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We are proud to support our clients' immigration success stories.

The following pages contain just a few examples of the type of success that thousands of Margaret W. Wong & Associates clients have experienced over the past 4 decades. Please read our clients' success stories, and then read below to see how we can work with you to create your success story.



Talk to us about how to make your case a Success Story.

At Margaret W. Wong and Associates, we work hard to make every case a success story. We have enough experience and personnel to make sure we can handle all our immigrants' cases. Every story is different as all immigrants struggle for the same: to be able to stay and work in this country and give a quality of life to their families on a temporary or permanent basis.

Based on all our decades of experience working with immigrants from different countries and ethnicities, we have to say that as much as the attorneys work on the case, it is also our clients’ actions that make their story successful. We would like to share some tips or advice with all of them and with our potential new clients. We would like you to know that it will be very good for your case if you can do the following:

Tell us everything from the beginning.

We have seen it all, and we are committed to helping everyone. If you are embarrassed to tell us that you had a DUI, or any criminal records, hiding that information will only complicate your case, and in the end both we and Immigration will find out. lf we know it from the beginning, we will be able to tell what your real chances are and to use the right strategy. If you think your story is too sad and the things you went through in the past are hard to talk about, maybe it means you really deserve a new chance in this country and there is legislation to help and protect you. lf you regret not telling the truth to Immigration officers in the past, we can only help you if you tell us the truth.

Be patient.

Once we file any petition or motion there is a necessary waiting time. USCIS and Immigration Courts receive hundreds of cases every day at different locations. Some procedures can take months or more than a year. You can ask your attorney how long this procedure normally takes and then patiently wait with us. Calling us everyday is not a problem for us, but it can cause you much unnecessary stress and despair.

Be aware of the situation.

At our law firm, we can't do miracles. We offer to do the best we can and to put all our expertise at your service. You need to know that if you hire us when immigration has a final order on your case, we may or may not have a chance to file a motion for you. lf we do, you can expect us to do follow ups and work for your case. We can't stop Immigration from picking you up or deporting you if you have a final order. We recommend our clients who are in this situation to make all the necessary arrangements in their personal life and with their families as if they had to leave the country soon. We cant promise you that you will be able to stay more than the law and lmmigration judges allow you to.

Don't wait until last minute.

We suggest that you don't wait for the last minute before seeking legal advice for the first time. Chances are your case will be better if you look for an attorney sooner than later. Also when we ask you for documents and information on your case, please hand them to us as soon as possible. Keep us informed if you change your address or phone numbers. If you don’t do it on time you may fail to receive a notice or paperwork that we send you and it could have very bad consequences if there is a deadline.

Follow your attorney’s advice.

You are paying a legal fee to us to provide you a service. We know the law and we know the details and information on your case. Once you hire us as your attorneys, it is not the time anymore to ask for advice on immigration matters from friends and family. It is not a good idea to compare your case to other cases and want the same in the same terms. Every case is different. lf you are scheduled for a hearing, we will always advise you to answer the Judge in a clear, concise way. It is not the time to bring irrelevant information or to go around in circles. The Judge will think you are not telling the truth because you fail to give direct answers. lf your knowledge of English is not good, make sure your attorney knows ahead of time that you prefer to use an interpreter -- not at the very last minute.

Don't aggravate your situation.

We can't tell our clients how they should conduct their lives, but Immigration can tell you if your actions make you a person they don't want to permit stay in or admit to enter the country. If you break the law, or cause any domestic violence situation, it may hurt your case or your family. The same will happen if you choose to drive without a valid license, or after some drinks, or if you pass through a red light. Immigration is all about new starts, a change of life for good. You are learning to live in a new country and are living by this country's rules.