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The Next America

Immigration to the United States over the past 50 years has dramatically changed our country’s demographic make-up. The Pew Research Center has released the results of a massive study about America’s changing demographics and finds that we are becoming older and increasingly less white. In 1960, 85% of Americans were white, today that number is […]

Great Lakes Brewing Company

On April 16th, we attended a luncheon put on by the Solon, Twinsburg, and Aurora Chambers of Commerce that featured Patrick Conway, Co-Owner & President of the Great Lakes Brewing Company (GLBC), as the speaker and special guest. We were very inspired by Mr. Conway’s presentation in which he discussed the history of the Great […]

The StartUp Visa: Unlimited Potential for Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Americans

Google, eBay, AT&T, Goldman Sachs, Nordstom. What do they have in common? Besides being remarkably successful, they were all founded by immigrants. A more recent example of a lucrative immigrant founded company is WhatsApp,  the app that was recently acquired by Facebook for $19 billion, was founded by a Ukrainian immigrant. In fact, one quarter of new tech […]

Reforming Immigration for the 21st Century

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) has released guidelines on “Reforming Immigration for the 21st Century”. Immigration Reform has broad public support, 3 out of 4 Americans support it according to AILA, yet there has been little progress in Washington on the matter. With that in mind, AILA has proposed a set of recommendations for […]

Gay Games 9 Reception, Rock and Roll Reggae, Gala for Dancing Wheels Company

As a proud sponsor of Gay Games 9 coming up this summer in Cleveland, we attended a private reception to celebrate inclusive  sports in Cleveland on Thursday, April 10th, at the Quicken Loans Arena. The only trouble was that we almost couldn’t find the reception once we were in the cavernous Q. When we first arrived we […]

3rd Annual Slo-ish Bowling Tournament, Rhythms of Latin America, Earthfest, and the American Croation Lodge

We hadn’t planned to bowl at the 3rd Annual Slo-ish Bowling Tournament between the Slovenians and the Irish at Wickliffe Lanes on Saturday, 4/12/2014, but there was a cancellation at the last minute on the Irish side we we signed up and bowled the entire three games and, even though our bowling score could not […]

Tactics for Success, No. 11: Stay in School

In her book, The Immigrant’s Way, available in the downloadable Kindle format, or paperback, Margaret W. Wong describes twenty-two tactics the foreign born person can use to ensure her stay in the USA is as long as she wants it to be. We will present for you one of her strategies every week in this space. 11. Children belong […]

Immigrants in New York City and Lessons for Cleveland

Last week, our office had the pleasure of hosting Mayor Frank Jackson and Asian Community leaders for a dialogue on how to improve Cleveland’s relationship with immigrants, businesses, and make the city a more welcoming place for newcomers. It was a very productive meeting as the Mayor reiterated his support for welcoming immigrants and took […]

End the Immigrant Detention Quota

What if Congress told jails that they had to fill an arbitrary number of cells each night without regard to actual crime rates or threats to public safety? Just fill the beds and don’t worry about human rights or due process. That seems unimaginable. Yet that is precisely what Congress is asking of Immigration and Customs […]

The EU/US Trade Agreement: New Opportunities and Challenges

The topic for the April 2nd International Business Network (IBN) event was “The EU/US Trade Agreement-New Opportunities and Challenges” but recent events involving Russia and the Ukraine were in the back of everyone’s mind. The meeting took place at the Embassy Suites in Independence and  we were glad to be there and see old friends like […]