now work in the United States until at least November 2009.

H-1B and H-4 Approved for Physician a Family

On August 2, 2006 our law firm filed I-129 and I-539 for our client and his wife. Our client is a physician from India filing for H-1B and we also filed for H-4 dependent status for his wife. Client’s H1B was approved on August 21 and it was good for one year. Wife’s H4 was approved a month later, which is also valid until July 2007.

Medical Doctor from Romania Gets H-1B Extension

Our office filed H-1B visa petition for a client after we successfully secured a J-1 waiver for him. On April 14 I-129 was filed and it was approved in just 2 months, on June 17, 2006. Client is MD from Romania and was petitioned by a hospital in Iowa state. Our client was allowed to work until July 1 2006. We then filed H-1B extension for our client on May 12 2006 and again it was approved and our client can now work legally until July 2009.

H-1B Extension Secured in Under Three Weeks

On August 2nd, 2006 our office filed an H-1B extension beyond the normal 6-year maximum period for a client from India. A RFE was issued and we appropriately and timely responded. We therefore received an approval on August 21, 2006. The whole process took less than 3 weeks.

Design Engineer Gets H-1B Extension

On April 21 2006 we filed H-1B extension application for a client from India. Client is a design engineer holding OPT status after acquiring his Master of Science degree from a major university in Wisconsin and was sponsored by a manufacturer in NY. Extension was granted on August 18, 2006, permitting client to work until September 2009.

H1B Approved for Engineer in Water Treatment Corporation

Our law firm was retained to file H-1B for a client from India. Client is an engineer sponsored by a water treatment corporation in PA. Our application for client was received by Texas Service Center on May 4, 2006 and an approval notice was sent to our office on August 2, 2006. Congratulations! Our client now can work legally in the United States for 3 years, until 2009.

Software Engineer Receives H-1B in One Month and a half

In June 2003 our office filed an H-1B petition for an Indian client. Our client came here on F-1 visa in 2000. A software corporation in Ohio who was employing him in the position of software engineer. H-1B was received by Nebraska Service Center on June 24, 2003 and was approved two and a half months later. The approval enabled him to work for three years, until June 2006. In May 2006 our office filed H-1B extension without change for our client. Again, it was approved in one month and a half. This extension will enable our client to work for another three years, until June 2009.

Neurologist Gets H-1B PasseD in Two Days!

Our client is from Alexandria, Egypt. He is a neurologist and came to the US on J-1 visa. Our office successfully secured a J-1 waiver based on request from an interested US agency in June 2003. We later filed H-1B petition for him on July 9 and it was approved on July 11, in just two days. This approval was valid through August 2006. In May 2006 we filed H-1B extension and again it was approved in July. Our client can now work for another 3 years, until September 2009.

H-1B Approved in 6 Days for Medical Doctor!

Our client was able to waive the 2-year foreign residence request after our firm successfully filed the waiver application. H-1B premium processing for client was received by Vermont Service Center on June 13 2006 and it was approved after just 6 days, on June 19, 2006. Client is a medical doctor from Romania.

H-1B Approved for Computer Scientist and Wife in Three Months

After attaining his BS in computer science from China, our client came to the US on H-1B to join his wife who was studying here. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree, our client also had ten years of experience in database and system administration. The business offering communications solutions in California was very satisfied with our client’s performance so our law firm was retained to file H-1B extension for him. At the same time, we filed change of status for his wife. Both applications were filed on May 1, 2006 with California Service Center and both were approved on August 3, in just 3 months. Our client can now work legally until April, 2009.

Systems Analyst Gets H1B 3 Year Approval

Our Filipino client from Bayday province attained her BS in computer engineering from a university in the Philippines. Her credentials are evaluated to be equivalent of 4-year degree from an institution of higher education in the US. A software solutions company in Ohio wanted to employ her as system analyst so they retained our law firm to file H-1B for her. She had worked for 4 years for the software company’s business partners located in the same position located in her home country. We filed I-129 on August 18, 2003. Since it was filed with premium processing request, it was approved in 8 days on August 26. This approval enabled our client to work for two years, until October 2005. In September 2005 we filed H-1B extension without change. In January 2006 it was again approved for 3 years, until October 2008.

Medical Doctor Receives H-1B

On November 2 2005 our office filed H-1B for a client from Seoul, South Korea . Client is a medical doctor who first came to the US on F-1 visa. On December 27 2005 our office received approval notice for client. Client was granted permission to work legally in the United States until February 2009.

I-129 Status Approves Engineer and Wife for US Residence

On May 11 2005 our law firm filed I-129 for a national of China. Client is an engineer petitioned by a tool company in Ohio. Client also received his MS from Wayne State University. On June 20 2005, I-129 was approved which allowed our client to work until June 2008, accompanied by an approval notice to extend his wife’s status until the same time.

Client’s Status Changed to Student Prolongs His Stay in The US

On March 24 2004 we filed I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status for a client from Bialystok, Poland. Client first came to the US in March 2003 on a B-2 visa and wished to change his status to that of a student. On October 14 2004 we received an approval notice which allowed client to stay for duration of stay.

H1B Approved in Days For Romanian Client

Back on October 1st 2003 our office filed H-1B for a client from Romania. Our client is a systems administrator and was petitioned by a management corporation in Brecksville, Ohio. On October 6th 2003, H-1B petition was already approved. It only took us 5 days to get the approval which is valid for 3 years, until October 15 2006. We are currently in the process of obtaining of securing an extension