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Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC is a full-service immigration law practice that provides legal advice and representation to people and companies in the United States. The firm has over 200 years of combined legal experience among its attorneys and serves its clients from offices in Cleveland, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, Columbus, Minneapolis, and Raleigh. Contact us here to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs. 


Ms. Z. came to the United States from China, where she had been targeted by the government for “endangering public security” after she and her neighbors contested the government’s order seizing their houses. She fled her homeland and arrived seeking a new beginning in the spring of 2007. Through her previous attorney, she filed an application for asylum and also applied for a green card. Her asylum was denied, as was her green card.

She came to Margaret W. Wong & Associates for help. We succeeded in reopening her Green Card application since she had married a U.S. citizen. We helped her prepare for her interview and her application was approved. She can now stay in the United States with her family, safe from the threats of the Chinese government as the happy holder of a Green Card.

College Supports Student’s Claims of Pursuing Degree When USCIS Issues Notice of Intent to Deny

A student from Vietnam changed colleges when the first college closed. Years later when seeking Permanent Residency, CIS issued a Notice of Intent to Deny based upon the report of an unidentified investigator that this young man had not maintained lawful status and had accrued unlawful presence-- both wrong statements of the law and facts. The Margaret Wong firm was hired to respond. Margaret Wong attorney Beryl Farris obtained statements from the college's legal department supporting the firm's immigration arguments. Aggressively the law firm sought the investigator's information. CIS responded within one week with the client's green card produced and mailed. Success and misleading CIS information overcome.


When Ms. L contacted us, she was already in court proceedings. Our paralegals and attorneys worked closely with her to collect many detailed supporting documents for the hearings. She had several hearings over the years, and, every time, we would update new documents to make sure the Judges had what they wanted. When she was married to her U.S citizen husband, we immediately filed an I-130 Petition with detailed and sufficient bona fide documents since her husband had had a prior marriage and also filed an I-130 for his ex-wife. With thorough preparation from our attorney William Low, she did great at the interview and her application was approved quickly. With approved I-130, we filed a motion to terminate, which was also approved with our hard work and constant follow ups. Ms. L now could now file an I-485 with USCIS, which we did, This was approved after another interview with an immigration officer. After years of waiting and fighting, Ms. L finally received her green card!


Mr. D was born in the state of Guerrero in Mexico, one of the most violent in Mexico. He fled to the United States seeking peace and safety. This he found, and more; after several years, he met and married a U.S. citizen woman and started a family. In the intervening years, Mr. D. learned that many friends of his family were brutally kidnapped and murdered in Mexico.

He came to Margaret Wong & Associates to help him secure the life that he had been building here with his family and to prevent him from being forced to leave his family and be sent back to the danger of his birthplace in Mexico. We decided that a two-prong approach would be best. First, we helped him to file an I-589 Application for Asylum based on the conditions in Mexico. Since he had no criminal record, had entered legally, and was married to a U.S. citizen, he was eligible to file for a Green Card. We helped him file his application, which has just been approved. Mr. D. now lives in safety in Columbus, Ohio.


Mr. Y. came to the U.S from China in 2000 on a K-1 visa. After a few years of other jobs, he soon found work as a clerk in a shipping business and was living in New York City. In 2010, he started attending a Chinese Christian church in the city. He was soon baptized and took an active role in the Church. He and his wife had met in China and remained together even for the two years that she was in the United States and he was not. She naturalized as a U.S. citizen after seven years living in the country, but he had not.

Several years ago, he came to Margaret W. Wong & Associates to help him gain official work authorization and a Green Card. We helped him file an I-765 Application for Employment Authorization, which was approved. Since he and his wife were Christians, we filed an I-589 for him. Additionally, we helped his wife file an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative. Lastly, we helped him apply for a green card. After many years of patience and hard work, his application was finally approved. He can now live safely with his wife in the United States, free from persecution.




From Haiti with love

This Haitian wife of a U.S. citizen was able to obtain her ten-year green card and have her two daughters immigrate from their interim residence in the Bahamas. Her spoken Creole is perfect as a native speaker; her English improves daily. All are a happy family.


Dr. F, Ph.D., came to the U.S from China ten years ago on an H-1B visa (Petition for Non-Immigrant Worker) because an American university had hired him as an assistant professor and “outstanding researcher” in the field of electrical and computer engineering. Dr. F’s ultimate goal was to become a permanent resident of the United States.

Two years ago, he consulted with us because he had received a letter of non-recommendation for reappointment from his employer. He was worried this meant he would lose his job the following month. He asked us to file an I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status) for him before that happened. His employer had already filed an I-140 (Immigration Petition for Alien Worker) under EB1-B (Employment-Based Immigration) and that had been approved.

Time is always of the essence for immigration cases. Our highly skilled attorneys know the intricate details of immigration law and therefore feel obligated to let clients know what can be done to help them achieve their goals as efficiently—and quickly—as possible. His attorney, Marisela Marquez, advised Dr. F that Premium Processing (expedited processing for certain employment-based petitions and applications) would be wise. Because he thought he was going to lose his job, she also discussed filing an EB1-A/EB1-1. After a few weeks, Ms. Marquez contacted Dr. F because she hadn’t heard from him. He told her his employer had extended his job for another year. Upon that news, she discussed the possibility of filing a writ of mandamus in Federal Court to push the I-485 along. Dr. F told her he wanted to wait a few months to see if it was approved on its own. He also told us that, to be on the safe side, he was going to begin searching for a job at another university, as he wasn’t confident his employer would keep him on after the next year. Dr. F consulted Ms. Marquez every few months when he had a question or update. Last year, he contacted her to tell her he would soon be starting a new job at another university that was very similar to his current position.

Ms. Marquez heard from Dr. F again just a few months ago after he received a Request for Evidence (RFE) on his I-485 and a Supplement J from USCIS. The Supplement J is a Confirmation of Bona Fide Job Offer or Request for Job Portability Under INA Section 204(j)s. He wanted our help, so we prepared the evidence and Supplement J and filed on behalf of the client. Our hope was that USCIS would decide that his new employer would not have to file an I-140 for him since his previous employer had—and it had been approved. Soon after, we were happy to receive an approval notice. This meant it wouldn’t be necessary for Dr. F’s new employer to file an I-140; it had been established that his current position was of a similar occupational classification as the previous one.

Dr. F’s green card has now been approved and he can continue to live in the United States permanently without fear of losing his status if he loses his job. He is now contributing to his adopted country by educating young minds for the future and advancing human knowledge through his scientific research.


Ms. Z has been a client of Margaret W Wong & Associates for many years. She was born in Shanghai, China. At the age of 30 she came to the United States on an H1-B nonimmigrant visa, seeking a better life away from the repression and inequality of her native land. She gained a green card five years later but was convicted of shoplifting a few years after and was placed in removal proceedings.

Ms. Z’s case lingered in and out of courts for many years as she filed various applications. Eventually, she came to Margaret W. Wong & Associates. We assisted her all through the long process that even involved some rejections. Undeterred, our firm persevered, and all the hard work eventually led to her I-485 Application for Permanent Residence being approved.

She can now continue to live in the United States and work as a physician’s assistant to save lives. She also cares for her elderly U.S. citizen mother, who has dementia. We are happy to have been able to help Ms. Z remain in the United States to stay with her family and continue her important work.


This time we were working not just with one person, but with a whole family: a mother and father and two daughters. They had all come here from Hong Kong and were living in New York City. They had entered into the United States legally and were seeking the help of Margaret W. Wong & Associates to gain work authorization and green cards. We knew it would be a long process but were undeterred.

At first we thought that their daughters would be eligible for DACA, but later discovered that they were not. One of their relatives was a legal permanent resident, so we were able to begin by filing I-130 Petitions for them. Later, their work  permits were approved. Next we filed supporting documentation and forms in preparation for filing the I-485 Green Card application. After several years of hard work and patience, the family finally received their Green Cards. They can now happily live legally in New York City as their daughter prepares to begin her university education.

Malaysian man did not receive his green card… until he came to M.W. Wong & Associates

Our Client, Mr. C, had been in the United States for many years. He was able to file an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative through his son and an I-485 application for permanent residence with another law firm. Unfortunately, after his Green Card was approved, he did not get the card, even after filing two I-90 applications to renew through his travel agent.

After waiting two years without success, Mr. C came to Margaret Wong and Associates. We filed a new I-90 application for him and he is now happily carrying Green Card with him as he lives with his family in New York City.


Our client, Ms. I, was a member of a political dissident group against the dictatorial regime in her native Belarus; to escape oppression and seeking a better life, she fled to the United States in 2004, where she has continued her activism. She was granted asylum in the United States in 2016 under the Convention Against Torture for fear of persecution returning to her home county.

We guided her through the process for her I-485 application for Adjustment of Status to permanent resident, which was approved on August 10th of this year, less than a year after coming to us. She now has her Green Card.

Ms. I is a former competitive martial arts practitioner in Muay Thai boxing. Now living in San Francisco, she can carry her Green Card with happiness and pride she as helps her community by working as a health coach and self-defense instructor.



Mr. B requested our services in 2010, after many years of unsuccessful immigration proceedings with other attorneys. With several scares of potentially being deported to his home country of China, Mr. B was desperate to receive formal documentation allowing him to live in the U.S. Mr. B did not want to return to China primarily because of his family, which includes his wife and three young children—all U.S. citizens—and his parents and siblings, legal permanent residents.

Mr. B’s parents were extremely sick and depended on he and his wife to care for them financially and physically. Having to support six people, Mr. B worked constantly as a chef to provide for his family. Knowing that Mr. B was the primary income provider for his family, we made it a top priority to get his employment authorization documentation approved.

After Mr. B initially received authorization in 2012 to work in the U.S., our firm, led by attorney Marisela Marquez, renewed his employment documentation year after year, allowing Mr. B to work without fear of being let go. Along with this, our firm put hours of research and preparation into Mr. B’s application for status within the U.S.

In 2018, Mr. B was informed that his application for status within the U.S. was approved, allowing him and his family to live happy, fearless lives in the U.S.



Mr. M came to the U.S. from India in 1995, and his wife, also from India, arrived in 1997. Both came here as visitors and never left. In 2013, after living here for almost 18 years (Mr. M) and 16 years (Mrs. M), they applied for asylum. Their applications were referred to an Immigration Judge who ultimately placed them in removal proceedings. They feared deportation; and besides, they had made a life here for themselves and their family—this was their home.

Fortunately for the couple, the length of time they had been here and established a life was in their favor. Our staff—attorneys Margaret W. Wong and William Low, and paralegal John Pang—equipped with these facts and their expertise in immigration law, filed the necessary documents to have the couple's removal proceedings terminated. Additionally, they filed an I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status) for each of them.

In late 2016, USCIS informed Mr. and Mrs. M that their removal proceedings were being terminated so they could focus on their I-485 applications. This news gave them hope, although they were cautioned by their attorneys that there still were a few more steps involved before this might happen.

The couple was notified in late 2017 that they would be interviewed in January 2018 as part of the process of filing for permanent residence. Our staff worked diligently with Mr. and Mrs. M to prepare them for the many questions they would be asked during their interviews as well as other things of which they should be aware. Our clients did well in their interviews and, in March of 2018, each received notice that their I-485s were approved, welcoming them to permanent resident status in the United States. They were elated (as were we). They no longer had to fear deportation and could instead live here freely and legally. 


Thorough Attorney Preparation and Client Cooperation Result in Green Card for Man from Greece

Mr. N from Greece retained us to help him with his green card application based on marriage to a U.S. citizen. We filed an I-130 (Petition for Relative) and his I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status) concurrently the following week. The process was very quick, and he was scheduled for an interview within five months. Our attorneys prepared Mr. N and his wife for what to expect and all the documents they needed to provide to show they were in a legitimate marital relationship. The interview was a success, and he was recommended for approval. After he received his green card, Mr. N called to thank us for the efficient work.


Youth from Nigeria Obtains Green Card through Special Immigrant Juvenile Petition

Mr. K is a young man from Nigeria who came to the U.S. in 2015 at the age of 15. He was under the care and control of a close family member since his parents were not able to support him. Our firm successfully filed a Ward of Court Petition on his behalf and Mr. K was ordered under the temporary placement of his aunt. We then sought his adjustment of status through a Special Immigrant Juvenile Petition with USCIS, and Mr. K became a Legal Permanent Resident in the U.S. in March 2018. An excellent student, he is now able to pursue his dreams and college education in this country. 


Woman From China Gets Her 10 Year Green Card Three Years After Marriage, & Two Years After Two Year Green Card

Mrs. R first came to our office in 2013. Mrs. R entered on a F1 Visa (Student visa). She married her USC Husband and retained our firm to help with her Green Card process. We concurrently filed I-130 petition for alien relative, I-131 application for travel document, I-765 application for employment authorization and I-485 adjustment of status for her on December 2013. On April 2014, Mrs. R and her USC husband went to USCIS for the interview. Mrs. R’s green card application was approved and she received her first green card on July 2014. The first green card she initially received is a two-year green card. On March 2016 Mrs. R came back to us to file I-751 petition to remove condition to get her 10 year green card.  After a long wait, Mrs. R’s I-751 application was approved on May 31st 2017 and she now has a 10 year green card.


한국에서 온 비시민권자 여성이 수년후 영주권을 받은 성공 사레

부인 H는 남편의 취업 기반 비자로 수년간 비이민 신분 체류 상태를 유지 한 후 합법적인 영주권을 추구 할 때가 되었기 때문에 저희의 서비스를 모색했습니다. 저희는 최선을 다해서 도와 드렸읍니다. 저희는 발빠르게 영주권자 등록을위한 I-485 신청서와 취업을 허가하는 I-765 신청서와 여행 서류 I-131 신청서를 제출했습니다. 접수 후 즉시 영수증을 받았으며 신청서가 보류되었습니다. H 여사는 제때에 그녀의 생체 인식 검사를 완료하도록 권고 받았습니다. 그녀의 신청서는 4 개월 동안 보류 된 후 승인되었습니다. 추가 증거에 대한 지연이나 요청이 없었습니다. H여사는 매끄러운 절차를 통해 합법적인 영주권을 얻었습니다. H 여사에게, 그리고 H 여사의 여정을 가능한 한 편안하게 만들기 위해 열심히 노력한Margaret Wong & Assoc 팀에게 기쁨을 전합니다. (Back to Top)

Woman from South Korea granted Green Card After Years of Non-immigrant Status

Mrs. H sought our services because it was time to pursue legal permanent residence after years of holding non-immigrant status through her husband’s employment based visa. We were happy to assist. We quickly put together and filed an I-485 Application to Register Permanent Resident or Adjust Status along with an I-765 Application to Accept Employment and an I-131 Application for Travel document. We received receipt notices soon after filing and the applications pended. Mrs. H was advised to get her biometrics done which she did on time. Her application pended for 4 months and then was approved. There were no delays or no request for additional evidence. Mrs. H enjoyed a smooth process throughout, and has now been granted Legal Permanent Resident status. Kudos to Mrs. H and to the team at Margaret Wong & Assoc. who worked hard to make Mrs. H’s journey as comfortable as possible. Once again kudos for a job well done.


我们这位客户在用旅游签证入境美国后立即向移民局递交了政治庇护申请。他是在自己递交完申请后雇佣的我所。 随后我们积极与客户配合,收集资料来证明他在中国因为在网上发布支持法轮功和反对中国政府的言论而被拘留和殴打。我们向移民局递交了补充资料,其中包括背景报告和家人朋友的信件。我们充分的培训了他在面见时可能会被问到的问题并陪同他去面签。面见进行了2个多小时。随后移民官用了两周时间对我们提供的所有资料和客户的证词进行了审核并最终批准了他的政治庇护申请。一年后客户将有资格申请绿卡。客户终于可以在美国合法的继续生活了, 对此他很激动和开心。这个案子由Scott Bratton 律师和Marisela Marquez律师负责。(Back to Top)

Nigerian Woman in Medical School Gets Green Card Through Her Father

Ms Y is a young lady who was born in Nigeria and moved to the USA with her family few years ago. She is an excellent student in medical school. Her father is a Legal Permanent Resident. Both of them retained our firm services in May 2016 to file Ms Y's adjustment of status, based on an immigrant petition her father had previously filed on her behalf. We filed her applications     on August 2016 and her interview was promptly scheduled by USCIS . She obtained her Green Card in December 2016 and can pursue her college studies as a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States. (Back to Top)

English Soccer Player Plays in USA, Wins Hand of US Citizen in Marriage, and Green Card

A P-1 Internationally Recognized Athlete professional soccer player from England found true love and soulmate complete with a Jekyll Island beach wedding framed by Spanish moss on Georgia's Golden Isle.

Margaret Wong & Associates Atlanta attorney Beryl Farris represented this couple in their successful quest for the dream ending of a dream life and wedding ceremony -- his Green Card was approved.(Back to Top)

True Love Shows Woman's Visa Overstay a Surmountable Hurdle

Our client hired us to assist her in her immigration issues and to file an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative and I-485 Petition to Adjust Status. Client was worried because she had overstayed her visa period. She had begun a life in America, falling in love and marrying an American. As such client wanted to make America her new home. We were glad to be retained.

We quickly filed I-130 and I-485 applications for our client. The application was received and processed by the USCIS. After two months, we received a request for additional evidence to show our client was indeed genuinely married to her husband. We quickly responded with documents that proved beyond doubt that she was in a real marriage. Two months after responding, we received an interview notice for our client. We prepped the client for this interview, and an attorney from our office went with the couple to the interview. Her Green Card (Adjustment of Status) got approved after the interview. Once again we had a happy client and family. We say congratulations to this client and her husband as well as to our attorney, and the entire team that worked to make this case a success!(Back to Top)

India Girl & Boy Get Green Cards Just in Time for School

A girl and her younger brother were brought the USA when she was 4-1/2, and he just 10 months old. The family awaited the family's quota for processing their Green Cards, but tragedy struck. Just as the quota became current, their father died from cardiac arrest, and their mother was placed in removal proceedings. The girl was preparing for college and the boy was getting excellent marks in high school.

The family brought their cases to Margaret W. Wong & Associates, and thanks to our firm's aggressive and thorough advocacy, a combination of substitute sponsor and derivative eligibility for 245(i) to cover her failure to maintain continuous lawful status in the USA, for the girl, and 204(l) Relief for Surviving Relatives, and 245(i) Adjustment of Status for the boy, saved this out of status, almost immigrated derivative family of a much-loved, but now deceased father who was the principal beneficiary. The law firm was able to obtain a prompt adjudication on two convoluted and complex cases, and 3 days later Green Cards were produced! The Green Cards were approved July 26th after extensive filing and interview. All accomplished by the deadline for the girl's college enrollment and in-state tuition, and so another fine young man becomes an asset to the USA.(Back to Top)

H-1B from India Qualifies for Green Card

We represented an alien from India on an employment based immigrant case. The client had to wait a long time for his priority date to become current which was June 21, 2004. That was the date the labor certification was filed. After several H-1B Specialty Occupation Visa extensions and getting the I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker approved we filed for the Green Card on September 16, 2015. The I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status application was approved in June of 2016.(Back to Top)

I-485 Processing Delay for Chinese Couple Overcome with Mandamus Action

YX and XD, husband and wife, came to our firm recently because they were frustrated that the government had not ruled on their properly filed I-485 Applications to Adjust Status to Permanent Resident. YX had an approved I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker 1st Preference. The I-485s were based on that already approved I-140 and were filed in early June of 2015. Unfortunately, after repeated calls to USCIS, the I-485s were still pending there did not seem to be any apparent movement with regard to the applications almost a full year later. Finally, in early May 2016, YX and XD came to Margaret Wong & Associates, LLC. We filed a Mandamus Action against the government in an effort to have them adjudicate the I-485 applications. We argued that YX and XD were entitled to have their applications decided on in a timely manner. USCIS was slow to respond and not taking the appropriate steps to adjudicate the applications in a timely manner.

We filed the Mandamus in mid May, 2016 and by late June 2016, both I-485 applications were approved! It helps to have an attorney push the government and to be aggressive on behalf of their clients. Clients deserve to have their legal issues addressed in a timely manner and fortunately, in this instance, the clients received the decision they were hoping for and the decision they deserved.(Back to Top)

Honduran Woman, Legal in US Many Years, Marries and Gets Advance Parole to See Her Family, and Her Green Card

Our Client is a lady from Honduras. She came in USA on 1998 and has been a good resident of this country. She had applied for TPS and had that granted. Recently, she married a USA Citizen, and asked Margaret Wong about her options, and the way to get a Green Card. Due to her deep immigration experience, Attorney Wong advised and applied for All FOIA and FBI fingerprints for this client. It is very important to know what our client had signed, applied, or forms filed with US Immigration before filing an I-130 or I-485 Application with USCIS. After getting to know the history of the case, and all the forms she had previously submitted, Attorney Margaret Wong advised the client to file the I-130 Petition for Alien Relative, I-485 Adjustment of Status, I-765 Application for Employment Authorization, and I-131 Advance Parole Document.

Our Paralegal Brian, and assistant Emily, worked with the client, made the filing, which was accepted by USCIS. In about 50 days from the filing of the case, our client received her Work Authorization (EAD) and also her Advance Parole. She was allowed to go and see her family in Honduras after almost 20 years. On April our Client had her interview with the USCIS at 50 West Broad Street, Leveque Tower, Suite 300, Columbus, Ohio. Our Attorney Bao Nguyen prepared and attended the interview with the Client. After the Interview, a Request for Evidence RFE was issued from the USCIS, asking for a few more documents. We advised and helped the client gather those document, and the response was sent to the USCIS. The Application for Adjustment of Status was approved in June and our Client received her Green Card.(Back to Top)

Woman From Mexico Married US Man; Initial I-485 Denied; Our i-290B Motion to Reopen/Reconsider Won Her Green Card

A woman from Mexico who’s married to a Green Card holder came to our office looking for help. Her husband wanted her to become a Permanent Resident in the U.S. We gathered information and filed the I-485 Adjustment of Status, I-765 Application for Employment, and I-601 Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility. We received notice from USCIS's intent to deny the clients' applications. They denied the applications because they thought her going back to Mexico would not prove a hardship for her husband. She was very worried and afraid that she might go back to Mexico. We encouraged and told her that we will fight for her until to the end.

Our staff once again worked closely with the couple, gather supporting documents and submitted just the I-601 Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility. The application was pending for long time and we filed a G-28 Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative to push the application, followed by an I-290B Motion to Reopen/Reconsider with extensive brief and exhibits.

The Motion was granted and the underlying waiver application (I-601) was approved. After receiving this notice, we sent an inquiry letter to the Dallas, TX, USCIS office regarding the status for I-485. Later, we received a Receipt notice from USCIS for the I-485 Adjustment of Status. We were very happy to hear that the client got an approval notice in the mail. Finally, the client won her Green Card after seven years of waiting. Congratulations to our client!(Back to Top)

Chinese National with Fake Passport, Receives Green Card as Arriving Alien

Mr. C, a Chinese national, came to the U.S. in 1991 with a fake passport. He was caught getting off the plane and spent three days in detention. Mr. C didn’t speak English at the time, and none of the officers spoke Mandarin. No interpreter was ever offered, so Mr. C was unable to communicate with anybody and was released. Upon release he filed an asylum application, which was denied. His appeal was also denied, and Mr. C was ordered excluded in 1992.

Mr. C was ordered “excluded,” and not “removed” because he did not, in the eyes of immigration, actually enter the U.S. Even though he was physically present here, he was still considered an “arriving alien.” The distinction can make a big difference in some cases, and it takes an experienced attorney to understand and appreciate the distinction.

So Mr. C remained in the U.S., in limbo, for many years. Even though he had children here in the U.S., he was often told that his case was impossible. That is, until our office thoroughly reviewed his immigration history and came up with a solution.

Our office filed an Adjustment of Status application on Mr. C’s behalf, sponsored through one of his U.S. citizen children. Mr. C had an interview with a USCIS officer in October of 2014. Attorney Francis Fungsang attended the interview with Mr. C, and explained to the officer that Mr. C had never made a valid entry into the U.S. and was still an “arriving alien.” The officer asked us to submit an I-601 waiver of inadmissibility for Mr. C’s, which we did, based on hardship to Mr. C’s mother (a lawful permanent relative).

Mr. C’s Green Card arrived in the mail in February of 2015 – just in time for Valentine’s Day!(Back to Top)

"Timely Adjudication" Key in Securing Chinese Couple's Green Cards

Mr. and Mrs. D, citizens of China, hired our office to assist them with their I-485, Green Card applications they had filed with USCIS in September 2014 based on Ms. C.D’s approved I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker. These applications had remained pending for over 1 and a half years with no action by the USCIS.

Our office filed a complaint, mandamus action, against the USCIS in federal court arguing that our clients are entitled to have the applications timely adjudicated. The applications were approved within two months of our office filing the mandamus action. Attorney Fabiola Cini and Scott Bratton worked on this case.(Back to Top)

Green Card Approval for Korean Dental Assistant in Less than One Year

Did you know that it’s possible to get a green card for workers who will be filling positions that don’t require a degree? Many people believe that employment-based green cards are only for jobs that require highly skilled workers. This isn’t necessarily so. Ms. C, of Korea, has a bachelor’s degree as a Dental Hygienist. Unfortunately, her potential employer here in the U.S. offered her a position as a Dental Assistant – a position that usually only requires a couple of years of experience or maybe an associate’s degree. Ms. C was concerned when she came to the Law Office of Margaret Wong and Associates. Was this job offer good enough for a Green Card? Fortunately, the answer is a resounding yes. Attorney Rebecca Tseng in our office outside of Los Angeles, California began Ms. C’s case through PERM labor certification in March of 2015. Ms. C called us last month to tell us that her Green Card had just arrived in her mailbox! We congratulate both Ms. C and her employer on obtaining a Green Card in less than one year! (Back to Top)

Korean Ph.D. and Her Family Received Permanent Residency in U.S. Through National Interest Waiver

A Korean Ph. D and her family have just received their permanent residence through applying for national interest waiver as she is a member of the professions holding an advanced degree. Her Green Card came after her I-485 had been denied once. Our firm securitized all the former unfavorable evidence and submitted a strong case to immigration. Finally she and her family received their Green Cards 6 months after they were fingerprinted for a second time. Congratulations!)(Back to Top)

Client From Turkey and His Wife Gained Legal status in the U.S. Less than Three Months After Filing

Client from Turkey and his wife have received their Green Cards in less than three months after we submitted their permanent residence applications. The husband who is the principal applicant is a professor for a university in Ohio and we applied for I-140 national interest waiver for him. As soon as his I-140 was approved in April 2007 we filed their Green Card applications. They were called for biometrics in May and were issued Green Cards in July.(Back to Top)

Indian Architect Client, Married, With a H-1B Received Green Card After 6 Years Along With His Wife

An Indian architect who has held H-1B status for 6 years has recently received his Green Card. His wife who filed adjustment status application along with his also received her Green Card. We have truly enjoyed working with our client through the years on all immigration matters including H-1B petitions, labor certification, I-140 immigrant petition, and their Green Card applications, and we look forward to serving them again in five years when they will be eligible to apply for US citizenship.(Back to Top)

Filipino Family Came to U.S. on Tourist Visas Gained Legal Status less Than 6 Months After Filing Their Green cards Application

Filipino family received their Green Cards in less than 6 months after we field their application for Green Card. They originally came on tourist visas but overstayed. Fortunately, they were able to adjust under 245(i) due to a labor certification we filed on his behalf in April 2001. USCIS issued two separate Requests for Evidence regarding the I-140 requesting employer's ability to pay to be demonstrated. We diligently complied with the Service Center's request and caused the I-140 petition to be adjudicated in the client's favor. The I-140 approval resulted in his and his family's Green Card approval to immediately follow. Our client was very happy to receive their child's Green Card as she had been denied financial aid and scholarship because she was unable to prove her status while her Green Card application was pending. Now the child has been accepted by a prestigious college and been granted financial aid and scholarship.(Back to Top)

Korean Petitioned by U.S. Subsidiary of a Major Korean Manufacturer Received Permanent Residency Along With His Family

We have just celebrated another extraordinarily expeditious Green Card approval for a Korean family. Their journey from labor certification to green card took merely 6 months. The principal Korean client an E-2 visa holder-was petitioned by a US subsidiary of a major Korean manufacturer for the position of director. His wife and two sons were also able to adjust as his derivative beneficiaries. We started their case in January 2007 and they have already received all their Green Cards by July 2007.(Back to Top)

Indian Computer Specialist Received His Legal Status Through Employment

Indian computer specialist has jut received his Green Card through employment for a hotel two years after his Green Card application was submitted. His employment immigrant petition was approved in 2005 and his application for Green Card was filed the same year. Two years of processing time for Indian nationals is a relatively fast time frame and we sincerely congratulate our client on gaining his permanent residence. We processed a permanent residency application for a skilled worker based on his approved labor certification and approved immigrant worker petition. We filed on December 12, 2006 and the client received his Green Card on May 25, 2007.(Back to Top)

Our Client Asylum that was Denied Got Approved and Received Green Card

Our client was denied asylum by an Immigration Judge. We filed an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals arguing that the Judge erroneously denied asylum and failed to properly consider important documents. The Board sent the case back to the Immigration Judge to reconsider the case in light of the documents that had been submitted. After a new hearing on the asylum application, the Immigration Judge granted asylum. Our office subsequently applied for a Green Card for our client. In May 2007, the Green Card application was approved. Scott Bratton handled the case for Margaret Wong & Associates.(Back to Top)

Removal Proceeding Termination Followed by Legal Status in U.S.

Our client had been placed in removal proceedings several years ago. We were able to get her husband his Green Card and applied for our client as a derivative. However, the quota closed immediately thereafter, causing us to request several continuances in our client's removal case. In May 2007, the quota opened and we requested that the Court expedite the case. The case was expedited and our client was granted permanent resident status. Scott Bratton represented our client.(Back to Top)

Jewish Pianist I-140 Got Approved

When it's almost impossible to get any EB-11 approval for performing artists, especially pianists and violinists due to the competitive nature of these two professions, our office just received good news from the CIS that the I-140 petition filed on behalf of our client who is a young and brilliant Jewish pianist got approved. Although our client is well qualified for the visa category, CIS made it very hard at the beginning insisting that our client had not reached the very top of the field as a pianist as they normally do to all other performing artists. We kept our faith and worked with our client and presented further information and argument to CIS and we received the approval on May 24, 2007.(Back to Top)

Korean Family Received their Green Cards After 3 Years of Waiting

A Korean family of three joyfully received their Green Cards this month, concluding their three-year long journey towards US permanent residency. The mother and wife, who is the beneficiary of I-140 substitution, was the principal applicant sponsored for a position as manager by the president of a retail specialty store. They were interviewed at Columbus USCIS office in April accompanied by one of our experienced attorneys as well as a translator, during which time additional documents were submitted and biometric were captured. Soon after they all received their Green Cards. Russian client entered the US on visitor visa in 1995, applied for and was granted asylum in 2005 through our office. In 2006 we filed for adjustment of status for him based on his asylee status and a year later he was again granted permanent residence under the AS6 category.(Back to Top)

Client From China Was Petitioned for Position as Chinese Specialty Cook and Received an I-140 Approval in U.S.

We have just received another I-140 approval notice after responding to a difficult Request for Evidence. Client was petitioned for position as Chinese Specialty Cook and possesses all the necessary qualifications. However, CIS issued RFE requesting documents demonstrating petitioning company's ability to pay the preferred wages. The RFE specifically asked for the petitioner's 2006 tax returns and some other financial papers. Although we were not able to submit the company's 2006 tax returns as it was not finished yet, we substituted it with other documents and got the case approved a week after all the documents were submitted.(Back to Top)

Indian Received H-1B in U.S. Through the Filing of Form I-140

Indian national working on H-1B status as rehabilitation teacher for the disabled was approved for immigrant petition for alien worker through the filing of form I-140. Processing took merely 60 days, including responding to Request for Evidence. As EB3 from India, client is currently awaiting his priority date to become current.(Back to Top)

Indonesian Engineer I-140 Was Approved Less than Two Months While an I-140 for His Wife and Son is Still Pending

An approval notice for Indonesian client's I-140 petition was received today. Prior to filing I-140, his PERM labor certification was certified in one week. Processing of I-140 took less than two months. As EB2 engineer, Green Card applications for him, wife and son were filed concurrently with his I-140 petition and are currently pending adjudication.(Back to Top)

Client From Sri Lanka With MS and PhD in Molecular Biology From Princeton University Received an I-140 Approval

We have assisted our client from Sri Lanka to apply for immigrant petition under National Interest Waiver and have been granted approval. Our client has MS and PhD in molecular biology from the best university-Princeton-and has done intensive research work for the universities. No request for evidence after initial filing was requested and we received the approval notice. Quota is open for client to apply for adjustment of status and we are working with our client to prepare for the Green Card filing.(Back to Top)

EB-11 Indian Descendant of Extraordinary Ability Filed an I-140 on May 7, 2007 and Got Approved on May 15, 2007

EB-11 Alien of Extraordinary Ability: I-140 with request for premium processing was filed on May 7, 2007 and approved on May 15, 2007. Our client is an Indian descendant who joined the monastery in his early 20s in India and studied traditional Indian culture and art in a monastic environment for more than 10 years and later became specialized in Vastu Shastra, the traditional Indian architectural and design system. Our client not only has used his expertise in major cultural and religious projects including temples, shrines and cultural centers inside and outside of India, but also in the design of commercial and residential buildings which enable ordinary people to benefit from the ancient spiritual and cultural heritage as they experience peace, enhanced spirit and harmony. Our office did extensive research and also worked closely with our client and presented a perfect case to the CIS.(Back to Top)

Romanians Gained Legal Status Based on Employment

I-485 applications based on employment for Romanian national and spouse were submitted in October 2006 and have just been approved last week. Processing was interrupted when CIS requested client to submit medical examination results as client was not able to submit medicals with the original filings. As soon as the medical results were submitted, however, their applications were approved and they received their Green Card in the mail.(Back to Top)

Macedonia family Received I-140 and I-485 for the Parents and They are Waiting for Their Two Sons

Expeditious I-140 and I-485 approvals for concurrent filings have been received in merely two months. This is a Macedonia family who are protected by the 245(i) clause of the Immigration and Nationality Act. We will soon begin their two sons' Green Card application process as they turned 21 before the parents were able to apply for the I-140.(Back to Top)

Finally, Client From Philippines Granted His I-130 After His Mother Died

Filipino man originally was the beneficiary of his mother's petition on his behalf (I-130), albeit he had a 10 year wait for his priority date to become current. His mother then passed away, so unless a humanitarian request for the visa would be granted and his priority date became current, his hopes of becoming a permanent resident were fading. Not willing to wait for the possibility of a humanitarian discretionary grant of permanent residence, the client married his long-time girlfriend who was visiting from the Philippines. She returned home according to her status, and had their first child.(Back to Top)

Client From Philippines Who Had Almost Give Up and Return Back and Won His Permanent Residency in U.S.

The client had almost given up and decided to return to the Philippines, for which he would have faced a ten year bar to return to the US. However, due to 245(i) benefits, our office advised that an employer sponsored petition would eventually allow him to become a permanent resident. We worked with an employer to file the labor certification case and have the I-140 immigrant petition approved. The client concurrently filed his I-485 to become a lawful permanent resident. The client even attended an interview, but was later issued a notice of intent to deny the I-485 due to the Service misinterpreting Section 245(i) of the INA. Our office responded to the Notice, but by that time, the priority dates had retrogressed. Now, after approximately 2 years of backlogged priority dates, the client has finally received his lawful permanent residence and his wife's visa is in process at the US Consulate in Manila.(Back to Top)

Polish Psychiatrist I-140 Got Approved Less than 10 Days and Gained Her Green Card After 6 Months and Her Husband

Polish psychiatrist has EB-2 I-140 approved; it took less than 10 days under premium processing. In December 2006 we filed Green Card applications for her and husband. By mid April 2007, we already received her welcome notice. This is extraordinary as the processing standard for I-485 is 6 months and most people have to wait longer than six months. We congratulate our client on her obtaining her Green Card in only four months. Her spouse's I-485 is currently pending and we anxiously await his welcome notice.(Back to Top)

Client From Turkey, Married, Came to U.S. on J-2 Visa and won Their Green Cards

Client from Turkey came on J-2 in 1991 with husband but fell out of status. However, she is eligible to adjust as beneficiary of a visa petition filed on or after January 15, 1998, but on or before April 30, 2001. We assisted her in filing the J-2 waiver and her husband in the J-1 waiver and then filed adjustment of status application. Last week our office received her interview notice. Our attorney will be accompanying her during the interview. He also received his work permit together with his I-485 interview notice. Currently we are pushing for their J-1 and J-2 waivers.(Back to Top)

El Salvadoran Was Granted Permanent Residence in 2002 and Received in 2007 After Our Help

Our El Salvador client contacted us in January 2007 because although he was granted permanent residence by the IJ under Suspension/NACARA in 2002, he still had never received his Green Card. We promptly followed up with USCIS and found out Texas Service Center was still in the process of producing his card. We therefore filed I-90 for our client for non-receipt of Green Card and then accompanied our client to get his biometrics captured. In just a few weeks our client received her Green Card he had longed for all these years.(Back to Top)

Client from Greece Received Green Cards for His Wife and Son and His New Green Card

Our client from Greece retained us to file I-485 for his wife and son and at the same time file I-90 for him to replace his expiring Green Card. His wife and son received their Green Cards in just a few months and our client has also recently received his new Green Card.(Back to Top)

Chinese Client Came to U.S. on L-2 Visa and Fell out of Status, Her Husband petitions Her and Won Her Green Card

Chinese client came to the US on L-2 visa back in 1997 but then fell out of status. Although her husband, a Green Card holder, filed I-130 for her years ago, they never received an approval notice. She and her husband came to Margaret Wong & Associates for assistance. We closely examined their situation and came to the conclusion that she was 245(i) eligible. We therefore filed I-485 with penalty with Chicago in October 2006. In less than a year, our client has already received her Green Card.(Back to Top)

Client From India Was Granted an I-485 on March 20, 2007 and Received Green Card in the Same Year

Derivative adjustment I-485 for India client granted on March 20, 2007. This client from India retains a priority date of 1997 but his I-485 was pending as of February 2007. Our office filed mandamus complaint to Nebraska district court on March 1 and received I-485 welcome notice on March 26.(Back to Top)

German Doctor, Married, Gained Green Card and Reunited With His Family in U.S.

We have been working with our German doctor client since 2002 on H-1B visa petition and renewals. In 2006, we filed I-130 and I-485 for our client based on his marriage with his naturalized spouse from Asia. A welcome notice arrived when they were celebrating their son's one-year birthday anniversary and congratulations to this family for a happy ending of their long journey towards US permanent residency and family reunion.(Back to Top)

Mr.B From Poland Came to U.S. on H-1B Visa, Married, Gained Green Cards for His and His Family Through Employer

Mr. B from Poland came to the US in 2001 on an H-1B visa. In 2006 his employer retained our law firm to represent them in sponsoring Mr. B for a Green Card, after our law firm had filed H-1B extension for him. Mr. B is a doctor. His PERM was approved in less than two weeks. We concurrently filed I-140 and I-485 for him, his wife and two children in August 2006. In February 2007 premium processing for I-140 was requested and an approval followed in ten days. Our client is now one step closer to getting his and his family's Green Cards because I-485 cannot be adjudicated until I-140 has been approved.(Back to Top)

Chinese From Beijing With a Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Married, Sponsored by an Accounting Firm for Legal Status and Got I-140 Approved

Mr. G from Beijing, China has a bachelor's degree in accounting and an accounting firm was interested in sponsoring him and his family for permanent residency. His labor certification was filed under the RIR process in 2004 and was certified in 2006. After his I-140 was filed, Request for Evidence was received requesting the beneficiary to provide his financial information for the past years. We worked with our client and filed a timely response. In March 2007 we received his I-140 approval. As he is EB-2 priority, quota is not yet open and we anxiously await to filed their Green Card applications.(Back to Top)

Chinese With PHD in Engineering Got an I-140 Approved

Our client from China obtained his PhD degree in engineering and was offered a position as research scientist by a laboratory. I-140 Schedule A was filed along with I-485 and I-765. USCIS rejected the application so we refiled with our clarification. USCIS finally approved the I-140 in March 2007.(Back to Top)

Romanian Came to U.S. on the F-1 Visa Received an Approval for I-140

Our client from Romania entered the US on a valid F-1 visa in 2003. A manufacturer in North Royalton, Ohio desired to sponsor him for permanent residence through the filing of PERM. PERM was filed and certified in 2006. We subsequently filed I-140, immigrant petition for alien worker, for which we received a difficult RFE in December. We started working with the employer right away on gathering further information and submitted our response in February 2007. An approval notice was received in just two weeks. We look forward to filing for permanent residency once his quota opens.(Back to Top)

Pakistani Citizen, A System Engineer, Gained Legal Status in U.S.

I-140 for a system engineer (Pakistan citizen) was filed in 05/06 and an approval followed in just two months through regular processing. I-485 was submitted while I-140 was awaiting adjudication and it was approved in just eight months. During the years before, we were also his attorney working on his H-1B petition and extensions.(Back to Top)

Client From Bulgaria Received I-140 and I-485 Approval at the End of Feb 2007

We received an expeditious approval of concurrent I-140 and I-485 filing for our client from Bulgaria beginning of March 2007. He is an analyst and after his PERM was certified, we filed I-140 and I-485 on December 18, 2006. Both the I-140 and Green Cards were approved at the end of February 2007.(Back to Top)

Filipino Client Received Green Card After a Long Journey

Our Filipino client undertook a long journey to a Green Card in the United States . We field I-140 for him based on his employment in 2002 and subsequently filed I-485. Client was fingerprinted and interviewed more than once. In the meantime, he had to change jobs and we helped him in this process so he would not lose his status. We did numerous inquiries and persistently pushed his case to be approved and communicated with client on a daily basis. In December 2006, his Green Card was finally approved.(Back to Top)

Client I-140 Got Approved

CSPA success: client's I-140 approved on 10/01/2001, daughter was 19 at this time.(Back to Top)

Client I-485 Got Approved After 4 Years

Client's I-485 filed in 2001, I-485 approval on 2/4/2005 (also I-824 approval) when daughter was 22 1/2. The I-824 was sent to process daughter's IV application in A/C Guangzhou PRC in FEB 2005 from USCIS. We submitted the Packet 3 immediately.(Back to Top)

IV For Guangzhou Daughter Was Granted in Feb 8, 2007

Guangzhou mistaken FEB 2005 was the priority date for daughter, instead of the priority date MARCH 15, 2001, when client's labor certification was filed. We emailed the Consulate in Oct 2006 to A/C Guangzhou and explained to the chief consul the dates and facts and that they have mistaken the priority date. We requested the IV issued to daughter under CSPA. The Daughter was granted IV in Feb 8, 2007. Daughter is now 24 and a half when entering USA.(Back to Top)

Chinese Researcher Professor I-140 Got Approved Without RFE

Our office filed an immigrant visa under EB-12 outstanding professor/researcher category in June 2006 for a young Chinese researcher to Lincoln Service Center and the I-140 got approved February 2007 without RFE.(Back to Top)

National Interest Waiver for Scientist from China

We filed I-140 for client based on National Interest Waiver on December 15, 2003. Client is a national of People's Republic of China. We received RFE on July 25, 2005 and after we responded timely, an approval notice was received on October 31, 2005. We also filed Green Card application for client on June 28, 2004 and received RFE on May 30, 2006. After we responded to RFE, we soon received approval notices for client and family's Green Card applications on August 14, 2006. Congratulations!(Back to Top)

Korean Civil Engineer Wins Legal Permanent Residency I-485

Our client is a civil engineer from Seoul, South Korea . We filed RIR on July 16, 2001 and it was approved on December 11, 2001. I-140 was filed on august 12, 2002 and was later approved on December 27, 2002, on which day we filed I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residency for client and his wife. In 2006, a RFE was issued regarding sameness of I-140 petitioner. We responded in a timely and efficient manner, and the I-485s were approved on August 8, 2006 soon after their fingerprints were captured on May 10 and May 18, 2006.(Back to Top)

Permanent Residency for Entire Family in 18 Months

Permanent Residency has been obtained for an entire family. The petitions were filed at the Nebraska Service Center. They were receipted on November 25, 1998 and the approvals were granted on July 5, 2000. Congratulations to the whole family!(Back to Top)

Client Receives 10 Year Permanent Residency Card through Employment

Our firm was originally retained in December 2005 by a Metal Company located in Ohio that wished to sponsor an employee for permanent residence. After receiving labor certification in only three months after filing, we filed an I-140 petition on behalf of our Romanian citizen client, which was also approved. In August 2007, when all the immigrant visa numbers were current for a one month time-period, we filed the I-485 application based on this same employment. Throughout this time, we helped the company continue to file extensions of the H1B status for the client, and in 2008, our client traveled to his home Country and came back to the United States without any inconvenience in obtaining his visa. We continued to file the extension of his H-1B visa since the priority dates had retrogressed for years, so that he would remain work authorized and present in the US in a nonimmigrant status. Finally the EB3 classification became current, and in March of 2012, our client received his ten year permanent resident (Green Card) through the employment- based process. The employer has relied on this valued employee for years and the client is happy to have his immigration process completed. (Back to Top)

Finally Lawful Permanent Resident After Long Legal Battle

In September 2007, our firm was retained by a woman from Mongolia to represent her in her removal proceedings and help her obtain her Green Card. On 9/28/2007 we filed an I-360 Self-Petition for a Battered Spouse of a U.S. Citizen, four days before her first Master Calendar Hearing before the Immigration Judge. At her second Master Calendar hearing in December 2007, we filed Asylum and Cancellation of Removal and Adjustment of Status applications. Her next hearing would not be until spring 2008, where we submitted supporting documents for her applications. At this hearing, the case was administratively closed to allow for the adjudication of the I-360 petition. Over a year after filing the petition, a Request for Evidence (RFE) was received on 11-24-2008. The response was filed in February 2009. The I-360 approval notice was received in mid-October. In November, we filed a Motion to Recalender her case so she could again appear before the Immigration Judge. Her hearing was set for March 17, 2010. At this hearing, we filed an I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residency or Adjust Status. Her case was then terminated so she could adjust status and no longer be in removal proceedings. By summer 2011 neither our firm nor the client had received an I-485 Interview Notice. We sent various inquiries to USCIS to get her the interview date. In September, we finally heard back from DHS and our client's interview was set for December 12, 2011, which was attended by Attorney Francis Fungsang. Less than three weeks later, our client's Green Card application was approved. After a long battle, our client is finally a Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States! A team of four attorneys and paralegals worked extremely hard over many years to get our client her Green Card. (Back to Top)

Indian Who Came to an F-1 Visa in 1998, Married, Gained a 10 Year Green Card

This is the story of our client, who came from India on an F1 Visa (student visa) in 1998. She had got married in July 2004 to a United States Citizen whom she knew for almost 2 years. She had already applied for her Green Card when she first came to see us in October 2005. The employer referred her to us for the renewal of I-765 (Employment Authorization Document) and to file her 1-131(Application for Travel Document). After her Green card was approved in October 2005, we sent letters of withdrawal for both the I-765 and I-131 applications, as they were not required anymore. Since her marriage was less than two-years, her Green Card was valid for 2 years only. We advised them that she needed to file I-751 (Removal of Condition) later, three months before it expired. She was enthusiastic to pursue her I-751 through our office. The Green Card was expiring in October 2007 so we filed the application in July 2007 with all the appropriate supporting documents, proving genuineness of the marriage. She was lucky that her appointment was scheduled in September 2007,which was less than the normal time. Within 10 days she got the new Green Card and now she is eligible to apply for her Naturalization. (Back to Top)


A Filipino woman came to our firm in January 2017 for help adjusting her and her family’s status in the United States. She originally filed an I-140 (petition for an alien worker to become a permanent resident), but she was worried she would go out of status while the file was pending. Our firm helped the entire family (client, husband, and son) by filing for an I-485 form for adjustment of status (also used to apply for permanent residency or a Green Card) and an I-765 (work authorization) form for authorization to work in the United States. All three members of the family were approved to work in the United States and became permanent residents (issued Green Cards) just six months after filing. (Back to Top)


In 2014, a South Korean sous chef came to our firm seeking a work permit and permanent residency. He had over ten months of experience in the United States working as a chef as well as one and a half years of experience in a restaurant in Korea. We, with the help of his employer, filed his I-140 (petition for an alien worker), petitioning for our client on behalf of the restaurant. From this sponsorship, we filed a I-485 to apply for permanent residency (Green Card). After a recruiting process and analysis of our client’s case, we successfully obtained his permanent residency. Because of this success, we did not have to renew his work authorization documents. (Back to Top)


The United States chooses a list of occupations which are in demand and deemed desirable; these are classified as schedule A occupations, and immigrants who are considered schedule A applicants can apply for E-1 visas (family is included with these visas). Those who are eligible as a schedule A applicant can file an I-140 (petition for alien worker) form, where the employer sponsors the immigrant employee. A Mexican man with a Bachelor’s degree, who was being recruited by an emergency room (ER), contacted us, so we filed his I-140 form with his employer. Using his applicability for an E-1 visa, we applied for him and his family’s permanent residency (I-485 form). Our client, his wife, and his son were all approved for permanent residency and received their Green Cards. (Back to Top)


Our client came to the USA on a B-2 visitor’s visa in 2003. When he arrived to the United States, he filed for asylum because of his arrests in China for practicing Falun gong. In 2012, he married his wife who is a United States citizen (USC). He and his wife filed an I-130 (petition for an alien relative or spouse) with his wife as the sponsor and our client as the beneficiary. Along with their I-130, they filed an I-485 (application for permanent residency). Unfortunately, both his I-130 and I-485 were denied.

In 2015, this man became our client. We called the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) and found they had the wrong name and date of birth of our client. We then filed a motion to reopen his case. Meanwhile, we filed for our client’s work authorization forms (I-765 form) which were approved in two weeks! The motion to reopen his case was ultimately granted, so we filed an I-485 to the USCIS to obtain a Green Card. After a worrisome interview, our client’s Green Card application was approved! (Back to Top)


Originating from Hong Kong with citizenship in Canada, our client came to our firm in September of 2016. She expressed concern about her divorce with her husband, who was a United States citizen, and its effect on her status. She had been in the United States for a few years but went back to Canada in 1999. When she tried to return in 1999, she was refused entrance because she had previously overstayed on her visa. Eventually, though, she managed to immigrate back to the United Sates.

We reassured our client that, because her daughter was twenty-one, she could petition on her mother’s behalf, so we filed her I-130 form (petition for alien relative) as well as the I-485 (application for permanent residency). Her daughter’s sponsorship thus made her eligible for legal permanent residency. We also filed an I-765 form for work authorization documents and an I-131 for travel documents. In just four months all four forms were approved, granting our client work authorization, legal permanent residency, and permission to travel! (Back to Top)


An Ohio manufacturer company was requesting a nonimmigrant worker from the United Kingdom, so we filed an I-129 (petition for a nonimmigrant worker) with the company as the sponsor. The I-129 was approved, earning our client a H-1B visa to temporarily work in the United States and be able to travel. Years later, we filed our client’s H-1B visa renewal which was also approved. Because of our client’s hard work at the company, they agreed to petition for our client’s permanent residency. We instructed our client through the PERM recruiting process and renewed his H-1B visa for a third time, so he could travel during the pending PERM. After the recruiting and advertising, our client’s PERM was approved, so we filed an I-140 (petition for an alien worker’s permanent residency) and an I-485 (application for permanent residency) to earn our client his Green Card. Our client’s Green Card was issued in June of 2017, and our client can now work as a legal permanent resident of the United States!(Back to Top) 


Using a F-1 student visa, a Chinese immigrate came to the United States and sought our firm’s help in January of 2014. After conferencing with our client’s parents, we decided to file an I-526 (petition for alien entrepreneur) to get an EB-5 visa for investors. The I-526 indicates that our client is an entrepreneur who wishes to immigrate to the United States. His I-526 was granted, so we filed an I-485 (application for legal permanent residency), so our client could remain in the United States while making his investments as an entrepreneur. Our client expressed desire to stay in China for the summer, but because his F-1 visa was set to expire in a month, he needed other travel documents. We filed an I-131 (application for advanced parole and travel documentation) and an I-765 (work authorization documents). The travel documents and work permit were approved, so he could travel while his I-485 case was pending. Just as our client required documentation renewal, his I-485 was approved, and our client received his Green Card. We wish him and his business the best of luck as he pursues his entrepreneurial dreams in the United States!(Back to Top)


Our client, a woman from the Philippines, was sponsored by a medical practice, so we filed a PERM case for an EB-3 employment-based visa. After a long recruiting process and discussions about salary and wages, we finally received confirmation of the employer’s sponsorship, so we filed an I-140 (petition for alien worker permanent residency). The I-140 was rejected, at first, but we immediately refiled and received an approval. The second step for official permanent residency was the I-485 (application for permanent residency). Because our client had a family, we filed I-485 forms for her, her husband, and their son. During the process for legal permanent residency, we applied for work permits (I-765 forms) for all three members of the family, and they were all approved. We then received a request for evidence (RFE) from the court regarding their Green Card applications, so we submitted the evidence, including their EAD (employment authorization documents) from their I-765 approvals. Then, in June of 2017, all three members of the family received approval notices for their Green Cards.(Back to Top)


After being married to her US citizen husband for two months, a Mexican woman came to our firm to inquire about legalizing her status. Before her marriage, our client entered the United States in 2001 with her son. Because the mother had been in the United States for over ten years, we found she was eligible for 10-year cancellation. Thus, we filed our client’s I-589 form for asylum as well as her son’s I-130 form (petition for alien relative). The step-father served as the son’s sponsor, allowing us to file for the son’s legal permanent residency. Due to the son’s travel plans to Mexico on advanced parole, we waited to file for permanent residency. However, upon his return, we filed the son’s I-485 (application for permanent residency), I-765 (application for work authorization), and I-131 (application for advance parole and travel documentation). We filed an I-765 and I-131 one for the mother, but we are waiting to hear the decision. While waiting, her son’s I-765 and I-131 were approved, allowing him to work and travel, yet our greatest success in this family’s story is that our client’s son was approved for permanent residency and earned his Green Card.(Back to Top)